Iain Mcleod: Razors G9 turquoise, Promo Edit

Iain Mcleod: Razors G9 turquoise, Promo Edit

Razors G9 turquoise

Razors G9 turquoise comes with GC’s proven Featherlite 2 frames, Razors liners with oversized padding, replaceable soul frames and backslide plates with pre-shaped groove which lines up perfectly with the groove of the frame.

It also features a replaceable soul frame, large heel bad for shock absorption, 56/90A Razors wheels and a multi-purpose Razors tool with 4 and 3 mm allen wrenches and bearing pusher. The G9 does not require any break-in time and is ready to use out of the box.


- GC FLT2 frame
– Genesys liner with extra thick padding
– Replaceable Soul frame
– Replaceable backslide plate
– Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
– Oversized heel pad
– 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
– ABEC 5 bearings
– Razor 56mm/90A wheels

Sizes: 6-14, plus size 10.5

Razors G9 turquoise

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31 Responses to “Iain Mcleod: Razors G9 turquoise, Promo Edit”

  1. Krokodil Says:

    Okkkk I wont : )))

  2. MAGNETO Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. GregS Says:

    Oh my god…Ian you are a sick skater and props to you man but if I have to see one more edit promoting “turquoise color” technology from a skate that has been downgraded to a budget skate…oh forget it…I stopped supporting razors when they forgot what the term innovation meant so whatever….solider on brother.

    Absolutely sick neg ao makio to fish.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    so gross. epileptic seizure wwfdfndsklhohoshlhsvvx….

  6. ufsthrone Says:

    lol ian hates those skates poor guy…………

  7. soul2roll Says:

    Iain is too good.

  8. BLADEorDIE Says:

    Iain always kill it. GIVE HIM A SL BOOT PRO SKATE!

  9. Fred Castro Says:

    Yeap. That was mine. Thanks for all the feedback. Really appreciate it.


  10. oh yeah Says:

    Just does really impressive stuff on the time non stop fo life.

  11. Yago Medeiros Says:

    Fuck Yeah, Ian rockin’ hard.

    Fred Castro always sick!

  12. some guy Says:


  13. Iain definitely... Says:


  14. Terror Says:

    I still don’t understand why isn’t he in the US pro razors team……….. WTF he’s so good. Been killing it for ages. Give him his fucken PRO BOOT!!!!

  15. Robbins Says:

    why this is not an official ian pro model blows my mind.

  16. arsene Says:

    oh ! a “new” genesys … I just can’t get enough .. Razors sucks … money money money $$$.

  17. AnthonyMedina Says:

    Yeah Razors should totally make skates but not worry about making money. That’s a better business idea.

  18. james Says:

    another fucking white and blue gen…seriously? enough already! We can buy the parts don’t need a full update every time. Give Ian a boot for fuck sake.

  19. saa Says:

    Well, atleast his skates looked buckled this time. Now just tighten those bad boys up and your golden ian!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    sothis guy doesnt have a skate and Dre does?????? no wonder razors has lost all cred.

    USD ftw

  21. damn Says:

    WTF is that voice in the end? dont come knocking at my door? what is this shit?

  22. damn Says:

    and this weird little maya animation .. that looks like out of a Halo game or something haha. not really the most genius guys in this edit! ian skate good!

  23. andrew Says:

    i was like wooow at the backslide to ao ts swichup.
    but then..he did it both ways! :D ian kills!

  24. DarthRoller Says:

    Iain is such a relentless fucking killing machine.


    Why Fred Castro edit is on ThePlongproductions channel?

    Whatever, Mcleod and Castro always killing it

  26. Dude. Says:

    Mcleod needs to leave Razors. Anthony Medina, how is it that USD are making new skates and I’m guessing money? Razors need to sort out there image big time. They need to re-brand the company, that will be cheaper then making new skates. Roces did it for awhile and they where popular. Razors used to be sick and had a heavy team, now they’re the industry joke!

  27. wolf Says:

    shit. Iain needs to go pro already…

  28. Paul Says:

    This man needs a pro boot. And it needs to be as far away from turquoise as it gets.

  29. UCFilms Says:

    Seriously, people in Razors…Give Iain a Pro Skates. He deserves it.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    so sick. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  31. Anonymous Says:

    iain for next usd pro skate please
    give the man what he has earned