Introducing The Youth Frameworks Co. Chris Haffey, Chris Farmer and Jon Julio

Chris Farmer The Youth Frameworks Co.

Filmed and edited by Ivan Narez.

Previously: The Youth Co. We are the Frameworks Company.

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58 Responses to “Introducing The Youth Frameworks Co. Chris Haffey, Chris Farmer and Jon Julio”

  1. Erik Richardson Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  2. 147852963 Says:

    i want to buy a wolswagen now

  3. DarthRoller Says:

    Could have put money on Julio doing a soul to topsoul in that.

    Jokes aside, sick little edit, short and sweet.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    its called volkswagen…and the edit was really sick
    im looking forward to try one of these frames =)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    the edit had a few good tricks but it looks like chris farmer is trying really hard to seem cool…maybe him putting a little toothpick in his mouth after tricks make him feel like hes ryan gosling from drive. the rest of the edit was sick.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    doesnt matter, farmer has sick style and mad skills so he can do whatever the fuck he wants

  7. Makaki Says:

    xsjado 2.0 debut ?!?!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Xsjado 2.0 debut in Pariah video.

    The conference needs to hurry up and release those 2.0s.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    farmer is really letting himself go… few to many burrito’s

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Stop making those comments about stupid clothes or toothpicks you useless fuck!
    These guys are the best of rollerblading for many years and the edit is amazing.

  11. Trill Bill Says:

    An Anonymous nigga that’s that shit I don’t like!

  12. 666 Says:

    FArmer lookin like a vampire. good look bro.AO fish was sick! julio is an OG. haffey looks like hes tryin to hard but still shredded. fuck frame companys. more boot companys

  13. Will Says:

    So.. these look like really soild frames, but then again Haffey and Farmer could skate a shitty regular razors frame and make me want to buy those too. I think I’ll wait until I see them in person, specially at the price they are going to be charging.

    Another great edit though.

  14. FU Says:

    Just Valo frames with a facelift.

  15. Pca4 Says:

    Haffey coulda 540ed that a the end but still a gd edit

  16. SERGIO.H Says:

    how hard is it for you little fuckers to say that something was DOPE.

    bunch a f-ing retards

  17. Joe Says:

    ^ I’ll say it, edit was DOPE!

  18. Rollerscene UK Says:

    check out !

  19. Anonymous Says:

    jolio is so good. his style is simply flawless. soul to topsoul was my favorite clip.

  20. remz/razor rider Says:

    look, love you guyz,but if you going to be making a edit about frames,please be doing more h-block tricks,would like to see how the framez work,bah nice edit tho!!

  21. seanpquinn Says:


  22. Anonymous Says:

    every company needs its stock-frames, so does Valo

    Conference-> Kizer
    SSM-> CO
    Valo-> Youth
    Remz/Rzrs-> gc

    … not such a big deal, huh

  23. Will Says:

    I have to admit that Anon ^^ made a good point. Did not think I’d ever say that.

  24. LAPD Says:

    CO for life, but the edit was sick

  25. dagi Says:

    farmer, if u r reading this, I would be happy to buy ur used 2.0-s! : 0
    (or maybe conference?!) ah..

  26. Kruise sapstein Says:

    They should probably take the commenting feature off of these sites. Your opinions don’t matter. No one cares about you

  27. smokey macpot Says:

    umm 2.0 won’t be out for awhile I hear. Those frames look like ground controls. their team is boss. edit looked like they were having a lot of fun. cool team, maybe they can make a video, would be dope because it wouldn’t be all based on area of residence or boot company.

  28. dyed red deshis Says:

    wow. it sucks to be Andy. Got Farmer and Chris off the team. Created their own shit and it’s gonna take away a lot of money simply because they give their lives to this thing. Good shit. I still wanna see how good the frames are since I’m 250 lbs. But I would love to support them.

  29. kaspa Says:

    for something thats been in the process of being made and marketed over how many years, thought the edit might have been a little bit more dynamic than this, the tricks are sick the skaters are legit, but just felt like something was missing.

    just not a very exciting way to showcase a brand new company, i thought create originals would be a good example to follow

    hopefully theres more to come.

  30. Adam Says:

    Nice edit, flawless skating, not that needs to be pointed out, look at the guys in the edit, its good to see that things seem to be distributing and evolving more to skater owned, I understand big business should and does have a place to help the sport progress in some not all but some aspects would be nice in terms of showcasing skating to a degree, in my opinion, rolling is heading in the right direction with some good guys leading the charge, julio, haffey, farmer, for this company, then the guys with CO, SSM to name a few, its a good thing.

  31. YAH ! Says:

    I will get them for X-Mas along with 2.0s ! :)

    Or I might get them now with new Haffey Eulogy wheels and just be broke but baller :p haha !

