Jefferson Santana “Rosca”: RIOT dvd profile


Thanks Oli Benet.

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41 Responses to “Jefferson Santana “Rosca”: RIOT dvd profile”

  1. Arty Says:

    Very smooth,kill that shit,good job.

  2. Jordi Says:

    So intense, perfect!

  3. v.i.c Says:

    whahaha and allso he gets a pro frame. love to hate this faggot skaters

  4. Mark Says:

    I have the dvd and love it, it worth the money!

  5. goomi Says:


  6. pilau Rice Says:

    Good vibe to the section. Disaster back royale on that ledge was the naughtiest. Good stuff.

  7. MATTY # K Says:


    eres un jodido crack Rosca !!!!

    muy gordo el profile

  8. bukem8 Says:

    he’s good

  9. sam davison Says:

    fucking best shit iv seen in ages. that guy is a wicked skater. even better than me :) hahaha

  10. df2T Says:


  11. 4114N Says:

    hard, i mean…HARD tricks dude!
    Roska… ta foda ein… so faltou a camiseta verde com essa calça amarela ;)
    tudibão ai

  12. . Says:

    really ? ?

  13. Tarak Says:

    Song please?

  14. Decepticon Says:

    A talented rollerblader for sure but I do not like his style at all. Whirlwind arms and his sweatstances/fishbrains were the ugliest things ive seen… Someone should also tell him yellow legging is not cool

  15. Maik. Says:

    the go! team-the power is on!

  16. harrie Says:

    hmmm i actually liked it alot, such a diversity of tricks! nice!!
    good spots aswel..

    the only thing i didnt like were the true porn stars and the sweatstances…
    the sweatstance was more like a far side mizou :P

  17. soundlord Says:

    BOA maluco !!!

  18. Uribe Says:

    You have to see him skating in live! He works on style a lot! Viva Rosca!!!

  19. Boury Says:


  20. beazy Says:

    wheres that filmed?

  21. Adrien Says:


  22. alex(piano) Says:

    dommage pour le slim

  23. JoshJFC Says:

    So Sick , so creazy Men Good Shit :)!! from Europa !!

  24. ITsmeee Says:

    ahh sickk!!

  25. AKIRA Says:

    caralio lokao style roscao paz…

  26. Fray Says:

    I really enjoyed that…

  27. Leonardo Silva Says:

    pó de mais *Rosca* isso ai cara , de mais de mais. curtir áte o ultimo segundo do seu profile cara, é nois brasil

  28. xsjado_18 Says:

    dat was tight! fuck all dat haters bunch of ball lickers!

  29. Wagner B. Says:

    Ae Rokão! Parabéns pelo sucesso mano, tu é o cara!!


  30. Loso Says:

    Yo dat was straight sick DESHI all DAY!!!!

  31. dexter Says:

    best skater i’ve seen in years, he kills all the spots with the best style!!!!!
    roska = GOD!!!!!

  32. Travis Stewart Says:

    haha, i’m diggin the chucker status. :)

  33. keir Says:

    yea man, hardcore a fuck. straight up throwin shit down son uhhhh

  34. black floripa Says:

    e ai rosca beleza cara
    meu detono no pro file , massa mesmo cara parabens vc merece!!!
    tudo de bom pra vc e pra sua carreira na GRINGA!!!!!

    a galera de floripa sempre lembra de vc.

  35. rob Says:

    Reminds me of Carlos with less ballsy tricks

  36. jim jones Says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Wrekshop Ryan Says:

    This guy is amazing but those yellow spandex things may have been the worst things that I have ever.

  38. JP Says:

    hahaheaueuaeh yellow pants sux aheuhae but roska is the only one allowed to wear it Lol.

    Congrats, Roska, really powerfull skating.

    And most people don´t realize that your on the top of your game with 29 years old !!!

    you´re tha man !!! :)

  39. Lulu74 Says:

    Bammm sick skating!!Worst profile I have ever seen!

  40. RolliN4MoneY Says:

    Jefferson Santana esta rankiao’ con este profile en Riot. A ver si puedo ver esa película completa algún dia. Los spots están cabrones. Rosca sigue metiéndole que estás killin it…

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