Jeph Howard | Razors Pro

Jeph Howard‘s been in this game for a long time. Seen the trends, bladed thru them all..

Jeph Howard Razors Pro

He’s a salty dog, definitely deserving of some praise. The pride of Minnesota ;) I am stoked to introduce Jeph Howard as the newest Razors Pro. Filmed by Dan Knapmiller, Michael Garlinghouse & Blake Cohen. Edited by Dan Knapmiller.

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66 Responses to “Jeph Howard | Razors Pro”

  1. xsjadomonkey Says:

    guhnarlee skating dood

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what about Iain, what about Silhan? not getting paid? Seems like you took a shit on them literally

  3. Rol''gang Says:

    Bah, should have stayed on the team – he should’ve gone pro years ago….Well done jeph! Best section in the whole of game theory is his in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Jeph really deserved it, tho.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Jeggings? for fuck sake lads. Ya look like a bunch of skinny girls.

  6. There's some shooters in this hoe Says:

    About motttttheeeerrrrrr fucccccckkkkkkkinnnggg timmmeeeeeeeeee

  7. There's some shooters in this hoe Says:

    BRING BAH BACK 2013…

    Jelq Howard
    Julian bah
    Brian Aragon
    Dre Powell
    Mathis shilhan
    Ian mcloed


  8. Bobby Says:

    “Seen the trends, bladed thru them all.. ”

    You mean…..

    “Seen the trends, followed them all….”

  9. Harry Potter Says:

    finally! edit was sick! more to come this guy is nuts!

  10. moldy tent Says:

    Finally ya boy Howie gains his pro status. He’s deserved it since his color coordination days. GET EM

  11. damn Says:

    was peeping their site, and they made all sorts of people pro, with pro teams according to what country you’re from. I think that’s pretty awesome, but wonder if all pros make the same or if it depends on the country?

  12. rolling since 1863 Says:

    yay lol lmfas u dunno shiz coz its like tha dude inda crib yo, ya ll comin bac\\

    wheres ur edit fucker

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Jeph is the man! Congrats!

    Bah is already on Adapt pro team.

  14. truth Says:

    I didn’t even know this guy wasn’t pro….I guess I always just viewed him as pro since he outshined most of the pros anyways.

  15. itsaboutthattime Says:

    well done ! bro !

  16. Anonymous Says:

    that’s the best razors can do? smh

  17. Oscar Zabala Says:

    A light of good sense in the middle of our industry turmoil. Howard is a beast, congrats dude. WELL DESERVED

  18. Klips Says:

    Good news , he deserves it !

  19. MF Says:

    guys like Jeph, Iain, and Dalnas have been pro for so long… regardless of the official status. but congratulations Jeph, I’m sure it feels good to finally get here after all the years of work you’ve put in

  20. George Costanza Says:

    The pride of minnesota?? You sure you aint forgettin someone? Starts with chris, ends with farmer ?

    Jeph howard’s skatings ugly as fuck but i guess this aint relevant since hes rockin cool ass white pants…

  21. Those pants Says:

    LOL ^

    “Seen the trends, bladed thru them all.. ”

    You mean…..

    “Seen the trends, followed them all….”

    Seriously those pants are absolutely brutal. Somebody please explain to me the point of wearing pants that tight because there is no damn way its for comfort.

    On another note……sick skating Jeph and well deserved.

  22. Derek Says:

    Its about time guys like Jeph got that pro label (tho not needed) but needs to be recognized..too many underrated skaters go unnoticed and come and go in this industry, Walt Austin, Dustin Halleran etc. who are true beasts. Congrats Jeph

  23. Dizzy Says:

    We still haven’t gotten over the whole tight pants thing….? christ. They are just pants.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    super deserves this. good job jeph…

    i thought i would just say an honest opinion.

    if you (jeph) wore a bit larger pants. like normal fitted instead of skinny. i think it would really make your skating more appealing and look cleaner. i am also a tall skinny person and i saw my style look much better after wearing normal sized pants.

    anyways again good job man.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    silhan horn chaz and vryony are part of the international team

  26. Hoax34 Says:

    About time! He’s never stopped progressing and improving his style. It’s about time there were some new pro’s, not just in Razors, but in rollerblading.

  27. db Says:

    OOO YEAH! sick sick, i want Jeph’s pro skate now. loved his blading the whole time, and its only getting better

  28. Your mom Says:

    Jesus motha fuckin christ!

    Comment is a bit too short. Please go back and watch that shit again.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Well deserved, better than alot of current pros on other teams.

  30. yoooo Says:

    I’m truly surprised as I would have expected to find a lot more hate in the comments after watching the edit. It’s not a problem though as I can hate for all of us :

    There is a reason why Jeff was never pro, it’s because he has the ugliest-omg-i-seriously-think-iam-gonna-puke style ever seen in blading. Brands want pros who can be icons, inspiration for kids so they buy the skate. Jeff, eventhough he has landed a fair amount of decent hammer through the past was never that inspirational skater. Now that he fell for girl cloths, it’s even worse because those leggings emphasize his uglyness and revealed that he lacks not only style but also taste and personnalty, letting us guess that the guy must be as unsecure as his skating looks.

