Ground Control GC.1: Team Montage + Nils Jansons

2013 Repost.

Released in 2011, Ground Control GC.1 came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community.

Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film documents the story of the frames beneath the feet of each of the GC team.

Ground Control Nils Jansons

Episode 2 opens with a short montage, highlighting some of the incredible locations the film was shot in, before moving on to Nils Jansons profile, an incredible blader who in recent years has sprang from nowhere to be one of the worlds best, most respected and recognised bladers in the world!

Previously: Ground Control Film, Episode 1 (Introduction).

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  • fuck GEMA

    GEMA !!! cant watch it here in germany, please upload on vimeo !!!

  • William

    This is of course amazing!

  • Anonymous

    can’t watch it in the states either….

  • pcp

    won´t work, even if I try proxmate… fuck gema

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Man! I love to see that overrated skater! good skate but nothing to fill my inspiration… not bad but I don’t like him style.

  • TIP! check -> put the link!

    convert -> wait -> watch video!

    have fun

  • Anonymous

    Nils we fucking love you!

  • sdfsd

    pfff that kid is unreal…..

  • Anonymous

    What’s the 1st song name?

  • Anonymous

    For everybody in germany and other countrys that block videos:


  • digimon

    a team of scientists in Massachusetts have cloned Feinberg’s bollocks and implanted them into this guy’s sack

  • jerk

    Thank goodness it isn’t playing. Save everyone the agony of hearing that god-awful song in Nils part.

  • looks like someone should have used real music instead of well…. yikes.

  • Anonymous

    Nils rocks!
    Its a shame that the stupid overediting with gay timeloop etc. makes the half of the edit unwatchable… the music is gay as well.

  • Ben Shelbourne – REAL

    Its a shame that Mulvaney prick cant edit/film to save his scouse life

  • Anonymous

    ca’nt watch i’t because I’m from America, the states; of united.