Jeph Howard | Razors Pro

Jeph Howard‘s been in this game for a long time. Seen the trends, bladed thru them all..

Jeph Howard Razors Pro

He’s a salty dog, definitely deserving of some praise. The pride of Minnesota ;) I am stoked to introduce Jeph Howard as the newest Razors Pro. Filmed by Dan Knapmiller, Michael Garlinghouse & Blake Cohen. Edited by Dan Knapmiller.

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  • rolling since 1863

    He should have been on the US pro team years ago when he was in his prime but now there are so many other skaters who would be of far greater benefit to the brand. At the end of the day its all pretty irrelevant

  • rolling since 1863

    btw way why are there no hurricane sandy comments…the end is near

  • Anonymous

    When will people stop following this shit? hes just followed every fuckin other skater with the same pants style. Wear fuckin normal sized FITTING pants. How is that girly shit comfortable??? Do you have a vagina?
    Anyway… ive always liked Jeff and still do. Im glad he is pro but please dont follow every other fag. if “Its just pants!!” then im going to fucking wear spandex and tell everyone theyre asshole haters if i get called gay!

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    ^^ My brother lives in NYC. He was evacuated from his apartment and the dumb shit forgot his phone charger so my family didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. We feared the worst. He’s fine though.

    So, while I was worried sick about my brother, picture my surprise to see bladers I know in the East Coast being like “FAG HURRIKANE IZ RUININ MA SESH!” and it reminded me why I love rollerblading, but hate rollerbladers.

  • Anonymous

    Ever since the beginning. Day 1 of aggressive skating. It’s always been about the style clothes that people wear. You all don’t seem to realize that.

  • Anonymous

    Aragon the only legit PRO on the team. Howard blows ever since he went small.

  • Anonymous

    90 % of this shit was switch…im hapy fa this niffa

  • Zack D

    70% of the comments : about the pants.
    I’m so glad he’s pro, he deserves it, been killing the streets for years. Cant wait to see his pro model.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Reality. Jeph is better than anyone on this board. If you havent seen IMYTA LA with him and Broscow battling it out at the end.(almost 10 years ago) Last trick on a huge kink is 3 fish gap fast slide. Crushes anything any of you have ever done, regardless of bags to tights. Huge props bro, you deserve it.

  • smokey macpot

    that edit was bomb. he did it all, creative, hams, handicaps, tech. yep. that’s pro. dude shoulda won the windy city riot this year too…

  • Dany Garres

    #yoooo Why is he pro now you will ask then ? The answer is simple and unfortunate. He isn’t pro. There isn’t pros anymore. Blading has become, even at the highest level, an underground hobby for guys with too much free time. Nobody makes money anymore and Jeff has just won a medal in a race that ended 4 years ago.
    I agree with that guy. If u have to spend ur hole life hurting urself, wasting money, travelling arround the world to get recognized by this industry and after those years u will be recognize, my opinion its the same of this guy.. there is no pros anymore.. there was pro skaters in his prime time.. but not now.. it dont worth the wait.
    But anyways, blading its so funny!!! ;d

  • Anonymous

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Eric Foust

    Holly switch foot. And there are some stupid f**king people. Reason why Jeph wasn’t pro. Is because he made hard shit look too f**king easy. Enough said.

  • Courtney Cain

    First off, his name is JEPH, not Jeff. Secondly, Jeph is one of my homies and I would like to point out the fact that LITERALLY 80% of that edit was switch. That’s right kiddos, anything right-footed was switch. I would like to see any of you commenting about his style or his pants put out an edit that is half as good with your switch foot.. And that is why he is pro and you’re not.

  • Juan Martinez

    about time Razors. Jeph has always been one of my favorites.

  • dago

    first off yea hes wearing skinny jeans. who cares. trust me i hate em as much as most of yall but get over yourselves. most everyone in our sport wears em. shit aragon wears em and yall aint sayin shit about that. hes put in work and its finally paying off for him. does he have the best style? no. is he good? hell yea hes good. what more do you want from a pro? congrats Jeph keep up the hammers bro