Invert the polarity of the neutron flow!

montre livingston
Montre Livingston Clip at 1:05.

The Pre Bittercold Showdown edit by Vinny Minton was featured (1:05) by Rift Labs, an Open Source Project which aims to invent the photographic light of the future (via).

Pre BCSD 2010 by Vinny Minton Original Post.

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  • Stephen Riddick

    This has to be the first really well filmed park edit. Sick tricks sick filming.

  • zs

    wow that was def one of the coolest/well filmed edits ive seen in a long time…awesome song too

  • kirill

    you fucked up koubis, the montre clips are from the 2010 edit.

  • koubis

    thanks kirill :O