Jeff Dalnas: Sweet Cherry Pie, 2013 Edit

Jeff Dalnas: Sweet Cherry Pie 2013

The majority of this section was shot throughout the past couple of months in Rhode Island, along with some leftover footage while blading down in Maryland.

Filmed by Dave Hartnett, Nick Pisciotta, Eric Dalnas & John Williams.
Previously: Jeff Dalnas, 2013 Profile by Nick Pisciotta.

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53 Responses to “Jeff Dalnas: Sweet Cherry Pie, 2013 Edit”

  1. EPIC Blader Says:

    SMOOOOOOOOOTH Jeff! Quality right there!

  2. Gubida Says:

    Jeff got a great understanding for the art of skating.
    One love. No pasaran!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    flashing tits will save rollerblading !

  4. God Says:

    turkey bacon sandwich! nuff said.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Fenfanix Pro? What happened with Eulogy?

  6. Nicolas R. Says:

    Goddamn that sweaty made sweat all over here !
    Sick section a always
    beastmode !

  7. Merica Fuk Yah Says:

    WOW ! That up there with the Billy O Neil and Dave Lang edit :D

    Wish there was a better angle of the last trick though…

    P.S. AMERICA USA USA you don’t see any Europussies putting out edits like this !

  8. rol247 Says:

    HAHA The USA are just one big fail.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    “Flashing tits will save rollerblading!”…lol.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    so sick hell yea

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Sean/Jess, if you read this…this song sounds like Def Leppard hahahah. Jeff Dalnas must know Grant lol.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    classy stuff. you sign dat ass.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i love his muscles

  14. Anonymous Says:

    seriously the cheesiest most boring pro

  15. joshua-roddy Says:

    good edit, I liked the one from earlier in the year though

  16. Anonymous Says:

    So good, so cheesy.

  17. Marc Says:

    so shit. rollerbladings kenny powers?

  18. Ranter 9000 Says:

    This was fucking amazing !

    Clearly the best skater on Fenfanix by far !

  19. TruePornPerv. Says:

    Sweet cherry pie?? really WTF , its better when you see it with no sound at all nice skating horrible song, ill sweet cherry fuck that song up.

  20. Kaspa Says:

    Say what you want about Dalnas, but he always comes through with the goods and he doesn’t embrace this new wave of faggot blading.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    that kenny powers comment was too good!

  22. miket Says:

    always fun to watch jeff kill shit! cool edit

  23. Noffin knew Says:

    I just watched the Sizemore and Broskow edit

    Then I watched this..

    Jesus its like going back in time with Dalnas, clips of you spinning over a car really? What is this 2002? This isn’t videogroove anymore.

    Same old skating, gaps, switch ups on rails blah blah shit music, nothing original as usual aswell.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Blading is about having fun, which is what this edit was him having fun and killing it. The sweet cherry pie song is hilarious and meant to be cheesy. Stop being so close minded and judgmental and just blade you pussies damn.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Wehh not original weehhhh me no like car spins weehhh I’m gonna bitch and cry over every little thing weehhh when am I gonna get laid weehhh he didn’t even grind any curbs or have a top hat on.

  26. Uddum (23) Says:

    That girls a guy at the start…it’s obvious. Good skating though from Jeff Dalnsyndrome (jokes)

  27. blake Says:

    oh re-fuckin-lax you faggots.. dude used sweet cherry pie as song. it’d be a sin to not flash some tits and ass along with some decent blading. go cut your hair with rock and look like you cant afford your next meal you fuckin virgins.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    favorite trick by far was that fishy 360 out! so clean, cool edit!

  29. eenglish mager Says:

    damn, how many different multi color tank tops does dis jiggaboo own?

