Get Out The Way Contest (Amsterdam, 2016)

Maybe the best and most fun promo you have ever seen. 29th of april | Museumplein.

Get Out The Way Contest (Amsterdam, 2016)

Right After the Dutch Open Championship Spine Ramp we will depart from the Museumpsquare on an epic adventure through the city. Starting point will be the infamous Museumplein ramp, right in the city centre.

Your objective is simple: team up with your buddy and get from checkpoint A to B as fast as you can. Every checkpoint has it’s own little assignment for you both to complete.

Make sure you film your tricks and post them on Instagram, as proof for the judges. We will reveal the checkpoints at the start, it’s up to you which route you’ll take. We’ll be waiting at the finish line where cold beers and the party await.

Spectator level: it is only possible to watch people cross the finish. Best way to do this is with a beer.

Beginners participation level: as long as you can skate around the city and are not afraid to try a few jumps you are good Amateur participation level: Allot of fun for amateurs to team up with a buddy and cruise the city.


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  • Ivo Vegter

    i can not wait!