    Why is he pro now you will ask then ? The answer is simple and unfortunate. He isn’t pro. There isn’t pros anymore. Blading has become, even at the highest level, an underground hobby for guys with too much free time. Nobody makes money anymore and Jeff has just won a medal in a race that ended 4 years ago.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    aragon approved the pants i guess. f*ck that shit.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Why is it that blading went from super baggy to super skinny pants? Can’t people just rock pants that fit? The world may never know

    Good skating tho but I’m not into all that creativity bullshit. Its no wonder why noone wants to get into rollerblading. It’s a buncha hipsters rocking skinnys. bitches don’t like hipsters in skinnys

  33. rol247 Says:

    why is that pants discussion coming up? it was like 5 years ago where this would ve made sense… everybody s wearing pants nowadys. eventhough those white ones were not necessary.
    Other than that… positively surprised but i still don”t think he s that “icon” kind a guy.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Those pants, especially the white ones.


    Hilarious. Really.

  35. blah blah blah Says:

    Razors is so fucking lame not having IAN MCCLEOD on the PRO TEAM. He got a pro skate why isn’t he PRO??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ^^ also, what happened to Burston?

  37. hi colin Says:

    How cute that CK is still bitter enough to keep coming back with anonymous hate, year after year’.,

  38. scott Says:

    razors are still da worst.. but + rep for making jeff pro.. but still they are da worst.

  39. Creg Clansbury Says:


  40. Urbn^nja Says:

    Took long enough!!!! GEEZ!!!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Tech tricks, but the true question is; homosexual or girl pant?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    We want Iain McLeod!!!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I still rock baggies. I’m tall, so always found the proportions balance my own. Also it’s way more comfortable; can’t stand the resistance felt from a tighter material. People go, “It’s just pants, you fuck” etc. but the fact of the matter is, that looks do matter. By all means dress up as bobo the clown, wear the makeup too, but don’t expect no one to not comment.

  44. Anonymous Says:


  45. Anonymous Says:

    but seriously. does everyone on the razors team (pro or flow) wear leggings?

  46. FU Says:


  47. zakbuys Says:

    Jeph, well done. You definitely deserve it!

  48. Horst Says:

    Bah that pants make his style so fucking ugly looks like they gonna explode any second.
    I wonder when this stupid trend will be over… i guess Capri style leggings are next.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    you fucking narrow minded american bollocks, its hard to read your shit regarding pants

  50. scott Says:

    im a hater but i liked the pants

  51. rolling since 1863 Says:

    He should have been on the US pro team years ago when he was in his prime but now there are so many other skaters who would be of far greater benefit to the brand. At the end of the day its all pretty irrelevant

  52. rolling since 1863 Says:

    btw way why are there no hurricane sandy comments…the end is near

  53. Anonymous Says:

    When will people stop following this shit? hes just followed every fuckin other skater with the same pants style. Wear fuckin normal sized FITTING pants. How is that girly shit comfortable??? Do you have a vagina?
    Anyway… ive always liked Jeff and still do. Im glad he is pro but please dont follow every other fag. if “Its just pants!!” then im going to fucking wear spandex and tell everyone theyre asshole haters if i get called gay!

  54. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    ^^ My brother lives in NYC. He was evacuated from his apartment and the dumb shit forgot his phone charger so my family didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. We feared the worst. He’s fine though.

    So, while I was worried sick about my brother, picture my surprise to see bladers I know in the East Coast being like “FAG HURRIKANE IZ RUININ MA SESH!” and it reminded me why I love rollerblading, but hate rollerbladers.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Ever since the beginning. Day 1 of aggressive skating. It’s always been about the style clothes that people wear. You all don’t seem to realize that.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Aragon the only legit PRO on the team. Howard blows ever since he went small.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    90 % of this shit was switch…im hapy fa this niffa

  58. Zack D Says:

    70% of the comments : about the pants.
    I’m so glad he’s pro, he deserves it, been killing the streets for years. Cant wait to see his pro model.

  59. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Reality. Jeph is better than anyone on this board. If you havent seen IMYTA LA with him and Broscow battling it out at the end.(almost 10 years ago) Last trick on a huge kink is 3 fish gap fast slide. Crushes anything any of you have ever done, regardless of bags to tights. Huge props bro, you deserve it.

  60. smokey macpot Says:

    that edit was bomb. he did it all, creative, hams, handicaps, tech. yep. that’s pro. dude shoulda won the windy city riot this year too…

  61. Dany Garres Says:

    #yoooo Why is he pro now you will ask then ? The answer is simple and unfortunate. He isn’t pro. There isn’t pros anymore. Blading has become, even at the highest level, an underground hobby for guys with too much free time. Nobody makes money anymore and Jeff has just won a medal in a race that ended 4 years ago.
    I agree with that guy. If u have to spend ur hole life hurting urself, wasting money, travelling arround the world to get recognized by this industry and after those years u will be recognize, my opinion its the same of this guy.. there is no pros anymore.. there was pro skaters in his prime time.. but not now.. it dont worth the wait.
    But anyways, blading its so funny!!! ;d

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  63. Eric Foust Says:

    Holly switch foot. And there are some stupid f**king people. Reason why Jeph wasn’t pro. Is because he made hard shit look too f**king easy. Enough said.

  64. Courtney Cain Says:

    First off, his name is JEPH, not Jeff. Secondly, Jeph is one of my homies and I would like to point out the fact that LITERALLY 80% of that edit was switch. That’s right kiddos, anything right-footed was switch. I would like to see any of you commenting about his style or his pants put out an edit that is half as good with your switch foot.. And that is why he is pro and you’re not.

  65. Juan Martinez Says:

    about time Razors. Jeph has always been one of my favorites.

  66. dago Says:

    first off yea hes wearing skinny jeans. who cares. trust me i hate em as much as most of yall but get over yourselves. most everyone in our sport wears em. shit aragon wears em and yall aint sayin shit about that. hes put in work and its finally paying off for him. does he have the best style? no. is he good? hell yea hes good. what more do you want from a pro? congrats Jeph keep up the hammers bro