Girls at Winterclash, Berlin 2010


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21 Responses to “Girls at Winterclash, Berlin 2010”

  1. nick Says:

    fallon is amazing but I would rather have a bowl of coco pops

  2. eugene999 Says:

    ahaha! Yeaaah I like this edit , smooth style, music , but in this edit is missing Coco”s backflip !

  3. marbin Says:

    coco sanchez MAS BUENA K EL HAM!


  4. pom Says:

    fallon deserves to win.

    but jenna deserves best trick.

  5. Romero Says:

    Coco Sanchez is soo cute ^_^

  6. Michael Says:

    Girls, 42year olds, 8year high-tech kids. Rollerblading has gotten far in a few years!

  7. Scheherez Says:

    Jenna yanked that outta WHERE?

    Steez, definitely!

  8. Russ Says:

    damm fallon got some tricks I like where skating is going now a days

  9. darin Says:

    Coco Sanchez, will be my future wife! haha

  10. Iah Says:

    Coco Sanchez is beautiful!

  11. dawn Says:

    thanks for the girls edit!

    and sorry, i’m endlessly curious: What does the WRS plug at the end mean in relation to a girl’s contest?

    thanks again for the awesome edit!

  12. jordanMCR Says:

    Its was 5* WRS event, and I feel the girls should have there own league within the WRS ranking as there is not one for them. In a lot of ways the girl promote rollerblading better than the lads. Its a massive shame how the girls get over looked by sponsors and wages unlike the male pro riders.

  13. mitchell Says:

    fallons style is sick

    coco pops please.

  14. Patrys Says:

    Coco Sanchez. .

  15. blah Says:

    girls dont get over looked by sponsors…

  16. jordanMCR Says:

    No they do, Products don’t pay the bills.

  17. gggg Says:

    touche mes noix de COCO moi je touche a tes ananas !

  18. steven witycyak Says:

    there both fucking HOT!! :)

  19. ohlarkins Says:

    coco puffs rule.

  20. haha Says:

    girls get overlooked by sponsers?
    what the fuck
    i can skate just as good as any of them and do you see me getting to go around the world?
    shit i dont even have 1 sponser theres no such thing as rollerblade shops where i live

  21. kirk Says:

    co co. marry me