It’s All Good (1998): Full Video (Oldschool, 97min)

2010 Repost: updated Youtube mirror, english audio + french audio/subs.

it's all good

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  • laf

    nice wave of nostalgia, prefer watching it now to when it came out. Gil and Ortega were sick. Its funny, when I first watched it and saw Brian Sorgs name posted I hoped to see his run too. Seeing Mark Shays was funny too, what a cheesepiece

  • obv_broke

    QFG “paul give me a soyale”.

  • Xavier


  • koubis

    @Xavier: non :(

  • kris trc


  • firth

    i want a pair of dirks again :/

  • Lektrokev

    Sweeeeeet memoriessss !

    thanks for the post

  • T B

    Haha, funny vid! It’s been a while.

    I didn’t see it back then when it came out and I was never that much into contests.. but still, that’s part of the history, guys.

    Hahaha, “Senate for life” Brooke said… anyone remembers the big DB-line saying “Has Senate finally sold out?” And it did…

    BTW: What happened to the dude that won the comp? (Weston Kramer?!)

    One love!

  • Anonymous

    RESPECT ! Great video!!!!

  • rollerblading is gay

    oh man i remember my experience with this. i hated comps back then.

  • shein

    i really enjoyed the video , great memories

  • so glad i quit

    Honestly this video makes me feel good that I quit rollerblading, this video does no justice for the sport and should really be banished forever and never be brought to surface until the end of time.

  • Anonymous

    rocket backslide of doom!

  • tatar

    Neda Gane – 1995 World Champion and porn star.

  • Anonymous

    neda gane? pornstar? won’t believe it till i see it…

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  • Heath Burley

    Thank god someone got this up. I remember watching this on vhs. Such a good documentary.

  • Anonymous

    Brian Shima walking with Louie in the airport?

  • rb4life

    arlo shows his prince albert ahaha