Geoffroy Dubreuil: Winter, Summer Edit

Filmed in 2 winterdays and one week in summer.
Song: Bonobo – Recurring.

Geoffroy Dubreuil

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23 Responses to “Geoffroy Dubreuil: Winter, Summer Edit”

  1. Trill Says:

    Nice, whats the song?

  2. Roll4Life Says:

    Man, shit… Greats spots, great tricks but music killed edit. It will be fuckin great with nasty dupstep :P

  3. iPog Says:

    this is so good. really nicely filmed and edited. and of course great skating! liked it.

  4. rollerlazer Says:

    wot a treat tht was good shit boio

  5. Anonymous Says:

    awesome edit, so chilled, the music fitted so well

  6. dave Says:

    Deffinitelly one of the best edits that I saw lately, fantastic skating!

  7. Graeme Says:

    My friend Geoff Phillip used this same song in his section for “En Dub.” There are a lot of similarities there.

  8. regreggre Says:

    le son a deja ete utilisé ya 4 ans pour un winter edit lol

  9. mooo Says:

    this song is ofcourse from bonobo – recurence (i might be wrong with the song name).

    and damn what a good edit!!!!
    liked everything about it

  10. dfg Says:

    that was sick,.. beautifull editing and filming, love the vibe and skating keep it up

  11. mousley Says:

    one of the better edits i’ve seen in a while! well done, it kept me involved!

  12. Smashing Dumplings Says:

    Nice rail skills, throw a few airs/gaps in there next time and It will be 5/5

  13. Anonymous Says:

    this song is from billy’s skate promo edit for his first pro model with usd

  14. mmmm nice Says:

    Man those true top porns were perfect, that was sick. Enjoyed that and love the bonobo track. Dub Step sucks ass

  15. Clean Says:

    Really good style. Impressive level.
    Great edit too.

  16. n.s Says:

    whoooohooohoooo, putain violent geo! de la bombe!

  17. niiiice Says:

    nice edit^^
    i love it

  18. petru Says:

    mec, propre et stylé comme d’hab! très bon job!

  19. Rooms Says:

    Very nice skating and edit ! Like most of us here, I enjoyed it !

  20. Anonymous Says:

    pleasently impressed… thanks homie

  21. emc Says:

    colors and composition were really great, but the skating and music really took it over the top. aesthetically one of the best ive seen in a while

  22. hosker Says:

    That was tres tres bien Geo, good to see you still killing it!

  23. Lstieger Says:

    Trop stylé bibou! Bravo