Introducing The Youth Frameworks Co. Chris Haffey, Chris Farmer and Jon Julio

Chris Farmer The Youth Frameworks Co.

Filmed and edited by Ivan Narez.

Previously: The Youth Co. We are the Frameworks Company.

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  • Wann Kerr

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to post my name up there.

  • Sir.Adamski

    intolerance against intolerance.. Okay the shit people say makes me angry at times aswell, but its a free world. Deal with it.

    and whats up with hating the new generation? How sad isnt that? You walk through life believing your generation has it right, yours and yours alone. Constructive.

  • Rann West

    thats cool man. I respect Julio the rollerblader as a legend. But Julio the business man is detestable. Street knowledge? This isnt some snitches get stiches bs. The dudes trying to run a legit business not a drug trade. If it wasnt rollerblading that pulled the same business practices Julio did you’d flip. As for the generations. Im willing to be we are part of the same.

  • Anonymous

    @punk do you think i’m bitching ? i’m just sharing something that happened to me , and i’m shure i’m not the onelyone in that case …

    i’m not hungry cause i didn’t get my skin , i’m hungry that JJ ( and his co workers ) treat custumers like shit !

    he always has been one of my fav’ skater, and honestly i’m very sad to realize nowday that he isn’t such a model afterall (talking about the business part) .

    do you see any problems posting this ? well if people don’t react or share their point of view ( not insulting each other ) how would you improve compagnie ? i think it’s called a FEEDBACK …

    unfortunatly RN is the onely place you can discust about it !

  • Bob Smiley

    Its clear who the 17 year old kids here are. Allow me to type in a manner that you can understand:

    “lolz. facebook. Pantz. @anon, FTW! epic fail.”

    Now that we’re speaking the same lingo dawgz, let me get this straight. Mommy bought you new skins for doing good in school and you got mad because mistakes at suppliers & factories happen and you didnt get your product. Awww.

    Grow up, sometimes you order something that ends up out of stock, or a factory promises delivery and then they drop the ball.

    Justifying your immaturity by saying “I have a right to come on the web and bash” is a clear indication of the distorted RealityTV world you KIDS live in today. T-Dawgz.

  • StEEL

    I think they have the right to bash when they got ripped, that’s what u get when u can’t make your promises come true.

    But maybe with you money grows out of your ass and u don’t give a f*** when they rip u off…

  • Anonymous

    Looks like VALO’s are replying to that dude who complain about them ! This made a point ! I think he is right … Fuck valo and fuck the haters

  • Wann Kerr

    Fuck valo, fuck the haters, fuck everyone, fuck me!!! Please. If you are a girl. Coz I am bored of masturbating now.