Guillaume Le Gentil: Home Contest, Edit + Bonus

Filmed & edited by Valentin Tuil. Song: Mr Flash – Over The Top.

Guillaume Le Gentil: Home Contest, Edit

The Home Contest took place in the Parcours, Urban Art Exhibition by Salamech, Smole & AL in Montpellier (France).

Making of the Parcours Rooms – Music by Everydayz.


Check a VR guided visit of the whole exhibition. The concept of Parcours was to feature the steps of urban artists starting from school. It took 9 months to build the whole project and it was opened to the public for 2 months and a half, for a total of 17.000 visitors (Thanks AL).

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8 Responses to “Guillaume Le Gentil: Home Contest, Edit + Bonus”

  1. AL. Says:

    Making of the exhibition :

  2. zobi Says:

    useless contest is useless…

  3. Kevin Says:

    Brutal !
    Chapeau aux artistes, un lieu qui donne de l’inspiration.

  4. HB Says:

    Fun time is fun…

  5. Al@n Says:

    Awesome Exhibition…., Hope One Day Can Live There….!

  6. deanmakin Says:

    bloody french people

    #french #france #stinkin

  7. Souck Says:

    +1 for smole and friends ;) Life is like a trains, she must be colored

  8. 4114N Says:


    looks good times!