SSM Blood Lines: Joe Atkinson, Leon Humphries & Marc Moreno: London Edit by Dom West (2012)

June 2012 Repost, Youtube Stream Added.

Joe Atkinson, Leon Humphries and Marc Moreno: London Edit by Dom West

Joe Atkinson, Leon Humphries and Marc Moreno blading in and around London. Edited by Dom West.

Music: Blood Ceremony – Master of confusion.

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  • juan

    where is this skatepark?

  • Anonymous

    london edit? chances are the park is in london

  • Truth

    Rollernews you fell off…this was posted already

  • pro boot

    nice vid n tunes

  • Anonymous

    J. Atkinson is one balzy mofo. I’m liking his blading more and more.

  • juan

    yea, london… WHERE in london???

  • George Balham

    How/Why is Leon still sponsored?!

    Well done, you can do true top soyals, you’ve been doing them 10+ years on EVERYTHING?

    Only reason he is still sponsored is somehow there is no one better in the UK who rides SSM’s. Rollerblading in the UK is pretty much over.

    No newbees every releasing UK edits, same guys all the time.

  • Sam Crofts

    George balham, can you please come to london so I can knock your fucking teeth out and then tru top soyal your jaw?

  • Anonimus I

    I had seen this video in a while … REPEATED (before i vimeo now on youtube)

  • Vetty

    @ Sam Crofts

    hahahahahaha, sweet call!

  • Ash

    Leon’s sick man. If i’m honest he doesnt seem as good as he did a few years ago, but he offers a lot more – he’s a proper cool dude! will chat to anyone and thats the type of people you need on the team.

    what can I say about Joe Atkinson? not much, the dude is so sick!

    good to see Moreno and Dom clips too, one of my favourite edits of the year.

  • George Balham

    He had a pro skate from doing 6+ topsoul variation switch ups on rails?

    Ty Brissett, Sean Lockyer, Carne Webb etc were all a 100x better than Leon.

  • Rob Dubber

    george balham are you serious? where are all those “sick” skaters now then? and where are their countless sections? being sponsored isn’t just about being good anyway, it’s about representing a company to the fullest and going out of your way to produce content for them. and fuck…you sound so deluded as if you think these guys are getting paid or some shit? get over the fact your “hometown heroes” didn’t “make it” in this joke of an industry and just go and skate. looks like that’s what leon’s been doing these past decade and he gets those free skates that you seem so jealous of.

  • dave chappell

    george balham you are a fucking certified kiln i hope your feet fall off.

  • George Balham

    I like anal sex so my opinion doesn’t count. sorry guys!