Jacob Juul: FOF 2011, Edit by Jonas Hansson

jacob juul

Jacob Juul proving he’s back in the game after a year of being unable to skate.

Please enjoy his freedom of feet edit 2011! And make sure you check out his part in this years feature release Traitement.

jacob juul

Songs: Aloe Blacc – Politician (Reprise) ; Macka B – Warrior Style (Kunte Kinte) ; Track72 – We’re Willing Featuring J-Ro. Photos courtesy of Jonas Hansson.

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41 Responses to “Jacob Juul: FOF 2011, Edit by Jonas Hansson”

  1. pt Says:

    All rise for the Euroking of rollerblading!!!!

  2. VjMG Says:

    SO SO SO amazing.

  3. gayswaggers Says:

    last trick..BOOOM!! i wanna see brosky try that shit!!

  4. John Says:


  5. John 2 Says:


  6. simply put Says:

    Not only a great skater, but a great representative for our sport. A guy whos truly impossible to dislike. Gl with all Jacob, looking forwards to more dope sections..!

  7. mick route 1 Says:



  8. Anonymous Says:

    super dope!!½!!!!11111

  9. Name Not Required Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  10. Dodge Says:

    he is definitely still the man, that was so awesome.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    show respect jacob… the most disrespectful skater ive ever sessioned with

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^bet you dont even know him? when i met him he was really nice!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    “whilst growing ones hair long” ?… and smoking copious buds!

    this fella rips it up, maybe almost comparable with dom bambrick..

  14. danny beer Says:

    wowww, great job on this! great to see a strong comeback

    last trick was amazing. filming/editing was perfect

  15. Doug Cupo Says:

    daaaaaaamn that was sick Jacob! dope blading for sure

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Great to see Jacob back! One of the best skaters for sure.

  17. John 3 Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    good to see that after a knee surgery you can still get it bak…tore my acl this summer and can’t skate til january…long time, hope i don’t lose it

  19. Gine Vang Says:

    Have a shower cunt !

  20. chris Says:

    jacob juul is one of the best skaters i ever seen in the flesh. anyone remember that 540 back sav on that drop rail at winterclash in 2007

  21. slatkar Says:

    wow this is amazing :O this i true rollerblading i think that he is one of the best bladers in the world, he deserve pro boot!!!!!

  22. BUSHRANGER Says:

    this guy i knew had heaps big dreadlocks similar to that and they killed him… he went camping one night and a family of redback spiders layed a nest of eggs in his hair while he was sleeping. After a week the man started to notice that he had a really itchy head. He decided to cut his dreadlocks off in order to try and solve the problem, but to the hairdressers surprise… They found a family of redback spiders that had been nesting in his hair for a whole week! The spiders got heaps scared when the hairdresser looked at them so they stung him and then he died… NIce skateing!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ are you fucking stupid?

  24. Gine Vang Says:


    Ive heard that shit is true… i once heard a story when Bob Marley died they found 6 new species of hair lice in his dreds

  25. Brandin Hunter Says:

    welcome back kid, welcome back

  26. DAZC forgedfromsteel Says:


  27. Adrien Anne Says:

    wow this was incredible, i really wish my edit would of been as good as this, sick tricks, amazing come back!

  28. wak Says:

    Anyone else notice how he has old remz because once a rider gets hurt on remz they don’t get no new skates and most likely get dropped

  29. Spary Says:

    Last trick was unreal!! you know a section is good when you look at the timeline when its finished and think ‘no way was that 5 minutes long!’…. hammertime, tech, steezy and interesting to watch. Banger!

  30. Adrien Anne Says:

    Yo fuck whoever used my name but this edit was fucking dope, great job behind and in front of the camera!! Best euro street skater!

  31. traducer Says:

    great edit and comeback for sure really liked this edit.

  32. Fedja Says:

    yo, the edit was truly sick.
    but i got a question.
    how come people come back in after a long and seriouce ingery and get back up to their level?
    its pretty incoureging
    hah, so what if i’ll brake my feet, still will come bacl later on

  33. gazmos Says:

    ^^^^^^They got some pretty impressive methods available nowadays that restores cartilage in athletes joints using stem cells. It’s like swapping shock absorbers, the guys shocks were blown and they’ve been replaced with new top of the line shit.

  34. holler Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Adrien Anne Says:

    That was sick but hes not as good as me, not by a lot. appreciate it

  36. dr. Green Says:

    wheres this beast from, seriously is it germany of austria or where the fuck?

  37. Leon Humphries. Says:

    Wow. Special talent!

  38. Smashin' Dumplings Says:

    Frankie stateside and Jacob in Europe, like Bee-Bop and Rocksteady!

  39. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    That was an amazing comeback edit! Truly inspirational! I can fully relate to being out for a year and comming back, though I am not a youngin like Jacob! Last trick was outstanding!

  40. nick davis Says:

    Amazing. Filming was on point too. Looked really professional great job both of ya keep the skating up jacob!! peace.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    fuck that was good