Joe Atkinson: Locoskates Park, Edit by Ben Tucker

Joe Atkinson

After 6 months out of the game, Joe Atkinson returns to his local training ground where it all began in Upton West Yorkshire to find his feet again filmed over 3 hours by Ben Tucker.

Thanks Josh Morrison (forums).

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19 Responses to “Joe Atkinson: Locoskates Park, Edit by Ben Tucker”

  1. chris Says:

    Why was he 6 months out the game, What happened to him?

  2. rolling since 1852 Says:

    loved the 90’s style edit

  3. josh Morrison Says:

    @Chris. He wrecked his ankle and couldnt blade for ages

  4. BenShelbourne - real Says:

    No he didnt, he had a split testicle from trying to skate a rail in Manchester.

  5. JsameM Says:

    He looks like he didn’t miss a beat. So fucking sick, the hand slide to back Roy had to give a lil woo wooooooo
    Dis dude is da dude

  6. Bubbles Says:

    WOOOOOOOO palm slide to mistrial, way to be!

  7. Damn Son Says:

    Loved this. Thanks for the last trick.

  8. soul2roll Says:

    Guy has skills! Last trick was amazing!


  9. Laurens Says:

    Nice edit, good skating, love the song choice!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    that was a waste of my time

  11. Kevin Says:

    Actually pretty dope

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Sick and different, where is that ghetto park

  13. dayz Says:

    yeaaaah, fast & furious. laced.
    but get your ankle back to before!

  14. Tom Cheung Says:

    So that means he competed in winterclash on an injury?

  15. TheRightOne Says:

    What a super chav!

  16. Wayne Kerr Says:

    what an obscure park

  17. joshua-roddy Says:

    music sounded like it was made on a playstaion… super sick tricks tho

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick killed it.great little edit

  19. Anonymous Says:

    every thing about this was sick !!!

    fuk you “the right one” fukin pussy !