James Keyte: One snowy day, Edit by Scott Riddles

James Keyte got hooked up with the new Franky Morales USD Carbon pro boot and was dying to get a skate on, no matter what the weather.

James Keyte: One snowy day, Edit by Scott Riddles

So i drove through, picked him up and got some clips. -3°C smash and grab clips, here is the outcome.Scott Riddles.

Song: Chinese Man – I’ve got that tune.

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  • SteeZ

    ILL! Keep it up bro!

  • damn

    pretty sick. those skates look good, too.

  • meh

    couldve been filmed better.. but dope skating

  • Zakbuys

    Boom! Keyte FTW :-)

  • Anonymous

    -3 is not even slightly cold, pussys.

  • Anonymous

    you cannie fuck with a scotsman in the snow!

  • Anonymous

    it would be pussies you dumb fuck, i hope you skate better than you spell talkin all that shit ahahaha…. man i love people like you

  • goofy

    awful style. skate, then learn tricks

  • oh my poor filming

    I say, what a silly hat.

  • Tom Cheung

    This was good for a quick edit. And to the dude who said -3 is not even slightly cold…..errr minus 3 is actually freezing – not cold.

  • kmcgloughlin

    nice edit all round,
    keep it up lads!

  • Anonymous

    Its – 3 celcius, not – 3 farenheit! Of course it’s cold, it’s also alot harder to warm up on spots when you get there, plus falls seem to do twice the damage as normal! Learn to respect what your seeing, we all know what James is capable of!

  • Pete D

    Sick edit man, keep it up :)

    That fish was snice

  • Scoootsman

    Nice and Keyte is a good kid too.

  • Anonymous

    its been -23 for the past week here in Canada land, Y’all should come skate here lol

  • Anonymous

    lets see the minus 23 edit then?

  • chris

    awful style? you must be trippin!

  • BenShelbourne

    Hey James next time you need someone to make you a PROPER edit hit me up!

  • BenShelbourne

    James hit me up on Facebook

  • Anonymous

    Considering this guy was breaking in his skates and doing it in shitty weather, I’d say he’s got pretty good style. I wonder what he’ll be busting out once he breaks in his skates.

  • luggy

    sick edit an sick skatin!

  • BenShelbourne

    Never mind breaking in his skates, he will be getting a broken nose if he doesn’t contact me