Jeff Dalnas: 2013 Profile by Nick Pisciotta

Jeff Dalnas: 2013 Profile by Nick Pisciotta

Jeff Dalnas skating the USD Carbon Free’s. Shot in the Washington DC area by Joe Austin, David Hartnett, Michael Steward, Chris Burns, Montre Livingston.

Song: Buckshot Lefonque – Music Evolution (DJ Premier Version).
Previously: Jeff Dalnas, Welcome to the USD Pro Team (Dec 2012).

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  • Huh?

    I love how some dumbass on here thought USD started with Louie Zamora and Ranzy Spizer on the team. Louie was riding for K2 when USD started and Roadhouse was on RB. Both of them only switched to USD a few years later. If you are gonna slag someone off for their knowledge of blader history, make sure you get it right yourself.

  • Mike

    Julio, latimer, Gillian, baumstimler, and petty were the original five on USD.

  • Sean Michaelson

    ^—-incorrect. It was Arlo the first year, Gillan took his place the 2nd year.

  • Anonymous

    Good tricks..bad taste in music, clothes, style and trick selection…dude lands like a girl…and if u want to double grab, you gotta actually grab buddy.

  • Anonymous

    same commenter commenting blah blah blah

  • dannk shit

    yeah lands those monster gaps and drop rails like a girl…eat dicks nuk, kids da best

  • benny

    hot fire dis morning thanks for that. and its really sad that there are way more bladers in europe but all the best pros are from america, you’d think they have better skaters with the amount of skters they have there

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ same with nyc

  • Sean Kelso

    yo tricks b tight boiiiiii
    and anotha thing coming, you look like a baby on those carbonfreez for real.

  • gwap

    get it get it get it kidddddddddddddd

  • Anonymous

    i must be the only one that thinks this kid sucks

  • bang

    that was really fuckin dope

  • steve burns

    anonymous is definitely the same person posting on here and bemag. you must be really jealous to take that much time hate on this obviously good edit. or your a moron.

  • GardenaMark

    I’m digg’n that fakie 3 over the fence gap. It’s not like it’s something we haven’t seen, but still… I’m digg’n it. :)

  • Not an Opinion

    enough of this euro/american argument, the truth is the style and progression is in america, the money and quantity of skaters in in europe, all of these amrican comanies that were sold to euro companies went down the shitter FAST! IE the conference. USDS, XSJADO were both better quality skates before the conference made them. They are money hungry that give the bare minimum back to the “industry” ie skaters paychecks and quality producct!!!

    It is the conference sucks, they dont represent all europeans. To say the best skaters are in europe is a joke, you groms think ddoing tricks that were perfected in the 90’s is the best that is out here, you have no eye for progression or creativity. BTW Europe is home to many great progressive skaters, there is just such a HUGE GROM POPULATION IN EUROPE

  • Eric

    WTF where’s the clip from the vimeo screenshot? Nice edit but I feel gipped a clip.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen a couple people mention a sort of conspiracy that “anonymous” is the “same person” or that there are only a few people who are posting everything under anonymous. It’s funny.

    Rollernews, please change this shit. Make it so that you can only post comments with a created account and you would at least stop SOME of the moronic bashing that is always happening on here. The site just seems very juvenile.

  • saa

    Ive noticed the Ivy League haircut has become very popular in the blading community.

    You notice these things when you take a hiatus from blading.

  • Putinnn

    Your the man Dalnas !! Give him a F***** pro skate, he’s killing everything for so many years.

    Chris Farmer Says:
    June 6th, 2013 at 7:28 pm
    He’s a coward for backing out of Xsjado. Good skating but no respect…

    You are a idiot, with a fake name ! xjados and usd= conference

  • boobs

    Great edit but you really can’t count that TTP as switch. He does TTP’s all with his backslide (left, natural) foot, as many people do. Stockwell does the same thing, it’s not really a bad thing, it just means you can’t really count it as switch. I doubt Dalnas could TTP a rail the other way.

    Xsjado was never an American company and USD is a brand of Powerslide, a German company. “The Conference” is just Powerslide’s name for their aggressive brands (as they make rec and fitness and freestyle skates too, as well as a ton of other general sporting-goods stuff).

    Powerslide started USD long before they came up with the “Conference” moniker. Xsjado was previously owned by Salomon, a French company. NO Shane Coburn and Dustin Latimer never owned any stake in Xsjado, they were simply Salomon’s paid brand managers for Xsjado.

    The Rollernews guy will never require registration to comment because that would reduce controversy in the comments, which would reduce hits, which would reduce how much money he makes off this site. He doesn’t give a shit about what’s good for blading, he just wants hits (aka money). That’s why anything and everything makes its way onto this site- any chance to generate clicks, he’ll take it. People are arguing in the comments about it? Great, more hits!

  • Anonymous

    usd and xsjado are the same company!

  • Captain America

    Watched this like 10 times :) Amazing !

    USA > all

  • Dave

    Doubt dalnas can ttp the other way? He’s done ttp with his left foot down triple kinks since he was 14 years old? I’ve personally skated with dalnas and when he plays skate against his friends he only skates switch, there isn’t a trick he can’t do both ways