Highrollaz DVD Vert Rollerblading in stores!


Highrollaz Vert Rollerblading DVD out now.

Featuring the worlds best: The Yasutoko brothers, Marco De Santi, Shane Yost, Marc Englehart, Thumper Nagasako, Nel Martin, Ayumi Kawasaki, Sven Boekhorst, Borja Fernandez, Fabiola Da Silva, Cesar Andrade and more.

With cameos from Chris Haffey and Chris Edwards.


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16 Responses to “Highrollaz DVD Vert Rollerblading in stores!”

  1. Dirty Lakeshore Says:

    Been done.. Highrollers was a dope vid form the 90’s. But was street skating with rawlinson and co.

  2. Olivier M. Says:

    et taig khris il est pas dedans??? zut alors

  3. rollerblading is gay Says:

    way to go thumper!

    highrollers video wasnt dope at all. not to me. too much rawlinson in it.

  4. andreas542 Says:

    This looks sick, love vert!

  5. trok Says:

    not my cup of tea, but those guys deserve respect cause what they do is insane. could never do flips like that

  6. Dirty Lakeshore Says:

    rollerblading is gay Says:
    April 16th, 2010 at 9:31 am

    way to go thumper!

    highrollers video wasnt dope at all. not to me. too much rawlinson in it.

    To each their own rollerblading is gay!
    I still skate by rawlinsons words “you got to look good to skate good” thus why i dont give into the tight pants phase… just saying……

  7. DarthRoller Says:

    Vert is so under-appreciated it’s unreal.

    I could never, ever, ever touch that shit no matter how hard I tried.

    Massive respect for anyone who rolls vert, especially to a high level.

  8. Beef Says:

    this may conflict with my new vert heely’s video “VG 4 puppets of destiny’s child”

  9. Beef Says:

    “i saw his dick, it was not ill” who remembers that line ?

  10. sex Says:

    how do people not appreciate vert? its crazy

  11. angelo ferrer Says:

    I have seen this video and i must say its a MUST BUY!!! you will not be disappointed by this video and it will leave you wanting to part take in what basically is the roots to our sport. In the end it has a great trick list to keep you trying all the stunts in the video. When our sport goes mainstream it will be because of stuff like this video because people wont understand the ally opp fishbrain nor will they care how hard a negative trick is but they will be able to relate to the stuff as seen in this video, so defiantly go cop this

  12. 30 and still Rollin Says:

    I have this Dvd and it a good video by Thumper it took him so long to get the footage of everyone together because vert skating/comps and events and its riders are so spread out. A few of the skaters in the video have improved soooo much since the footage on the Dvd.
    I entered my first vert comp in Berlin last october. All i can say is that it was the best Friking event iv ever “took part” in. Every rider that dropped in the vert to skate whether they were PRO or AM encouraged me and pushed me to push my self and i did some tricks i’d never done on vert before. I fully intend on going to as many vert comps this year as i possibly can get to. The atmosphere among all the riders was amazing like one massive family. Something that is lost a little from street comps among fellow riders. Im not talking about the atmosphere of the comp because i was at WinterClash this year and the atmosphere of the actually comp was CRAZY good.
    Vert skaters may be some of the most passionate skaters i know.


  13. Tom Fry Says:

    Shane Yost is my favourite vert skater. Love watching him on the vert.

  14. omg Says:

    really want to see chris haffey + yasatoko clips…

  15. yadada Says:

    Great video!! support the supporters!

  16. dawn Says:

    I love this video! Definitely worth picking up!