Jimmy Shuda: Underestimated & Apprehensions Edits

underestimated & apprehensions vhs

Magma posted 2 nice Denial profiles of Jimmy Shuda, from the Underestimated & Apprehensions videos.

Jimmy Shuda Profile – {Apprehensions}
Video edited by Chris Majette. Music by Real Life, Mos Def, & Pearl Jam.

Jimmy Shuda Profile – {Underestimated}
Video edited by Chris Majette. Music by AZ.

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  • Da_Beat

    Hell yeah Shuda! Underestimated = best team video ever.

  • Danielson

    Dude! Apprehensions was a great vid I still have it on dvd. This was the first skate vid I ever owned, and it drew me in to the sport. Jimmy Shuda was my favorite skater, I wonder what happened to him. Does he even skate still? I think he should be considered an icon like Julio or Shima.And Oh yeah, Apprehensions was had the first Kelso bros edit when they were still just baby faced kids. If any of you guys want to find Apprehensions, I believe they still sell it at inline warehouse.com. It has two other Chris Majette vids on it (Heart, Poetry in motion. All very good for there time I must say.) It’s only $5 so its a no brainer. I know I sound like a written advertisement but I seriously love this f*cking vid ,and think every roller should own it.

  • Danielson

    inlinewarehouse.com oops

  • slut

    underestimated was so good for its time. pretty similar to heart. both made me get into skating even more. havnt seen apprehentions but prob just as good.

  • http://taktika.lv/taktika-shop/index.htm Oskars

    yes, jimmy is legend!!!

  • itsmemarc

    the only knowledge i had of shuda was of his few clips in poetry in motion, my second only skate video. i dont even have any videos now, ive never bought them im simply not bothered.shuda stood out as the king of style for me on that video, bar sean kelso who also vividly stuck in my head aswell. these videos prove it, more so underestimated :| what a beast. wonder if he still skates…

  • Tyboh

    Old school and rough style, I like!!

  • ninja

    shuda was so stylish, everyone from philly area has so much respect for him. one of the o.g’s of the scene. he was at the razors party the other week and i didnt recognized him, just like i didnt recognized fredrick when he was at BL awhile ago. he might still skate…. i hope

  • seanocp

    Brings back memories, sick vid, whats that track called ?

  • Muskee

    Shuda was way ahead of his time, along with Frederick.