Sanjin Hadziomerspahic (Croatia, 32): Turning 27 & kicking ass

Update: Hadji, double backflip (youtube).
Update #2: Hadji, Winterclash 2008 Best Trick: top soul backflip off (youtube).


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  • boulders

    the straight back flip was sick as fuck

  • Anonymous

    vive les arabes

  • kuntakun

    yo check out the birth dates for aragon, haffey, morales or vinny for instance, all those guys are about as close to 30 as this guy. its nice to see that longevity of our community is growing!

  • dave

    that gainer was ill!

  • Anonymous

    sick guy, last trick think it shoulda bin to al top soul but im not picky :)

  • Anonymous

    That edit was full of solid hams. But why did he switch to soul on the last clip, was awkward. Oh yeah and dude, get a belt.

  • rok jarc

    great dude, great person, great skater,….
    big up for you hadji !!!

  • lightpusher

    YO! sick! I turn 28 on the 13th. im planning on shredding what i can. also
    I would never thing about a royalle to soul. Dud made it look sooo sick! super solid!

  • Notorious Tom

    Keep killing it man!

  • pieper

    i liked the royale to soul. I would have never guessed that switch-up could look so good.

  • Roberts

    Both back flips were sick as hell! I’m 26

  • Ancient Babylonian

    Best edit I’ve seen in the past few weeks…

  • Old School

    this is AGGRESSIVE skating. Young emo faggots take note.

  • Werner

    no doubt he’s one !crazy! rollerblader -nice edit as usual !

    have to agree with the stuff that rok said ;o)

  • Kolodziej

    Fuck yeah same birthday and age here! Keep shredding….

  • Q

    this gave me so much hope since i am very close to 30 I rather watch edits of older skaters who hold it down instead of these younger kids thinking they are rockstars great edit

  • pom

    ah farrrk! that ghanda backsault was nuts! i’ve never had the balls to try and throw one!

  • dyed red deshis

    i’m 33 and thought i had him beat until he threw those back flips.

  • Anonymous

    you wont catch this guy wearing a vest, tapping curbs while exagerating his hand movement,or grabbing on a 4 stair rail

    this is good shit right there. real steeze is called having balls.

  • True Story

    Finally! Something sick! No more vest skating! Props man. Keep up the good work. Not sure about the last switch up..but that gainer was insane!

  • Anonymous

    what’s that sound?

  • Anonymous

    props I enjoyed that

  • Anonymous

    Great edit…loved it
    btw. i checked his channel and al his edits are great….
    you got to love this top soul backflip off

  • Anonymous

    check his channel
    best trick at winterclash 2008 by hadji

  • Pedro Muniz

    Very Nice!

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  • Anonymous

    I just turned 27 two months ago as well and I’m ripping harder than ever, but nothing like this guy. The whole edit was so steezy! Loved it!

  • Ash

    Forward backflip down the stairs??? OKAY