Joe Atkinson: 2 hours in edinburgh

Joe Atkinson

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20 Responses to “Joe Atkinson: 2 hours in edinburgh”

  1. mj dudley Says:

    is he related to rowan atkinson by any chance. kinda looks like him too

  2. john Says:

    Making 2 hours edits really makes sense…

  3. Shifty Says:

    lol :D i wanted to ask the same :)

    nice skating!

  4. J.Hansson Says:

    Really dope skating, even if it was to short;)

  5. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    I remember the Death Ledge, Daniel refused it as well.
    Anyway, excellent idea with the kink to the ledge !!!! Excellent !!

  6. Hello Says:

    He looks a bit young to be smoking.

  7. the man Says:

    “He looks a bit young to be smoking.” Thats cos he is a very naaughty boy. That death ledge is on the left soul side. Personally I can only hit small shite or switch into my left soul. Its weird that Farmer and Haffey prefer this side!

  8. Abel Says:

    In england i think you can start smoking at an earlier age. 16 if i remember right. That royale on the kink to air out of the bank was fire

  9. Julian Bah slaps your bitch up Says:

    He is a pimp arse mother fucker bbooomm he is sick

  10. Justin K Says:

    the law on smoking here in the uk is weird, your not allowed to buy fags till your 18, but its not illegal to smoke before that…

  11. chris Says:

    its only recently changed to 18, but usually most people start smoking at the beginning of their teens, obviously cos its big and clever

  12. The M Says:

    Stop smoking;-)

  13. dylan higgins Says:

    high quality Doughty shizz. None of you would ever do that royal to bank. I would not even roll that ledge.

  14. Alejoh Says:

    Hells yeah. that was a sick little edit with some solid hammers.

  15. Chris Haffey Says:

    B.L.A.D.E – your next.

  16. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    That was pretty tight.

    Is this the same goofy ass dude who wore that deer or horse head mask back at the IMYTA in Paris a long time ago? Looks just like him.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I would 360 into that bank from the rail.

  18. flowskate Says:

    anonymous above ^

    you would eat shit and cry like a gay…

    nice stuff joe!

  19. Smashin' Dumplings Says:


  20. Bear Grylls Says:

    edit not long enough…………better drink my own piss