  30. A.A. Kaiser Says:

    props to the kenny powers comment. spot on!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    you are all a bunch of little pussy bitches and its because of you all that this sport has gone to shit. I bet you would love it if he cut his hair like Broskow and dressed like a fuckin drag queen like the rest of the clowns in this sport. Bunch of pussies you are. Good shit jeff

  32. Anonymous Says:

    haha YES! This edit rocks! I’m really happy Jeff doesn’t try to be like all the other dudes. I just watched Valo 5 and the strange stuff. It’s weird how they all dress and skate alike. without titles it’s hard to even tell who’s who. What happened to having your own style?? You can see that Jeff is having A LOT more fun in life than most of these strange dudes haha I’m pretty sure thats why they are hating on the guy. Keep up the good work Jeff!

  33. robyn collins Says:

    Bet he has a smooth botty, he can hold my inside out pocket when he visits me behind barssss

  34. the situation Says:

    to all the haterz…yea yea yea, cool story bro!

    Hey Jeff fuck the haterz bro. You know uze always gotta place to crash out here in jerzy shore bro. seriously bro i fucking love you and seriously bro your fucking pro bro, dont eva let no one tell you that you aint pro bro…. cause if any of these fuckin knuckle heads is pro bro its fuckin you bro!

    love you bro!

    Dallnasty for pro bro!

    – the situation

    ps. snookie said next time you wanna put some azz and titti in the mix u give her a call bro.

  35. jeff dalnas Says:

    @the situation.

    Totally man. Thanks dude. I totally love the show, and believe it or not I actually get a lot of fashion inspiration from you guys. But seriously man, I totally get down on myself bro when I see kids hating on me. Seriously, its like so frustrating because its like for one I know Im pro and two its like cmon how many times do I need to make the same section on different obstacles before people like get it… fuck man. Anyways I totally respect the love from your end bro.

    hahah that part where you call me dallnasty is sick. Im going to make that girl in my edit call me that while i wear all my jewlery and totally fuck her out… fuckk yaah

  36. moderation Says:

    await me in the times of sand

  37. jeff dalnas Says:

    @the situation

    Thanks bro. Totally diggin’ the love from your end bro.

    I know you totally feel me on the hate and thats whats up bro. Cause foreal bro, its like, how many times do i need to make the goddamn same fucking section on different obstacles before people fuckin get it bro…

    Hell yea and to the part where u call me dallnasty, that is so titz bro. Im totally gonna make that girl in the edit call me that while i wear gold jewelry and fuck her out…

  38. Anonymous Says:

    this kid is a douche

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I cant believe jeff and the situation know eachother. this explains so much

  40. arlo the gay guy Says:

    I cant believe jeff and the situation know eachother. this explains so much

  41. arlos gay lover Says:

    i agree arlo, come back to bed now….

  42. affliction clothing Says:

    hey jeff you eva need a sponsor bro we’d love to see you in our threads bro, you totes fit the bill bro

  43. ed hardy clothes Says:

    back off bro, we will double what affliction is offering

  44. snookie Says:

    hey jeffy babi, its ya gur snook snook here. gimme a call boo foreal stop playin

  45. 2003 Says:

    hey jeff 2003 here, just wanted to say thanks for keeping me alive in your skating

  46. Anonymous Says:


  47. Anonymous Says:

    every pro rollerblader does the same tricks all the time.becuase they can do every trick already

    except for broskow because he has no life other than just blading.

  48. ^ Says:

    ugh nahh just gay ones like dalnas…ya

  49. Jd Says:

    Yeah real gay, bang more girls this week then you will in 3 years.

  50. The real jeff Dalnas Says:

    None of these comments are posted by me

  51. Anonymous Says:

    seriously RN there should some some of filter so some names can’t be used as a userName, or create an account!

    After all these years, it’s time to improve this wordpress Blog… there are themes that could do the job

  52. really this is the real jeff danlnas Says:

    fuck all these otha pros bro, seriously i fuck lots of women like i have different color tank tops… ands thats a fucking lot bro… one for each day of the week bro… my masculinity is far superior to any other pro bro and thats why i put azz and titty in my edits to prove my manliness to the world because i need to verify that sorda thing in my edits cause real talk bro i get off to that shit bro…

    i mean what otha pros make sections you can get hype to while you jerk off???

    the answer is fucking none bro… fucking none!

    dalnasty out

    1 bro

  53. real jeff d Says:

    these comments seriously make me LOL