Jimmy Cisz: Miami 2011 with Oxelo

Jimmy Cisz

Filmed by Thomas Bevilacqua for Studio Ores. Music: Wasaru.

Jimmy Cisz

The Oxelo Street Play 5 Skates are sold in France, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Russia via Decathlon. Visit oxelo.com.

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37 Responses to “Jimmy Cisz: Miami 2011 with Oxelo”

  1. Lan Says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuur, la vidéo pour les Oxelo est mieux filmé que le dernier DVD Razor (game theory)…

  2. GG Allin Says:

    Uncredible ! It’s so fucking beautiful

  3. Domi Says:

    good skills for the guy, although I’m not convinced by this skate. This could be a great priced entry level skate. good opportunity for skating to become mainstream again.

  4. imagine Says:

    really good skating and the skate reminds me the usd psirus

  5. Anonymous Says:

    to Domi
    It are entry price skates
    but well
    filming is awesome, I want to see more vids like that

  6. bstard Says:

    dudes its a fucin salomon st90 still got one of those at home only differences are the frame and the strap…
    if it’s like a st90 then it’s the shit…

    well no backslide plate and just a small soul space…
    but hei its a salomon =)

  7. legokid Says:

    what are the frames?

  8. scooby Says:

    copy of kaltic frames i think

    this is salomon sti boot, but ugly modifed ;/

  9. Salt Says:

    It’s just a redesigned salomon with some freestyle frames, simple as that.

  10. Bartender Says:

    Lan, you made my day, ton commentaire m’a tué!

  11. pour mieux glisser Says:

    decathlon ??? heu….

    ha oui ils rachètent le moule du STI PRO pour les vendres moins chères et malheureusement en moins bonne qualité :/

    et je suis sur que le monteur cadreur et rideur ont fait sa gracieusement car c’est pas la politique de decathlon que d’investir dans la promotion de la pratique

    maintenant il permet à tout le monde de pratiquer pour pas chère donc c’est une bonne chose
    mais de la à nous faire croire qu’ils font de bons patins et qu’ils soutiennent le milieu, la dessus j’ai un doute

    pour info :

    pour un monde meilleur
    individualiser les profits partageons les pertes

  12. 5,44 milliard d'euros Says:


  13. mg Says:

    Where´s the first spot in Miami ?

  14. 123 Says:

    la vidéo pour les Oxelo est mieux filmé que le dernier DVD Razor ! +1
    But I’m not convinced by this skate

  15. Michael Says:

    They are modeled after good skates, but Oxelo skates are made from materials of bad quality… Really, even Realms are better investment than this. Oxelo is Decathlon brand, last time i checked Decathlon didn’t lift a finger to help skating getting bigger. If someone wants entry level skates, get Bladerunner: they are made by Rollerblade, company that at least SOMETIMES do something to support aggressive inline. Still materials of worse quality than more expensive skates, but at least shell is good and easy to mod with RB Solo plates. Put these on, change liner, frame and wheels and they feel a lot like old Salomons with widebody.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    On the plus side, Decathalon is a global chain, and just by having aggressive skates in the stores will promote the sport. People might, for example, wonder whey they look different to the other skates (e.g only having 2 wheels rather than the standard 4) and look on the internet to find out….then hopefully come across some real companies and products! Plus, as an entry level skate it doesn’t look too bad.

  17. John Dillingham Says:

    I skated Miami with this cat and didn’t see any of these spots. So sick! Great edit, great skating, ridiculously exotic skates. Word!

  18. Alex Says:

    Par contre FAIL l’autocollant Remz sur le casque ^^

  19. Johnny rocket Says:

    This man is baller and thank the frenchhh ahhhhhh

  20. Marcus Says:

    most depressive edit ever

  21. jimmy cisz Says:

    buy remz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Billy Connolly Says:

    I agree with Jimbo! jimmy we gotta go skate brickell sometime soon!

  23. john salt Says:

    Amazing edit, I think the skates look pretty tight too

  24. GL-Joe Says:

    Rollerblading is gay, those spots and skating was awesome.

  25. GL-Joe Says:

    Rollerblading is gay, those spots and skating where awesome.

  26. skate2create Says:

    hmm never seen or heard of any gay rollerbladers , although when i looked into skateboards they had specialty group on myspace for gay boarders :P , anyway the edit was very well one of the best done for a mainstream brand like oxelio , the skating was great.. not some shitty wanna be.. the skate itself looks to have potential and i do hope they put some extra quality into them… like said good for beginers and it ll definatly beat all those other wanna be aggressive skates that soc or other make… get a good team of 3 that know their stuff skating wise and industry and who knows what could happen…

  27. dyed red deshis Says:

    model has been used many times here in the US. Those frames are interesting and the soul won’t slide very well however wax fixes everything. I bought a pair from another company from big 5 just for the wheels and bearings for 50 bucks. gave the skates to a newbie. however again with wax things change. It’s nice to see more companies coming forth and with the right price point if they’re willing to truly back it Rolling can be a billion dollar buisness for all companies again. they will need a good diverse team though, worldwide.

  28. Johann Says:

    I personally don’t like them but is great to have affordable skates easy to find for people that wanna try our sport but are not sure and don’t wanna spend a lot of money on something they wont ever use.

    hope this oxelo brings a lot of new people to our sport

  29. Anonymous Says:

    way better than razors game theory +1

  30. united Says:

    I see they sell SKATEBOARDS & SCOOTERS AS WELL on their website. I guess they are just another POWERSLIDE…. like Powerslide jr. hehe

  31. Milan Says:

    nice edit but the skates are just a bad and ugly copy of salomon

  32. dyed red deshis Says:

    @United: big difference though with powerslide. we would’ve never made it to the big leagues without guys like powerslde. Remember Arlo won x-games on USD’s. So did Feinberg. it’s just a matter of these big corps realizing the buying power of their consumer demograph on a global market and reacting positively towards both entities goals. Honestly it’s a start up division of the company and they’ll make many mistakes but at least they’re starting off better than the others did. I mean blade runner didn’t even bother to try to make a video edit.

  33. Al@n Says:

    What the tittle of this song?

  34. Lucas Says:

    What’s the song please?
    Nice edit

  35. santa claus Says:

    what is the tittle of this song?

  36. unitygigi Says:


  37. PrOxelo Says:

    Best Skates ever made!