Jason Hampden: First and Lexington, Short 2012 Edits

February 2012.

Jason Hampden: First and Lexington, Short Edit

Filmed by Kenny Wilson, Josh Banning, Joe Matty & Stephen Ferguson. Edited by Jason Hampden. Song: J Dilla – Love Jones.

Jason Hampden FAL, Flow Edit (December 2012)
Song: The Procussions – We Are Here. Thanks Grant.

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  • Al@n

    Looking Good Brah!!!

  • Aleksandar Kikirkovski

    I understand that rollerblading is hard work, that’s why every edit can’t be on http://www.rollernews.com . My word is that this edit is not for rollernews and should be deleted permanetly. I’ve sent links from milions of edits from good rollerbladers from the balkan, and NO response …my word is fuck you.

  • Aleksandar Kikirkovski

    This edit is not for rollernews.

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this doing on Rollernews? Not to be a hater..but come on. This edit is sitting above Roman Abrate’s leftovers. Not only was there like 4 tricks but I was subjected 3 slow-mo angles of a half assed 180. Respect for being on blades but only post when the shit is worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    no offense to him, but not rollernews material. no hating just constructive criticisim skate fast yo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s rollernews. Not you tube

  • Straight and simple

    Grab dem tricks
    Go faster
    Land properly
    And keep skating

  • Anonymous

    @Straight and simple…. Straight up G.

  • Dcg

    I really enjoyed it, not listened to dilla in ages and the kid looked to be havin fun. Oh wait, you think a rollerblading website that vomits edits out hourly has quality control too! This is a website full of constant hate including everything from racism to homophobia. Get over yerself kids



  • pcp

    track is dope, skating kinda isnĀ“t…

  • Saika

    I really enjoyed that.

  • Anonymous

    I know this kid personally and I have skated with him numerous times. His skill is well beyond what this edit shows. Dont hate on the guy. So you don’t like the edit…..don’t say shit. Just move on. I like the edit because he’s a really good dude and a good friend of mine. He’s not in the rollerblading scene because he wants to be famous, he’s in it because he loves it and enjoys it. A lot of you assholes here forget these kind of things because you are too stuck on some wet dream of an edit from skaters like Broskow, Montre, Aragon, etc. Get your heads out of your asses and give some respect to those who keep this sport going REGARDLESS of their skills or their edits.

  • talent310

    im all about the homegrown edits. keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Anonymous

    he goes bigger than the kelso’s so it’s rollernews worthy – just sayin.

  • ^^^^^

    my 10 year old sister goes bigger than the kelsos.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/djwrekshop DJ WREKSHOP

    Good stuff Jason! Keep on doing your thing and having fun man!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like “Blah Blah Blah…I don’t have a life outside of rollerblading so I criticize those who are trying to come up”. If you don’t know him personally WHICH YOU DON”T then shut up because there are plenty of things that you suck at and we don’t criticize you for it. Have a Nice day and JASON…ROLL ON BROTHA!

  • Anonymous

    You know what really pisses me off about all the comments? The fact that you bitter bunch of jokers set your expectations so high on everybody as if the world owes you perfection. Hey…News Flash, not everybody is Montre, Chris Haffey or Aragon and guess what jerk off even they fall they just don’t put it in the videos cause they want to display perfection. If you want to be so critical then post your stuff on youtube and post your name and link on here so we can see what you can do (I FRIGGIN DOUBLE DARE YOU) look forward to seeing your crap!

    Dude in the video…good job bro, tight song and don’t be afraid to go big cause you got the ability!!!!

  • Joshua Aaron

    Jason, they are just mad and jealous you can do all of this with a giant dick ;) #nohomo #f&lfamilyweouthere

  • Anonymous

    he gets me soo fucking mad like holy shit stop slacking off hes way better then what he shows i should know ive skated with him numerous of times so yeah stop being lazy and drop hammers i know you got it in you you just dont show it :)

  • http://www.firstandlexington.com/athletes/6/jason-hampden Grant

    Yeah, not gonna get involved here because arguing on the internet ranks fairly high up there on the “who the f*ck” cares” chart, right in between Bieber canceling concerts and and any Wilson brother movie.

    Here are two facts:

    1. This edit is old as balls and Rollernews randomly posted this…wasn’t requested. RN is clearly lacking material in 2013, so everyone out there with something to say, put up or shut up.

    2. Dudes most current profile can be seen here (click the video tab): http://www.firstandlexington.com/athletes/6/jason-hampden

    Begin new string of hate…1.2.3. go….

  • DarthRoller

    I actually think it’d be pretty cool for Rollernews to have a section for edits like this, people who are of a high enough level to enjoy watching their edits the way you would watch a friend’s edit, but aren’t in the very top echelon of rolling bad-assery with the pros.

  • barryskater92

    how sh** are you at skating, stop putting gay little edits up when you cant even do good tricks, just give up and get a job!!!!!!!