Fred Castro (33, Brazil): January 2013 Edit

Fred Castro (33, Brazil): January 2013 Edit

Pictures: 01, 02.

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15 Responses to “Fred Castro (33, Brazil): January 2013 Edit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    MUUUUSICA por favor !!! great skating guy ^^ see u

  2. Anonymous Says:

    man fidel’s younger brother is pretty good.

  3. SA ROLLER Says:

    sick style! really like the way he spins.

  4. bacuryu Says:

    eiiitaaaa… fred anda muito msm !! parabens man

  5. Haffey Says:

    Very good Castro

  6. Felipe Zambardino Says:

    Style é mato!
    Que loco o video heim tio quero mais destas edições de deixar a galera em choque!

  7. leonardo silva BR Says:

    admiro muito esse cara !fucking Fred !

  8. Adam Says:

    Thank god there are still people reppin it baggy :D
    Mad steez!

  9. cameron Tard Says:

    SOO good for 33!

  10. Luke Says:

    Great style and flow! Really damn good!

  11. soul2roll Says:

    33! Guy is still sk8in soooo good!!

  12. bsiberico Says:

    Great skating…
    Volta, CPImag!!!

  13. teoba Says:

    Role responsa master !!! o melhor 33 que eu ja vi !

  14. Billy Xingo Says:

    Stay true homie!

  15. 4114n Says:

    haaaaha Fred apavorando o setor ein!!
    Master video, master musica e categoria master! hahahaha
    os veio apavora!!