Hazard by David Sizemore

Hazard by David Sizemore

Featuring Chris Smith, Carson Starnes, David Sizemore, Michael Braud, Seth Lloyd & Daniel Henderson.

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  • Anonymous

    Kind of pointless edit? Skating was good but, not sure it was worth making.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is pointless in life. The Sizemore tricks alone are worth the making

  • http://whereistheeeloooove Wheres is the

    damn sure! Fukking love its no speed tickets for blades! Go hard or just try wake up your legs for the next day!!!! Winter sucks but this makes it okay! :D :D

  • South Moreland

    Hmm, my trip to that skatepark didn’t quite go down the same way . . .

    Well done.

    I welcome any Sizemore video, anytime.


  • datta bo!

    badass dudes badassin

  • pollos hermanos

    steezy lil edit by top guy david sizemore!

  • Anonymous

    sizemore is the man, wish i had a gram of his steeze