Grindhouse Zurich Tourstop : Photos

Beat Schillmeier - True Mistrial
^ Beat Schillmeier – True Mistrial

Check some photos by Dominik Rietzel of the Grindhouse RYC Tour in Zurich (Switzerland).

The RYC Grindhouse tour is not over, check the dates here. The team will be in Brussel on the 12th of August !

More Photos :

Bruno Loewe - Soyale
^ Bruno Loewe – Soyale

grindhouse ryc tour

grindhouse ryc tour

grindhouse ryc tour

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4 Responses to “Grindhouse Zurich Tourstop : Photos”

  1. bald_gye Says:

    1st person ever seen to be wearing vinny minton 3’s lol

  2. filip Says:

    yo thats the hottest tru mistrial ive seen since sean keane killed it in the recent be-mag

  3. Sqwat_nairn_scotland Says:

    bald_gye, those are chaz sands 3s, the last pro models released from salomon. and i agree, that true mistral is the best i’ve ever seen

  4. Dominik Rietzel Says:

    Wrong – it was FULLCAP!!!!