Hoedown: 2008 Results, Avichai Wechsler & More

up: Avichai in Texas for the Hoedown 2008.

Hoedown: 2008 Results:

1st – David Sizemore
2nd – Brian Aragon
3rd – Avichai Wechsler

Best Trick – Aragon

Thanks ZachTriggs.
Some 2007 Videos of the Hoedown:

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  • calla

    these contest are too crowded.That makes nervous the skaters

  • flowskate

    what you expect?
    ‘get out, theres too many of you!!’
    thats what we want
    shows our sport is still thriving
    really loved that heat A edit
    the way the music spliced
    really nice
    skating was immense too
    oh i cant wait to see the full edit of this comp!

  • zoer

    avichai….so boring….

  • skate

    The filming/editing just made me vomit, Farmers tricks only things i could see properly.

  • http://klj one [not the mag]

    avichai on the bug sub box = weak as fuck.
    Please refer to last years comp if you don’t know what I am talking about.

  • Cody Sanda’s

    “Weak as fuck” ??!!

    d00d this edit was the warm up edit!!
    avichai was doing sweaty to drop tru mizou’s on that bitch.
    and almost laced alleyoop topsoul 720 TO FLAT, but the lights went out

  • mushroom

    “skate” just made a coming out on how gay he is for Farmer…haha

    avi you’re such a jew!! haha congrats for 3rd muddafucka!

  • http://klj one [not the mag]

    I did 270back nug to sole down the rail 540 out first try. Later that day, true top porn to unity 3 out in two trys….

    I stand by my “weak as fuck” statement.

  • tyeg

    stephan alpano got should have got third imo, avichai did well to but DAMN alphano was killing it. Oh and thos last two edits are not from the hoe down that just past. Farmer, stockwell, Soichiro, and bailey didn’t compete.

  • bastard

    Avichai edit was a warm up, idiots.
    i know its hard to film at events but that Heat A was pretty hard to watch. amazing skating tho. i want to see a proper edit.

  • ian atkinson

    hey “one (not the mag)”, if your better than avichai why didnt you make third in the hoedown?

  • wtf

    heat a was such fucking shitty filming and editing.

  • ?

    hey one fuck you
    Avi got third and got the Denny’s waitress back to the hotel room

  • alex

    Was that Quinn Feldman who did 540 tru soul on that rail and this was a year ago i hope he does it on a hand rail soon. farmer shit was sick too.

  • david

    I don’t know what you kids are talking about Farmer for because he was injured.

  • http://www.rollingmission.com jason_reyna

    the two vimeo edits are from last year. not this year. 2007 warm ups and heat a. not 2008. avi did well his edit is a little slow but his skating at the hoedown made up for it.

  • daniel p

    you are all bitches for hating, this is rollerblading, what the fuck. but yeah anyways, peep me and joey chillin, hahaha, wish i could have went this year

  • mushroom

    daniel you were there mudafucka? haha why didnt we chiiiiiiiiill??

  • ZachTriggs

    One, no one gives a fuck about what you say you can do, this was avis first time to skate in over a week after killing his back on a kink ledge in cali, and we filmed this within a 30 minute period. Lets see you place third under sizemore and aragon.


    that sucked.

  • rollerblading is gay

    fabiola is so hot.