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t care about the dressing but I also agree the toothpick thing was lame but that ao fish was flawless.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    did anyone else notice this hole movie is in black and white!?!? what the heck?

  34. Bradley Says:

    Farmer’s tricks were absolutely amazing! That ao fish was SWITCH and perfect!

    And I’m pretty sure people have been using toothpicks far before the movie Drive came out.

  35. Jimbobjones Says:

    Great to see my old stomping grounds being smashed upon and the homie Kasra getting a stylish hammer clip. Pumped and inspired!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    i doubt JJ will make it work , this dude always starts and runs compagnie but he doesn’t know how to keep them …

    a very good example is what happend to me …

    last august i order a valo skin through themgoods, they sent the worng size , it’s toke them 9 Month ( with email exchange pretty much every two weeks ) to send me the money back ( got pissed of so i wanted my money back to buy some ssm )

    so here here a quote :

    “hello jon,

    i’m sending you an other email due to the fact that i never received my ( exchange ) order or even heard from Leon, it’s been too long since i first ordered my Ab1 skins trough themgoods (august ).
    Considering that you guys don’t care about your customers ( in my point of view) , i just want to get a refound for the article i bought and the shipping costs i had to paid for to send you the skin back.

    i’m really disappointed by your (themgoods) lack of profesionalism which is sad because i really trusted/beileved Valo as a brand that make rollerblading looks better. I have always been proud using your product
    but that incident has now made change my mind… even if you guys are busy touring, fliming, skating , or just living your life, you can’t forget that you have a business to run and that your custumers expect from you a quality service for the price they pay.

    i’m not going to give you a marketing lesson or whatever, but one more time this proved to me why rollerblading remains so small nowdays : LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM.
    It’s a shame things goes that way… to me, Jon, you were and still are a very good exemple of succes and leadeshipr to follow ( in the way you always tried harder then others to develop rollerblading and its business)
    I just hope you will fix the problem and make sure this won’t happen again to another valo’s customer.

    i nearly spent a mere 120 euros ( product + shipping costs back to you twice ) which is almsot the price of a pair of skate … i love your products but i will probably nerver use one anymore , just because i feel like Valo don’t deserve to be supported by me anymore as you guys don’t care…

    so can you please send me a refund as soon as possible?

    let me know who you want me to work it out with and i will send you my banking digits


    ps: you can find in the attached folder the invoice of shipping

    —> JJ answer

    I’m not quite sure how this wasn’t addressed on a timely fashion.

    I will be more than happy to refund your order. On top of your refund, I would like to also send you a free pair of skates because of this mishap. You can either sell them or ride them.

    Totally understand if you lost faith in our brand as this has occured.

    I”ll review this situation with Leon, and make sure we find out the problem so this kind of situation never happens again. We are usually on top of all of our orders and again I apologize.

    I have your address on file and will ship your skates and refund your $ ASAP

    so ASAP means 4 month to JJ , plus never sent me any pair of skate and did even refound me the right amount of money

  37. Rafael Says:

    I just don’t get why a toothpick is so important…..damn!! shut up and watch!! for me the guy could put a fucking tree in his mouth and he would still be sick. =)

  38. Sir.Adamski Says:

    lol someone is stealing my name to make positive comments, well oh well from here on out i dub myself Sir.Adamski instead.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    The prick above slams JUlio but doesn’t have the balls to put his name. You obviously have a personal issue with lack of customer service. But to try and drag Julio and his efforts through the mud is fucked up kid.

    You’re trying to discredit JJ’s 20 years skating and contributions to blading, just because you didn’t get your skins?? Grow up kid. Get your ass a job. And get out of blading. You’re not wanted.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you anonymous. He has a very valid point, it doesnt matter how long Julio has been skating or how legendary he is. If he cant master business principles like that his company WILL fail. “Oh its alright that Julio cost me 120 euros and I had to wait 10 months for my non-skins, because he invented the nine-bar grind on a kerb in 1995″.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    didn’t you know that youth frames come with extra high end , high quality , high everythings toothpick, too look cool on your landing and made the youth who’ll buy it even youther … FOOLS

  42. plasticmaiden Says:

    good skating! true bosses in this edit… if haffey, julio and farmer are standing behind a product, it cant be that shitty…

  43. Anonymous Says:

    “The prick above slams JUlio but doesn’t have the balls to put his name. You obviously have a personal issue with lack of customer service. But to try and drag Julio and his efforts through the mud is fucked up kid.”

    well i posted it because i think bad communication is the worst paidback to JJ for not running a business like he should , i have plenty of respect for the skater , but no more for the busniess man …

    you talking about kids issue ? dude i’m 28 years old , i run a busness to and i know that you can’t treat your custumers like shit and not to pay the price !

    i just don’t support valo and i will be happy split on them everytime i’ll have the occasion by sharing this with reste of the world , this is not free hating or what , it’s a very inderstandable point of view

    ps: just to let you know that in your emails exchange i have to send 20 emails that didn’t get any answers, do you think it’s normal ? i don’t

    i don’t really need to be anonymous as JJ know who i’am , and i hope he will read this because i will continue to post my story to every “VALO’ topic i can until he finaly respond to my lastest email ( that i already sent him 4 times over the past 2 weeks)

    go support real compagnie like SSM

  44. Punk Says:

    Youre a fucking clown, kid.

