Ian Freunscht in Dag Days

Ian Freunscht in Dag Days

Quoting Anthony Medina:

This short promo features some footage from Ian Freunscht‘s section along with some unused clips. Dag Days is shipping anywhere in the world from my Big Cartel page.

Song: Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles – Daytona 500. Photo.
Dag Days by Anthony Medina: More Media.

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  • Chris K

    WAY too fucking good Ian

  • robotfood

    get outta here with those handicap switchup. 2001 is dead



  • shuna

    that was sick!

    robotfood, fuck yourself :)!

  • Anonymous

    So sick. Ian is the nicest dude and let’s his skating do the talking.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V-uMY3XdVg Carlos “B@buL” Rom├ín – Puerto Rico

    This IS mothefuckin’ ROLLERBLADING right here! This is what I grew skating with! Fuck all the tap tappity, tap ledge shit with the copied Kelso’s signature arm landing! This edit is way better than a TON of edits that R posted in Rollernews everyday and U CAN believe me cuz’ I enter this site on a daily basis to see skating from my rollerblading homies all around the world. I think that if we combine the tap-tap ledge trend to 2001 switch ups on REAL rails then Rollerblading will become a force in the universe… Ian U represent our sport very highly! Keep up the good work! Haters U got to see the FULL section! #Roll4Life #OGblading :D

  • traducer

    fucking solid fast skating love it. this dude rips anything he skates and is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet. any skatepark he goes to he inspires people to blade. SYF!

  • PictureMeSmokin

    Ian Freshshit…

  • badass

    robotfood<—- this dude just wants to piss us off!!! Guess what I am but of this awesome real rollerblading!!!

  • battlelets

    lets battle lets battle battlelets battlelets

  • Adrian Scoseria

    that was really dope to watch!!!!! sick shit right there!

  • assblood

    first we were playing gynecologist now we’re playin cops n’ robbers lol we’re gay