Hoedown 2007: Valo photos & video


Check some photos of The Hoedown here.


1. Chris Haffey
2. Erik Bailey
3. Soichiro Kanashima

Download: valo_hoedown07.mov

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  • jai

    damn.. after seeing that – makes me wonder what the hell haffey did to get first.

  • http://www.rollernewsisgreat.com Zach

    “damn.. after seeing that – makes me wonder what the hell haffey did to get first.” – jai

    Yeah no kidding! I was thinking the exact same thing. It just blows my mind to see how much each skater progresses year after year. Bailey is such a beast! Congrats on the 2nd place.

    An even bigger congrats to Chris Haffey for taking 1st at Hoedown this year. :)

    I really want to see some footage of Haffey tearing it up! I can’t even begin to comprehend what kind of crazy stuff he had to do to take a first place victory. It must have been completely nuts!

    Shout out to Jon Julio for always keeping the Valo website up to date with hot footage all the time. That man is a complete legend in rolling and deserves everyones support.

  • oscar

    haffey wrecked i just got back.

  • RonDaMothaFuckinDon

    haha i feel bad for the people that didnt get to see what everyone of us that did go see…chris haffey killed the fucking hand rail like it was nothing and very dissapointed on aragon for just stoping and Soichiro did so good on the high ledge good job on every one that one but hoedown weekend was the shit..next year is going to be better

  • james

    such a good edit.


  • Ohhh

    Bailey gets uglier and uglier …
    Soichiro skates reaaly good !
    We need more Japanese or Korean skater on the international scene.

  • prodigy

    Chris Haffey = Game Over

  • http://www.taktika.lv Oskars

    good edit! :)

  • oldman

    Good edit,

    I want to see more!!!

  • satan

    i really enjoyed that. nice music, amazing skating.
    Broskow’s skates are so nice!

  • Joe le Radin

    Amazing skating. But Haffey winning every contest gets boring…

    Okay, just kidding…

  • http://www.rollernews.com Robin

    two more months and haffey will pull a 900 disaster kind. just wait and see. :)

  • Lars

    Jeez. Why put up competitions when Chris Haffey wins every single one of them? Freaking lame.

  • ed

    haffey again!!! lol

  • satan

    Chris Haffey owns rollerblading

  • mounz

    whats the song???!?!

  • Loveplzor

    Broskow looks fucking sick in that edit. Does anyone else think his skating is better than ever? Also, sick Valo set up – blue laces = style.

  • w3rrrdap

    broskow is at his best. style plays a bigger role in his skating and hes doing it quite fucking well. haffey is an overall rollerblading powerhouse, im not sure if anyone could fill his ‘skates’ at this point haha. Aragons got the spins and the style and the ambidextrous abilities, but haffey is just ridiculous