    You’re 28 years old and still bitching on the internet because you didnt get your skins?!?

    You’re pathetic. Straight up PATHETIC.

  45. Pathetic Says:

    Some real pathetic individuals on this board.

    Whats your name chump? Go ahead and black list yourself.

    You’re the definition of a herb. A yellow back coward.

  46. StEEL Says:

    Well the chumps got a point, if can’t do decent business with your old company, why start a new one?

    Yes, now bring on the hate you juliolovers!

  47. meltron Says:

    farmer looks like such a joke, who would watch him and think rollerblading looks cool?

  48. WOW Says:

    I love blading but I hate rollerbladers.

  49. Rann West Says:

    Im with Anonymous. Julios business practices are very lacking. I ripped some of the AB Black skins lacing them up to skate the local shops rail after I bought them. I emailed Julio 6 times before a recieving a reply that bascially said. “We will have replacement skins for sale shortly they will be $80.” Havent been able to support Julio since. I dont care how big of a legend he is. He does souls and fishbrains its like Brett Farve. He just needs to fade away.

  50. Wann Rest Says:

    You kids make me sick. Who the f*k gives you the right to talk shit about ANYONE?? You obviously grew up in a bitch environment. Anyone with atleast a little street knowledge knows that if you get caught talking shit, theres a slap right around the corner waiting for you.

    Thats the difference in generations right now in skating. Theres the older generation, the ones that know whats up. And then there’s you groms who grew up in this RealityTV world and think its cool to talk shit about people on the internet “anonymously” need to get a good slap in the mouths for talking shit.

    I cant wait til it starts happening more often. Keep talking that shit. Talk it in person, I have $20 on the first slap.

    Bunch of punk ass larry’s.

  51. Wann Kerr Says:

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to post my name up there.

  52. Sir.Adamski Says:

    intolerance against intolerance.. Okay the shit people say makes me angry at times aswell, but its a free world. Deal with it.

    and whats up with hating the new generation? How sad isnt that? You walk through life believing your generation has it right, yours and yours alone. Constructive.

  53. Rann West Says:

    thats cool man. I respect Julio the rollerblader as a legend. But Julio the business man is detestable. Street knowledge? This isnt some snitches get stiches bs. The dudes trying to run a legit business not a drug trade. If it wasnt rollerblading that pulled the same business practices Julio did you’d flip. As for the generations. Im willing to be we are part of the same.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    @punk do you think i’m bitching ? i’m just sharing something that happened to me , and i’m shure i’m not the onelyone in that case …

    i’m not hungry cause i didn’t get my skin , i’m hungry that JJ ( and his co workers ) treat custumers like shit !

    he always has been one of my fav’ skater, and honestly i’m very sad to realize nowday that he isn’t such a model afterall (talking about the business part) .

    do you see any problems posting this ? well if people don’t react or share their point of view ( not insulting each other ) how would you improve compagnie ? i think it’s called a FEEDBACK …

    unfortunatly RN is the onely place you can discust about it !

  55. Bob Smiley Says:

    Its clear who the 17 year old kids here are. Allow me to type in a manner that you can understand:

    “lolz. facebook. Pantz. @anon, FTW! epic fail.”

    Now that we’re speaking the same lingo dawgz, let me get this straight. Mommy bought you new skins for doing good in school and you got mad because mistakes at suppliers & factories happen and you didnt get your product. Awww.

    Grow up, sometimes you order something that ends up out of stock, or a factory promises delivery and then they drop the ball.

    Justifying your immaturity by saying “I have a right to come on the web and bash” is a clear indication of the distorted RealityTV world you KIDS live in today. T-Dawgz.

  56. StEEL Says:

    I think they have the right to bash when they got ripped, that’s what u get when u can’t make your promises come true.

    But maybe with you money grows out of your ass and u don’t give a f*** when they rip u off…

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like VALO’s are replying to that dude who complain about them ! This made a point ! I think he is right … Fuck valo and fuck the haters

  58. Wann Kerr Says:

    Fuck valo, fuck the haters, fuck everyone, fuck me!!! Please. If you are a girl. Coz I am bored of masturbating now.