James Keyte @ Slammjamm XII (2010): Results + Bonus

Filmed by David Andrew ; Graphics and Edit by Chris Doughty.

james keyte

Slammjamm XII Results


1. Scott Quinn
2. Andy Gilbert
3. Andy Gibson
4. Maxime Genoud
5. James Keyte


1. Rosie O’Donoghue
2. Molly Edwards
3. Laura Howson
4. Kamilla Mouakit


1. Dano Gorman
2. Matthew Levelle
3. Stephen Ward
4. Jamie Noble
5. Danny Riley

Thanks Fabfinzz.

Bonus: Andy Gilbert, pre-Slammjamm

Skating the new flat box.

Check some pictures of the Slammjamm XII on slammjamm.com & Kingdom Mag.

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  • sbask

    why has no one commented on this? Dickhead

    amazing skating from james keyte as always

  • http://www.nzdtv.com/forum/member.php?u=926 tvguy

    Inside every cynical person, there is a depressed idealist

  • tareq Gekzo

    DOPE, I like it because I like RAMPWORX viva RAMPWORX.