Greg Breger (Nantes, France): Powerblading Edit

Greg Breger (Nantes, France): Powerblading Edit

Filmed by Ronan Algalarrondo and Pierre Ollivier ; edited by Pierre Ollivier. Hardware: Canon 600d and 60d.

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51 Responses to “Greg Breger (Nantes, France): Powerblading Edit”

  1. Oskars Says:

    skilllzzz !!!

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t understand why he needs powerblading frames while doing no gaps and speed is not so fast….but skating is good

  3. Domi Says:

    huge amount of wax? some serious grinds, tho. props

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nique la policeeeee

  5. J Says:

    True, he didn’t “NEED” powerblade frames, but it’s good to see people trying out what is possible with these setups. That was sick.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Comment on fait un tork avec ça???
    Sérieux ça passe?? C est une révolution si c est skatable et agréable.

  7. j glow Says:

    nique la police! hahahaha!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    daaaaaamnnnnn!!! alle 4 daumen hoch!! nice!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I always assumed that the wheels on powerframes or w/e the term is, would clip the rail or ledge on grinds other than makios and fish.

    That back savannah was sick though!

  10. Rob Says:

    That was NUTS! French know how to skate..
    Still can’t believe some of these tricks were done on Powerblades.

  11. donshishi Says:

    best powerblade edit i see. but what is the interest to ride powerblade to doing grinds?????

  12. donshishi Says:

    best powerblade edit i v seen. but what is the interest to ride powerblade to doing grinds?????

  13. kataryniarz Says:

    Jak bylem maly i zaczynalem jezdzic na rolach to wlasnie na takich rekreatkach. Kazdy kto tylko mogl pozbywal sie zaraz po dostaniu rolek na komunie tych pedalskich srodkowych kolek i chcial miec jak najnizsza ploze. Wycinalo sie pilnikiem groow w tych szurakowych plozach itd.
    Teraz za back to the roots trzeba bedzie zaplacic 100 ojro i jeszcze samemu sobie wypilowac groow w plozie. Historia lubi sie powtarzac hehe.
    ps. nigdy bym sobie takiej plozy nie kupil bo przez tyle lat o pozbyciu sie owej marzylem.
    bdw. edit kozak! nice edit bro!

  14. LAPD Says:

    This is a video to show grinds, he does gaps in his other videos, don’t worry about him, he takes full advantage of his powerblade setup!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    “I don’t understand why he needs powerblading frames while doing no gaps and speed is not so fast …” “True, he didn’t “NEED” powerblade frames” “what is the interest to ride powerblade to doing grinds ?”

    : For ridiculous fame … did it !!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Greg Le Magicien!

  17. jim Says:

    papa est fier !

  18. DarthRoller Says:

    That kindgrind to acid…..oh my word!

  19. Saï Says:

    Powergreg !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. deubeul Says:


    quelqu’un sait où se trouve le skate park de la fin?

  21. computer Says:

    Kizer should design some frames specifically for grinding so people don’t have to keep using these “powerblading” frames for it.

  22. pom Says:

    get fucked. that was some precision skills for rec frames. im impressed.

  23. iPog Says:

    How is any of that possible with no h block?!

  24. Steve Says:

    Man your all idiots, powerblading isnt new, Thats how everyones skates were in the early 90s, hes not showing you how to skate fast hes showing you that all this powerblading stuff is nonsense for hipsters.

    Fair play he kills it with the set-up he has on but I can promise you he remembers skating that something similar when he was younger, which explains good tricks done properly no matter what the frames and wheels.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    still feels like an excuse to sell scooter wheels

  26. felix Says:

    showing skills!!! amazing!

  27. mitchell Says:

    people who hate one powerblading obviously haven’t tried them yet, i was skeptical at first but as soon as i got some and messed around on them my mind was changed they are such a laugh even if you aren’t doing tricks and just rolling around!

  28. Rob Says:

    ^ this for everyone who’s skeptical

  29. omg Says:

    if you have ever actually tried powerblades you will know how crazy hard a backslide would be on a rail wow he is good.

  30. Ian Says:


  31. Corsica Says:

    Le park à la fin est à Rennes (35)

  32. Anonymous Says:

    A lot of haters here!

  33. howl Says:

    Skills!!!! for a 35 years old guy.
    I hope that I can skate like that at your age


  34. GardenaMark Says:

    That dude is a mutant! Sick-Ass front torques ALL DAY SON! He’s 35 too?!?

  35. paul haut Says:

    I’ll be hating on powerblade till death, just ’cause i’ll never be able to skate like this even with regular frames!
    So: Powerblade is just a fad like kendama, and it’s not a revolution, people used to skate wit such frames in the 90’s!

  36. stront Says:

    fucking insane!!! what the hell that last grind was mad ill.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Greg’s 30 years old!

  38. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    That kindgrind to acid…..oh my word! +1

  39. hmm Says:

    Yes this guy is great and makes a good edit. But he has mad skills to do this, I don’t fancy skating everyday with no H-Block space. Just get normal aggro skates with big wheels and where is the difference? I like going fast, but just makios? No thanks.

  40. ryan Says:

    so i’m to understand that the only point of doing grinds on pb frames is to brag that you can.this edit would have been equally enjoyable if he had stuck to fluid frames or something.not to mention he would have used a lot less wax.

  41. Pca4 Says:

    Yo fucks just gotta complain about everything ,,,dude rips….

  42. hugh lively Says:

    these frames are gay, oli benet is even gayer

  43. 70Sav Says:

    I really like the idea of this powerblading stuff, but I think its just an excuse to sell more frames. I remember in the 90’s when everyone went from anti back to flat and people were skating 54mm flat setups on the street. With todays setups why cant they make a sick frame we can roll like 60’s or 62’s flat? Grinding will be a little harder, but I think the creativity factor will escalate. Or, we should just say fuck it and start riding like this guy does, and the sport will just evolve. I give this mad respect, but I remember riding park with a flat 67mm setup in Oxygens (remember those??) cuz I also used them on the vert ramp. I still laced backslides. We got it easy with the setups we ride today.

  44. tibs Says:

    A quoi ca sert les grosse roulette si c’est pour rouler a cette vitesse ?
    On dirait un Edit de trial avec une bicyclette du tour de france..

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Great edit. Song please?

  46. deubeul Says:

    merci cam

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  47. Sholto Says:

    so whats the point in these powrblades???????

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Why do people keep asking “whats the point”?? Whats the point in anything? If you enjoy skating your setup, why do you have to have a point or a reason? Everyone makes their setup to their wishes, and then they have to make a point? So stupid! Sick edit, seems like those tricks should be impossible!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it’s like kendama but what’s the problem with that? kendema was fun! You reject every new fashions as anti trendy but I am sure that you have all in feet, carbon from deshi ,valo or USD or you have tried and maybe buy a kendama and in one year maybe you will use PB.But you are excused, Humans reject all novelties because he don’t want to change his habits…We are not skateboarders, we are not here to say as shit as we can about a friend.

  50. hmm Says:

    lol never felt that tempted to buy a kendama. I tried my mates and it was ok for about 10 minutes lol. I suppose I could have brought one out at the session just to pose. But I like to think I am not so shallow.

  51. Witalis Made in poland Says:

    the point is to show grinding is possible on it as well….voila…