Franky Zhang (ZhangChi): China, Summer 2010 Edit

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  • kevin yee

    loved it. 2:12 especially cool. take me to China

  • TC

    why u always pick on so called ”black wanna be yellow” u racial caucasians, i bet most of u haters cant even throw out an edit like this!

  • oskars

    skating was OK

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.


    All these comments make me realize how mature rollerblading is.


    Has any one seen my dog?

  • 1cepick

    Wow. Which city is this? It looks really good. I definitely want to visit this some time in the future.

  • d brane

    i agree with ‘name’ – average

  • Anonymous

    I know him, please don’t think there is racial discrimination of a love this sport, you of how much he knows if this campaign, and is in China, can now this level is to how hard, he never gave up his beliefs, now he is still trying to get better. Because China does not have the high level of PRO, he can only watch movies to study, I believe like this movement slippery hand has its own style and PRO like, hope everybody gives the hand from China slippery. thanks


    Cut this shit. There is poorest countries in South America and their skating is ten time better.

  • Dude101

    @ Anonymous

    ‘RN posters really need to learn the difference between bigotry and racism… =/ Tired of dumb asses on here, not sure why I try :( ‘

    Ahhhh did you learn some big words? Bless you. Here is what they mean:

    obtuse or narrow-minded intolerance, especially of other races or religions. — bigot, n., — bigoted, adj.

    rac·ism? ?
    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    So the difference between racism and bigoty is…? What exactly? Racism is a specific form of bigotry and you are the dumb ass dude.

    @All the haters.

    I am pretty disturbed by this thread as i think it shows just how many people in our community can’t get past race. Who cares if this guy wants to be like his heros? What? He’s not allowed to think american, black rollerbladers are cool because he’s from China? I’m white and from England. Am i not allowed to think Franky is cool? Because i fucking do and i can’t blame anyone from trying to emulate him. You should be ashamed of yourselves you stupid bigoted, racist cunts. Fuck you.

  • Dude101

    p.s. I’m not talking to you if you don’t like his skating. I know it’s average. Just leave race out of it.

  • Anonymous

    these niggas actually made a skating edit to Guns and roses! lol

  • Anonymous

    this dude needs:

    1. a hair cut
    2. stop thinking he´s the shit
    3. representen his culture “his fascinating chines culture” in his style an attitude
    5. stop worring about his chinese small di@k

    razors needs:
    start looking to south america, there is more countries than brazil


    Aint nothing wrong with imitating your hero. Everyone on here has done that at some point in their life. I enjoyed that edit. Keep on doing ya thang Zhang Chi.

  • DFabs

    People are lame. It frickin rollerblading. Half of you lil shit talkers are like 12 and can’t even do a fraction of what he did in this edit. Regardless of his style, he has tricks, and he is solid. He is inspired, he has motivation, he idolizes people in a growing industry, and he is good.

    As for the Razor Ad comment. Those ads are what gets noticed from outside our industry. They are also professionally made and look presentable regardless of what you think about them. Those types of ads, are needed to boost our industry into a better direction. Marketing is one of the key to the success of this sport.

  • Franky zhang

    Wow. Which city is this? It looks really good. I definitely want to visit this some time in the future.

    Video in the cities of Beijing, capital of China. My hometown. . . . Welcome to, welcome all friendly foreigners come to China.

  • noworldorder

    Dynasty warriors!

  • Franky zhang

    This is 2 days, I see a lot of friendly recommendations made for the movie, thank you! I will improve.
    For those with racial discrimination, the Chinese people are prejudiced against people with the assessment, I do not for comment. I love black culture, I like Western American culture, in the film is now on display in the lives of young Chinese. I am very pleased with everyone on the network to share my life.
    As mentioned above, my friend, my movements are watched videos, their own research. In China there are many like me, watching action films boys their own learning.
    I’ll stick to my beliefs and dreams:)

  • noworldorder

    @dude101 oh quiet u bleeding heart liberal pussy. I likes this guy hey man god bless u son!

  • noworldorder

    No offense i think he is fine and ppl saying small dick etc are being a silly, just didn’t need the whole racism speech some ppl are awake yah kno.

  • wackarnolds

    i think this guy is confused

  • chris M

    @ all the fuckers running their mouths about Americans; fuck you and youre 2nd world country’s, tell me where you live and I assure you there will be a nuke headed your way.

  • Anonymous

    Oh nice! Guns N Roses! My fav!

  • traducer

    i get the feeling this guy is a cop sent to get info about rollerblading….. LOL….yeah…. a cop/ninja (-_-)

  • traducer

    seriously though this guys style is so fucking dumb

  • 1cepick

    Thanks for the reply Franky. Yes I do have plans of visiting China and this video made me more interested.

    Ignore the inbreds in this website. It is the internet, after all.

  • JE$$E JAME$

    im willing to bet all of the few dollars i have in this world that every single one of you little brats who wrote something negative about this guy , is wearing , listening to , or watching something only because you some rollerblader that you admire was doing it first.
    you could be the kid with glasses trying to look like Stockwell, you might have a A’s hat on trying to be B Smith , maybe a chipped tooth and do -it- yourself haircut like Broskow . or maybe you are jocking every hipster style and want to be aragon.

    either way . Imitation is the highest form of flattery . let our industry develop its own Icons and people who support it.

  • teamhate

    thats why yalll suck…. dood thinks he the shit thefore he is.
    hes landing tricks, makin edits…. where you at?
    you know how many people have dreds…. montre and franky didnt invent them
    clone ass white suburbans kids…. get off the internet

  • DK

    Edit was solid! Period!

  • http://deleted Dave Shaw

    when did halfpenny get sponsored by razors???????????? …………………ha

  • .-

    @ Chris M
    all the fuckers running their mouths about Americans; fuck you and youre 2nd world country’s, tell me where you live and I assure you there will be a nuke headed your way.

    HAHAHAHHAHAA that was the funniest post I’ve ever seen in my life…
    so basically you’re 15 years old, yet stuck in commy wonderland…probably from one of your retard hillbilly inbred parent/brother. go ahead and nuke us…we are from Algeria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Australia….and so on. SEND IT! you motherfucker

  • .-

    and the U.S.A….WORD!

    so…besides dealing with retards here. Franky is sick, and progressed amazingly.

    all you fags suck! except kevin yee. saw he posted here, sup bro!

    and yeah i like rollernews when we couldn’t curse…but I guess it aint the same anymore is it?

    fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit fuck bitch cunt slag slut cocksucker…blablabla…yay