Jeph Howard | Minneapolis MN by Paul John

Recently i had to travel to Minneapolis MN for a week on business and stayed with a good friend of mine Jeph Howard. Over a period of 3 days we got to collaborate on a project thanks to The Conference.

Jeph Howard Minneapolis MN by Paul John

Jeph Howard has been killing the blade game for years on end. He works a job 5 days a week, has a awesome girlfriend and finds time to blade hard as hell in between.

He’s the kind of guy that wakes you up in the morning with a nice smoothie to get the day rolling. This man has been brutally pushing himself towards the top as long as I can remember.

Meeting him 10 years ago in the baggy days, til this day he still carries himself as a positive individual upon our sport. Nothing gets in this guys way.

He appreciates a good seshin and a cold beer after wards. Respect is the only word that comes to mind when i think of Jeph Howard, expect to see him shredding the streets plenty more years to come.Paul John.


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34 Responses to “Jeph Howard | Minneapolis MN by Paul John”

  1. 2R Says:

    Jeph is producing so much right now!

    Him and Howie bennet are my two fav razor skaters at the min, they’ve seperated themselves from the “rail or nothing” mentality, and are skating a tonne of cool alternative spots.

    COTF needs to get to the UK asap!

  2. David Toro Says:

    Dig it–probably one of the few edits I’ve seen that complements Jeph’s skating. Great job fellas.

  3. flowskate Says:

    Sick edit…BUT REALLY!! Riding for the conference yet footage is with him on razors skates? WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT?:?!

  4. josh morrison Says:

    PJ makes sweet blade flicks

  5. J H Says:

    Cudot won vs Aragon and Sizemore and he ‘ll loose vs Howard ????
    fucking joke !!!
    vote for Cudot, he has a better edit

  6. Name Not Required Says:

    Sick Edit. Name of the song??? please.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    that was fucking wack!

  8. France Says:

    really cool style

  9. Luke Says:

    This is fucking amazing!

  10. Rafael Says:

    Amazing!!!! How old is he?

  11. yeah boi Says:

    sick stuff Jeph, always enjoy your stuff.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  13. matty Says:

    nice tight! my sister use the same!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Lol skates for Conference now eh?

  15. bigdickbandit Says:


  16. mr choreorgraphy Says:


  17. USD Says:

    Biggest wrsuploaded’s cheater of the year!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    undercover wheels are part of the conference you retards

  19. Virapin Says:

    You should stop skating !

  20. Pierre Cardin Says:

    He also HAD a KIZER frame… Jeph has held it down for too long you fuck tards that don’t respect. I told him about the white pants, but that was only because the comments.

    He has been on his “grown man” for quite some time.

    I just dropped in to inform that the CONFERENCE has always been sippin’ Jeph’s Kool-Aid.

  21. Billy G Says:

    Undercover wheels fucking idiots

  22. I dont care about Jeph Howard Says:

    where is Billy O’neil and Dom Sagona? please come back

  23. Anonymous Says:

    cool edit but why the fuck do people wear pants like that… nobody wants to see your balls and the curvature of your legs there for chicks not dicks

  24. Dis Dick Says:

    Nice edit but I could do without the corny ass theme. The cards the ugly girl kissing him… seriously? I have to wonder what is wrong with this sport sometime. It’s so hokey.

  25. PictureMeSmokin Says:

    corny themes…ugly women…lame music…sounds like rollerblading

  26. moldy tent Says:

    I enjoy these unique blading productions coming form Paul John. This edit had a lot of personality, and dope skating as well!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    this guy is so over-rated and follows whatever trend is in.

  28. Bmo Says:

    Now that is what a rollerblading edit should look like!! Fuck Yea Paul John!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Cudot’s WRS edit is 10x better than Jeph’s.
    Just for the record, I am an American. From the US and proud of it but Cudot tore Jeph’s shit up and he gets my vote just like he should get everybody elses.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Sick edit Jeph! Now get some jeans that fit!!!! WOW LOL

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Cudot wins! Jeph cheated his ass off and still lost…bahahahaha

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Jephs edit > Cudot anyday anytime…

    His section in COTF is retarted good and this is also top top notch. Not to mention his Razors pro edit!!!

  33. magnum Says:

    does anyone know the name of the song?

    thanks all!

  34. Chonga Says:

    I don’t think the girl was ugly…