Girls Weekend at Woodward West: Video


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46 Responses to “Girls Weekend at Woodward West: Video”

  1. rollerblading is gay Says:

    vaginas and rollerblades! awesome!

  2. Silvestre Says:

    AG = stylez

  3. neil Says:

    man can that lady Aarin Gates skate…. (better than me)
    but the edit could have been better…
    would have given it 6/10…

  4. rollerblading is gay Says:

    all of them are hot. but i would definitely stalk aarin gates. she’s the hottest.

  5. Chris Says:

    deinterlace your videos
    shit its not that hard…

  6. Jo Helenius Says:

    I was hoping not to see any sexist remarks but it seems like “some” people who comment have yet to reach a decent maturity level.

    However, this was wonderful to watch. Reminds me that female skating has developed A LOT the past 4-5 years. Keep it up! It really makes the sport look better.

  7. Jayro Says:

    good stuff

  8. coachrollingvision Says:

    “FUCK YEA!!” nice skating.. dam straight skating style has come a loooong way when it comes to style and variety… keep it up!;) aarin gates siick shit… cant ignor that we got some hottness but overall good to have the opposite sex joining in.

  9. uhh Says:


    maturity = social standard

  10. charles Says:

    Last friday in the park 3 girl 5 boy for a session I think there is nothing bad.

  11. WUM Says:


  12. Smashing Dumplings Says:

    Coco Sanchez would get waxed and grinded for sure ;)

  13. ahh Says:

    sanchez rox ! ^^

  14. Marie Says:

    Good Job Girls!!
    Keep it up, you are so good!
    It s so cool to see girls having fun riding, doing jumps, grinds, slides…
    You are a good models for all the girls who want to learn blading.

  15. Al ( Fast-Motion) Says:

    You rocks girls!
    im learning blading and this kind of video give me the motivation to persevere in blade.
    thanks to inspire me!!!

  16. Mitch Says:

    I’d like to see more girls skate. Perhaps it’s time for a Roxy of rollerblading. Something that sells not just product but the sport itself to girls. The thing I like about watching girls skate, skateboard, snowboard, surf (whatever) is that they’re just having fun. No ego. No screaming and freaking out when they miss a trick. And that’s what it’s about — just having fun.

  17. Digi Says:

    A girl is really not sexy while skatin’ (x_X )
    Aarin got a dope style though …

  18. jon Says:

    That topacid stall on the vert wall by Fallon was SICK

    Aarin gates has really really good style and that neg fish was crazy

    Coco is a good skater and cool person (and she’s really quite beautiful)

  19. Silvestre Says:

    If somebody calls the boner police, I demand a lawyer!


  20. Sean Says:

    yeah fallon!!! she rules!

  21. millet Says:

    Awesome. Keep it up.

  22. Josh Says:

    Coco and Fallon are so hot.

    I’ve never been stoked and turned on at the same time, haha.

    go girls!

  23. HR Says:

    Aarin Gates got the style.

  24. JE MOER Says:

    i want to go out with coco

  25. Danny Beer Says:

    COCO is hot. and good at skating

  26. J.Petty Says:

    Smelly vagina fest. But i’d still go down on Coco for sure.

  27. Says:

    damn…girls are getting really good. Very impressive skating from everyone. Negative makio by Aarin, sweatstance by Coco and that ao topacid to acid by Fallon was legit. Keep it up!

  28. yadida Says:

    haha.. theres like 5 girls for girl night hahahaha.. rollerblading looks dead

  29. locoforcoco Says:

    coco´s savannah <3

  30. V Says:

    Where the fuck have you been yadida? Rollerblading has been dead.

  31. daveed Says:

    i just threw out all porn and my gf, not gonna need ithem now that i saw this!

  32. Scheherez Says:

    It’s a shame that you think so, V. It really is.

    That clip inpires me. Even at 1 am with a dislocated elbow that i just got 3 hours ago. Best believe it, THIS girl will be right back out there grindin’ the second the cast comes off! The passion, the thrill, yes, even the pain…it’s all worth it, like any other sport. Plain & simple.

  33. yadida Says:

    thats true V.. but im just making the comment.. lets just hope it comes back..

  34. Wants Him A Girl Like That Says:

    WOW! can i say sexyness in its truest forms? wish i had a girl that skates. These chicks are too sexy

  35. Fray Says:

    that neg makio at the start was good…

    oh and the ao top acid to acid on the quarter…

    and finally the tacid on the vert wall…

  36. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    I loved all of that edit! Fallon,Aarin,and Coco you are all inspirational to watch. I said “what!” alot, watching Fallon skate at BCSD9. She is the first lady I have ever seen truly roll on the level of the top pros.

  37. kevin baguley Says:

    Amazing edit. its nice to see the girls stepping it up huge! Keep up the good rolling! Fallon kicks ass!!!!

  38. vincent Says:

    nice. coco is fucking hot lol

  39. Katie Ketchum Says:

    Loved it Ladies!!! Wish I could have joined ya!

  40. B.H Says:

    Coco should stop wearing gay hardy

  41. Oskr Says:

    YEAH, very nice i want a rollergirlfriend haha. …

  42. lol Says:

    coco is fucking hot lol

  43. kaschi Says:

    nice, gimme more

  44. Mr.LovaLovaKS³ Says:

    too much clothes…

  45. Urbn^nja Says:

    I told you they were good!!!

  46. NINO Says:

    Falon is nice