Glow in the dark skatepark: OTRO by Koo Jeong A

Otro, a skateable sculpture at Vassiviere Island (France).

Otro is a daring skateable artwork, composed of different bowls, a cradle and a tunnel.

Koo Jeong A invites novices and experts to share the physical and sensorial experience of her work by “skating the landscape”.

The First Glow In The Dark Skate Park

The concept of OTRO, its ovoid shape, the use of green phosphorescent paint, its progressive discovery, and its integration in the island meadow make this artwork become an infinite land of investigation, that reflects all details like the light, its link with the site, the atmospheres, the dream and the fantastical.

OTRO is an artwork made of bumps: the cradle and hollows, bowls and a tunnel.

This work of Koo Jeong A refers to both definitions of sculpture and representation: hollows and bumps, shadows and lights, soft or accentuated reliefs.

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  • meh

    That modern art spiel sounds like a load of pretentious bull. I suppose “feeling the curves” somehow remind me of my childhood. LOL. But woohoo glow in the dark skatepark, looks fun!

  • Anonymous

    and the award for coolest park of all time goes to…

  • Rider from Brussels

    Wrong city:country it’s not in Brussels but in France…Just google Otro Skatepark

  • Rider from Brussels

    The art company publishing the info is based in Brussels…
    You guys need to read the articles before posting…

  • radneesss

    this park looks really cool but i dont know how actually skate-able it will be

  • Anonymous

    welcome to last fucking week

  • LA-RJ

    I’d love to skate this on magic mushrooms. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    huh wonder howd long it take to get use to that