Ingrid Munhoz (Brazil): Makio grab

Update: Meta a Mala Edit featuring Ingrid Munhoz.

Ingrid Munhoz (Brazil): Makio grab

Photo: Kaia Malaghini for Sinister Trick.
Skates: Traxart | Larger Photo + Thread on Facebook.

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  • Anonymous

    fabiola and martina are the 2 sexiest. you children are probably too young to even know who either of them are

  • Anonymous

    So this makes the rollernews front page because you can see the woman’s tits but the fact that rollerblading (the Blading Cup) is going to be on prime time television (in North America) for the first time in nearly a decade which is obviously a big fucking deal doesn’t even get a mention? I still can’t believe people think this glorified video blog with little to no quality control over its content is actually a news site. Can anyone who is involved with rollernews (this is aimed especially at the person who posts under the username koubis on both rn and be mag) explain how they’re giving something back to rollerblading out of the money that they make from companys who advertise on the site and the content that they post? Some of which by the way is posted without the creators permission eg andrew nemo.

  • Anonymous

    fuck losers. it’s nothing, just girl makes makio trick. a big shit, just her boobies to fuck and enjoy. Chynna has the truth skating and doesn’t need to show her pussy.

  • Anonymous

    yep… not sure why this was posted.

  • Anonymous

    more posts like this please. choice between looking at her tits doing an easy trick, or CK’s tight pantz doing an easy trick…I’ll take tits!

  • Anonymous

    God I love tits and rollerblading. This made my day. I proposed marraige to her on facebook and she replied in some language I don’t understand. I think she said yes, or , she called me a tiny dick douchebag, not sure.

  • Wally

    Ingrid, don’t listen to these assholes, that is the greatest makio I’ve ever seen. And I love how you grabbed it.

  • JBah

    someone needs to send this bitch to BCSD next year so I can slap her

  • REAL Ben Shelbourne

    Why are you all getting your dicks our over a girl doing a makio?

    If you think this girl is hot, has big boobs etc you really need to get out more.

    You have all obviously been hanging round with too many guys.

    Make your dad proud, go out and bang some filthy sluts with big tits.

    Not skinny girls who blade, have 4000 perverted bladers thinking they have a chance ‘because we both love rollerblading so much’.

    Fuck that.

  • arsene

    why this photo is here ???? to make people talking about boobs… wouhaa.

    i’m confused..

  • Anonymous

    Welcome August! what guy can do this makio and show this here aaahh who!?

  • clavi

    ugly face! just boobs and a makio + a lot of girl can do this ( boobs+ makio )but are not on rn because they dont show their boobs!
    – 10 !!

  • Anonymous

    +1 for big tits!

  • richer

    hahahahaha makio tout pourri + seins a l’air c’est la bonne formule ? allons y les meufs c partiiiii HAHAHAHAHA allez salut

  • the truth
  • richer

    can you please look at that and judge now. thanks

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    vai aprender patinar primeiro,sua foto só está ai pq suas tetas estão saltando pra fora….não tem nem força na perna pra patinar,imagina esse makio deve ter sido na kina parada nem deve ter deslizado …
    quer pagar de patinadora e o que você não é meu bem. e alias ja te vi andando uma vez não consegue nem ficar em pé direito.
    alias a fotografia iluminação da fotografa está ótima ,mais vc ai todo mundo sabe que nem sabe andar nem vem pagar aqui nao

  • Leve

    that video must have been a long time, she was still learning, just watch this video


  • Anonymous

    ridículo olha isso hahahahaha
    vem pagar aqui não fia.
    ta querendo queimar as patinadoras do mundo com esse rolê e querendo pagar de gatinha,vai aprender dar stal primeiro

  • daciel de jesus

    and this video is about 9 months

  • Anonymous

    você não é o daciel monster?
    por favor ensine ela a patinar não faça as meninas passarem vergonha vendo isso.lixo

  • daciel de jesus

    pode deixar encinarei ela sim hahahahahah e ainda se vc for patinadora vai te rachar ahhahahaha nada pessoal

  • Anonymous

    Ela esta começando a patinar, vcs sao um bando de recalcadas, pq uma foto dela saiu na toller, e vcs batalharam tanto, e nao tem nenhuma foto, entao deixem de inveja, Ingrid não dexiste nao, vc vai evoliur mais, nao ligue pra essas invejas

  • Anonymous

    Nice, nice, nice,

  • your mom

    Has tits, but blades….3/10, might bang