Hector “Tato” Gonzalez: Rock’n Roller, Edit

Hector ‘Tato’ Gonzalez from Puerto Rico.

Hector Tato Gonzalez Rock'n Roller Edit

Previously: Footage Tape, Hector (Tato) Gonzalez (2009).
Thanks Kevin Dowling. Photo.

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  • seaboss

    now that was fresh! :-)

  • Anonymous

    ^ this. I’m hyped as hell right now.

  • Luke

    WOW!!! Didn´t expect such a quality edit! Nice work!

  • fuckingRad

    Did NOT expect that! shit was boss!!

  • J. Hansson

    Great vocabulary and execution! good direction for blading in 2013

  • Anonymous

    where has this man been my whole life?

  • Anonymous

    Anybody know the song?

  • Hgr media “tato”

    Song name… Leon larregui-como tu

  • Anonymous

    whuuuuuut??? so good

  • Leo

    Sean kelso wannabe find your own style

  • Anonymous

    Steez. Someone give this guy a medal.

  • Anonymous


    pr styleeeeee

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t enough ledge tricks

  • Anonymous

    That was completely expecting, I hope he makes more edits, that was just amazing

  • Anonymous

    really good skating from the rock’n roller lolololololol drop the name and your set, good shit

  • Ale Velez

    Fuck yeah Tato, that was fresh and clean. Style!

  • MF

    oh shit, that was fresh as hell. surprised he’s not getting more love. but then again, this is rollernews