Green Grows: Albert Hooi, Steve Swain, Aaron Feinberg

Green Grows: Aaron Feinberg

Featuring Albert Hooi (0:0), Steve Swain (0:26), Peter Kalio (1:14), Paraic Mcgloughlin (1:46) & Aaron Feinberg (1:58).

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26 Responses to “Green Grows: Albert Hooi, Steve Swain, Aaron Feinberg”

  1. fro Says:

    that was sick and to see that was bad ass and people should know that he is a god and can still roll like no one eles

  2. Wayne Kerr Says:

    peter kalio!! Never heard of him but his tricks were mad!!

  3. Tom schedin Says:

    Its Peter Kallio and he’s a badass!!

  4. chris Says:

    Kaltik supports the whole rollerblading scene like no other. No fuckin barrier between new, old legendary skaters….like it should be! Actual true skaters for skaters company

  5. Thomas Vega Says:


  6. chris Says:

    incase anyone is wondering about Paraic Mcgloughlins tricks in this, he has went through some tough injuries, her is him on better form

  7. Richard karlsson Says:

    kallio swedish rockstar!!

  8. Jezza Says:

    Feinberg what a G

  9. henderson Says:

    really sick edit!

  10. henderson Says:

    Kalio killed it!

  11. skullfucker Says:

    you should all check chris s link,its amazing!

  12. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Feinburg:) Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  13. jonnyc Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  14. nice Says:

    really enjoyed the whole dvd!

  15. ask me "not scared" Says:

    aaron “jew bag” feinbergs chad must stink, with all that fat around it
    and his wank style, is probarly as gay as brandon smiths “iron board” style!
    i hope he looses a wheel skating one day and falls over and people laugh.
    p.s blader gang, your mums a cunt

    ARLO EISENBERG. peace my fans!

  16. sam Says:

    feinberg … he really got something that nobody has … the other skater are really awesome , steve swain what a killer

    but damn … every trick feinberg did , is always the best tricks i have never see … like the ao makio , just beautiful .

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Seeing Feinberg clips is such a ridiculous fucking pleasure.

    Any new clips of him or Latimer are fucking gold-dust.

    Would also love to see new Vinny Minton and Dustin Halleran clips.

  18. feinberg! Says:

    oh yeah,that was a nice watch,happy eyes!

  19. Adam Says:

    Feinberg. Just too damn good! Alley oop mak was awesome!

    Anyone that thinks he can’t skate, watch brain fear gone, words, bang, when you can land all the hammers he has, then you can talk shit, if you can’t STFU and get some damn skill aside from keyboard bashing.

  20. rollerblading is gay Says:

    no bullshit. i just watched for feinberg.

  21. Justin Bailey Says:

    Why does it look like scrambled porn??? Is it messed up for anyone else?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, i can’t play the video, i can only play it on my iphone.

  23. iPog Says:

    @Justin Bailey.. Me too, all I see is a big green bar on the left and the rest is scrambled.. :s

  24. funny shit Says:

    I didn’t know Feinberg skated in the clip. I was looking for him but never saw his name. Kings hard to recognize him on phone’s screen. Man needs a skate sponsor that will pay him nicely.. imagine the newest Feinberg skate. It would outsale instantly. But it can’t be on USD. Not after how they treated him

  25. funny shit Says:

    watch it again today actually saw his name you did a very good job you shouldn’t be riding on USD. those yellow skates don’t do him justice and the way they treated him by not paying him money after all these years you put in that’s wrong

  26. Anonymous Says:

    @ funny shit: your prolly the king of shitheads around here – USD paid im decently, more than all those other rollerbladers that are “pro” for them, by far – at least in the first years.