Hoedown 2009: Keaton Newsom Final 5

Keaton Newsom Hoedown Final 5
By Jason Reyna.

Hoedown 2009

Check the Video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Jason Reyna (Via RM).


1st Place: CJ Wellsmore
2nd Place: Brian Aragon
3rd Place: Chris Haffey
4th Place: David Sizemore
5th Place: Keaton Newsom

Best Trick: Chris Haffey

Thanks Austin G.

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  • Hamish

    Horrible style but nice tricks.
    And by the way I’m not talking about clothing.

  • Nik Mackey

    Horrible Style? Are you fucking kidding me right now?

    dumb ass

  • dominic pollux

    great rollerblading keaton.

  • Heck-$

    keaton got down…360 soul, 360 makio, farside ao topsoul, & so much more on dat obstacle, it was nice to see dat coping get shred front row by all these guys…. haffey, cj, keaton, glowicki, micah & many more….wasn’t the best hoedown but definately always a nice outcome…..

    BTW, j Glowicki how are you doing man?? you took quite a big hard fall, good to see you stand up, but sad to see you get assisted out of the course. what happend after all, did ya go to the hospital? any broken bones, sprains, crutches? wut was the injury?? sorry, just worried & curious about it, what ever it is i just hope you get well soon man, you got down too sick steeze & if it wasn’t for your injury you would’ve gave keaton a run for 5th or maybe even fourth, sizemore couldn’t stick anything, he was too distracted on being pissed & always cursin cuz everyone kept snaking him. even you crashed into him a couple times lol it was quite a show ya’ll put on.

  • gav

    YEAAAAAHHHH KEATON!! pitty i couldn’t be there to see ya

  • pom

    wanting more footage here!

    oh yeah, spandex jeans n shit? rollerblading always takes a style to the extreme, remember the massive birth and senate jeans and shit.?

    who cares/

  • onelovenohate

    yeah keaton! i’m glad you had a better outcome at hoedown than at TNS here in Walnut Creek (he had a nasty, session-ending collision with Murph-dog). keep it up! and if you want a girl’s opinion, the “tights” look incredibly sexy! it’s all confidence, anyway, that girls like, just be confident in what you’re wearing and girls will take notice, doesn’t really matter, tight or baggy

  • b-mo

    “i really really want to know what will be the next trend… ”

    You’re part of it…it’s called rollerblading

  • dylan

    Keaton can rollerblade

    Hopefully your prize for 5th include new pants

  • dylan

    …ones without the ass missing

  • seba

    i agree with asdf deep down inside , but u’re too radical about it dude

  • joe blumpkin

    farside wtf? its dark side get it right..
    those are really tight pants though man what the fuck..

    see i used to think tight pants were really fucking gay until i got some vibralux jeans and realized there so much easier to skate in..i still wish it was baggy like back in the day though..i dont see why farmer and broskow changed there style up…i mean why go from baggy ass shit to tight as fuck…why not just in between? or just skate in both

  • garret

    looks like a bunch of bullshit, wellsmore was skating sketchy as fuck