Jeff Dalnas: Children Of The Con, Profile (2008)

October 2009, Repost.

Jeff Dalnas: Children Of The Con Profile

More Media: Jeff Dalnas | Children of the Con, Sections.
Thanks Jeff.

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  • Fred Castro

    Very nice! Sick tricks and super style, good edit, nice trick vocabulary too.

    keep it up,


  • why?

    why jeff he never smile.
    he is good he must make be happy : )

  • Yves

    Good style,good tricks and nice spot = very nice profile.
    Congratulations Jeff

  • jeanmouloude

    last trick = HUUUUUge !!!!

  • Alex Miranda

    Variety for days.
    Homie is killing it. solid street cred


    Dalnas is nice with them feet

  • Grabietz

    These were not the wombats!!!!!!!

    but last trick was beautiful


    sick edit;
    song please?

  • |B|-Unique

    the songs… Wombats-Moving To Newyork


    wow that was soo sik. Is Googin section gonna be posted ??

  • Eric…

    he needs to learn how to skate fakie or just land fakie. one or the two

  • vermontroller

    uh last trick, wow! great stuff jeff.


    Such great skating but I would have loved to see this edit with some hiphop or just something that fit the skating better.

  • paul

    the more i watch him the more i like him … good section

  • dalnas fan

    biggest underrated skater definitely. he goes sooo fucking huge in the street! whens the pro skate comming? watch this, its fucking epic! –

  • gene steagall

    fakie 5 front nugen was on point

  • brink

    geezzzzzz that was amazing

  • Lee

    That did it for me.

  • Smashing Dumplings

    Dude is not scared of heights!!

  • Simon

    that was the wombats. and that was sick.

  • brant

    section of the year!

  • Brian

    Jeff Dalnas. So hot right now.

  • charles

    Ahh ouai… bouche be

  • Urbn^nja

    Last trick made me spill my drink on my keyboard. Thanks a lot Dalnas.

  • broybear
    jeff dalnas 12-14
    im skating nearly a decade and i still havent got most of the tricks he was doing when he was a kid

  • AL3RD

    backslide up… insane!

  • Anonymous

    so good, and those spots are godlike!

  • jerk

    Been watching this guy since there was no such thing as YouTube and RI Skate was posting Quicktime videos. Jeff lives and breathes blading more passionately than most in the industry. Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Video of the year, the fucking clip is 5 years old

  • USA > Euro fags !

    JEFF FUCKING DALNAS ! The man in the flesh sooooo dang good : /

  • Just a nigga

    Dat new new. So Hawthorne right meow