Geoffroy Dubreuil: LSBC 2010, Promo Edit 3

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010

Geoffroy Dubreuil promoting the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Bonobo – If You Stayed Over (feat. Fink).


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8 Responses to “Geoffroy Dubreuil: LSBC 2010, Promo Edit 3”

  1. blake Says:

    can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sooo smooth! Diggin’ the style

  3. sk8rs_s0uL Says:

    man i just skated with this guy Geoff and his friend ??? im so bad with names.. .theyre really cool and they got some tricks. Hey guys! if youre reading this whats up from Alameda, CA make sure you hit me up! For all you skaters out there in the yay whadddupppppp make sure you hit Thursday night skate in West Oakland 14th and Adeline across the street from a school. peaceeeee

  4. Backpacks CMXII Says:

    On arrive !! on sera présent pour un si belle événement !!!!

  5. JUJUVR6 Says:

    @ Geoffroy, if you gonna hit up LA get ahold of my friend Gavin. I’m sure he can help you out a bit. 310-308-3556.

  6. JUJUVR6 Says:

    if you lookin’ to chill out in Norcal a bit, hit me up 650-924-3971. Nice meeting you and your friend tonight. Peace

  7. sk8rs_s0uL Says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaa woo woo! bonsieur! le rollerbladers we we! ahhaha lmao

  8. organizasyon Says:

    aka how to suck ur own cock!!