Incoming, Short Park Edit by Andrew Nemiroski (2012)

Incoming, Short Park Edit by Andrew Nemiroski (2012)

Featuring Steve Iacono, Paul Winnicki, Wake Schepman, Chris Majette, and Chris Edwards.

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  • Anonymous

    pure shit, that sucked balls

  • taylor kobryn

    it wasn’t meant to impress you cocksneeze^

  • taylor kobryns dick

    saying that this sucked balls was an understatement. what a piece of embarrassing shit.

  • Anonymous

    those fisheye shots were fucking oozers! obviously they were just havin fun but some of those clips were fisheye gems

  • dakota

    Chris Edwardz for teh win!!!

  • Anonymous

    fucking snobs, and whoever filmed it really needs to work on his vx footage. looks like complete trash. worst quality, shakiest follow cams and he isn’t even good with the fisheye

  • Cali4Life

    Everyone in the edit cept edwards eats big bags of dicks. VX is just for trendy assclowns like this dude. The reason you are hating on the dslr’s is because you don’t know how to use them and from the way this footage looks, you don’t know how to use a vx either..

  • dah

    edwards’ double toe drag was amazing