Fritz Peitzner: Dag Days Section by Anthony Medina

At a party in late March, Fritz Peitzner joked with me about filming a section for the video. At the time I thought nothing of it, just drunk talk.

Dag Days, Dvd by Anthony Medina

Of course I wanted to do it, but the premiere was in May and I didn’t think we’d have enough time to get it done. After Rob, Ian, and Mason went down with injuries, I became worried the video wouldn’t be finished in time so I decided to hit Fritz up and take him up on his idea.

A couple of trips to Dallas and a couple of filming sessions in Austin later, he came through like a boss.Anthony Medina.

Song: The Smashing Pumpkins – Eye. Visit

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  • BLedar

    Nice edit ! Amazing front tork ! Last spot look pretty :)

  • soul2roll

    Awesome, sick skating!

  • From Switzerland

    Fuck yeah!! that was good

  • Daniel Nielsen

    Yeeeeeaaah papa!! what it do!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    style is alll naturall you pussie ass bitchhhhhhhhhhh hes been skating like that since 99 you new fag. fuck yeah my nigga this section was buck as fuckkkkkkkkkk

  • Ethan Draft

    That was hot fire….

  • Anonymous

    anon did you just call someone a newfag????? LOL

    Epic cess slide I love doing them, it’s too bad it destroys your soulplates… Someone needs to invent soulplates that don’t wear down when you cess! Maybe little rollers on the end of your soulplates or something would be cool.

  • Lee



    Fuck yeah Fritz!

    “style is alll naturall you pussie ass bitchhhhhhhhhhh hes been skating like that since 99 you new fag” +1

    One of my favorite songs too.

  • AnthonyMedina

    Never heard any1 call out Fritz for having forced style…lol. Dood has had the same style forever…

  • Triple OG

    Yooooo how the fuck you call someone a new fag. That shit is hilarious

  • Alexander

    Sickkkk! haha love how everybody reacts to the last trick

  • boo

    Nice Fritz!…………………………

  • smoker

    ender was filmed completely wrong… but

    bad ass skating & finally a smashing pumpkins song!!! hell yeah!

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Love it! Song went perfect with the edit! Last spot is why rollerblading is so unique, who else could make something of that spot involving both those rails, except a rollerblader?

  • fuckkk yeahhhhhh!

    cheeah cheeah cheeah bthhhrrrrrraaaP!

  • Xavier Zambrana

    Yeahhh bro you are on fire!!!

  • 8OooOs

    Skating was sick, good song choice too

  • Anonymous

    wow. I think the “oh my god” at the end could have been taken out. makes rollerbladers look gay as fuck.

  • Fritz

    I’ll fuck your girl if you talk shit on me.