Franky Zhang (Razors China): HJN Edit

Franky Zhang

Skating in Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing. Song: Muse – Super massive Black Hole.

Video Offline.
Thanks Schai (forums).


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51 Responses to “Franky Zhang (Razors China): HJN Edit”

  1. Soul2Roll Says:

    Nice and steezy! I wonder if being called franky helps that????? :D

  2. badr Says:

    He’s ninja and gangsta at the same time. nice!!

  3. iblader322 Says:

    yoo yoo,freestyle men!nice!!Only see China’s only skater film, is progress. You will be better

  4. deubeul Says:

    everybody here hated on his last edit.

    let’s see what people say now.

  5. SANTA CLAUS Says:

    Is there a skatepark in happy valley shenzhen?
    Anybody can go there or only the happy valley team?

  6. kyllimanne Says:

    he’s sponsred by razors?? how did this happen?

  7. gazmos Says:

    This guy was obviously inspired by Franky morales. I’m pretty sure his Chinese name doesn’t translate to Franky, he’s probably just a big fan. Despite the lack of originality he’s progressed a lot since the last edit I’ve seen of him. His air’s are Franky-ish and he’s starting to get steezy on his grinds too. I think he’s got some skill, I just hope his style evolves into something more original so he won’t end up as Franky’s Asian shadow.

  8. PascalMR Says:

    @SANTA CLAUS : Yes there’s skatepark there. Im working in it, feel free to come visit us, it’s the nicest skatepark in all the happy valleys imo.

    Switch plaza is a cool park also.

    PS: Yes he’s english name is inspired by Morales, he also has a photo of him in his wallet. He’s a nice guy tho.

  9. traducer Says:

    what a grommmmmmmmm i usually dont post shit about the way people are dressed but this is a little ridiculous. it looks fake like he is wearing a wig and dressing up as franky as a joke……………please cut your hair and stop trying to be franky jesus you even took his name!

  10. -z Says:

    ^If he is a good skater than who gives a fuck how he dress. Also, most of people are trying to look like their idols as much as they can, same with people who are looking up to Broskow/Farmer/Aragon/and others.

    This was good and enjoyable, good job dude!

  11. Q Says:

    ok 1st off this edit is way better then his last edit, 2nd this song sucks and it was used in the Teach them Well Flick,3rd he looks like a fool with the dreads,glasses and big stupid hat but then again who am I to judge someone by their looks. Overall good to see he has made some progress would be sweet to see him step out of following the Franky Morales trend

  12. Brother Says:

    Zhang – Keep skating man and doing what you love. Make sure you find yourself while you’re doing it.

  13. Steph J Says:

    Yeah Franky,
    Its been a long time!!! good edit man! im trying to come visit you guys this summer lets shred it!!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The blading was nice, i hope he does get matching tatoos

  15. smoker Says:

    there are 1.3 billion chinese. they`ll fuckin safe rollerblading

  16. Anonymous Says:

    nowadays even franky morales is made in china, damn it

  17. franky morales Says:

    dude needs to stop jockin me

  18. Anonymous Says:

    dont listed the bads comments, allways is the same people in all videos.You skate good and the edit is fluid

  19. pom Says:

    nice little edit man, roll how you want to

  20. Anonymous Says:

    how is a grom on razors

  21. prorz Says:

    Because he loves this Aggressive inline skate in China. He likes to do propaganda events, he is a passionate boy, very funny guys. He is all freestyle

  22. TERRIBLE Says:


  23. WOW4 Says:

    Get your own image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree people emulate pros but taking their name/haircut/clothing/attitude and skate style is fucking so over the top. AND THIS GUY REALLY SKATES WITH A PICTURE OF FRANKY IN HIS WALLET!!!!!! I wouldn’t even skate with this guy even though he is good and we have few skaters in my city. fuck that. I would rather skate with someone who sucked and had their own style. this is so shameful razors really need to fire this guy. Razors really needs to fire all their fat skaters too its getting ridiculous. This guy plus the fatasses really make our sport look like shit……. KEEP DELETING IT BITCH

  24. blue sky Says:

    wannabe franky morales…not so original skater.done!

  25. aaron turner Says:

    naw man looks abit like montre sick still

  26. Anonymous Says:

    the chinese have bootlegged franky hahaha

    the filming and editing was pretty good

    the skating is good progressing and pleasing to watch makio on the down ledge was dope

  27. traducer Says:

    pros like franky and montre are soo good and respected because they bring something different to the table. this is nothing special at all. its a grown man playing make believe……..when i grow up im gonna be franky!!!!! your good enough to have your own style and look. this is fucking so stupid. take that pic of franky out of your wallet and put a picture of yourself in it. this beyond over the top. if franky dies for some reason they need to look up this guys whereabouts that night.

  28. av Says:

    this guy is steping his game up, tho still looking like he’s pretemding to be someone else (not gonna mention who that is lol) but i would never do a gay thing such like putting a roll model’s pic in the wallet, what!?

  29. SANTA CLAUS Says:

    @PASCALMR: switch plaza at shekou?
    Do you have an email?
    I have to come on october so I would be please to come and visit you.

    let’s keep in touch

  30. Chucky Ito Says:

    but Franky doesnt ride for Razors…hes on Remz.

    Franky Zhang.. next up we will see Chowfat Kelso

  31. Anonymous Says:

    fucking sick of chinese fake products…..
    type : fake eggs on YOU TUBE…
    franky zhang… gtfo !!! or get your own style….
    i know there are A LOT OF CLOWNS dressed like broskow and shit like that… but you over react…. buy yourself a remz and visit a solarium and your hes twin!! grow tha fuck up!!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    fake china products….
    type : fake egg on you tube…
    yes your fake franky… NOW GTFO !!!!

  33. Themanwhoisalwaysright Says:

    Even if his style would be exactly like Franky’s, his penis would still be smaller..

    Anyways, I like it and I expect more and better stuff in the future!

  34. segrxhsjdtu Says:


    China Franky bites US Franky less than you’d know.

    He has dreads, and he rollerblades.

    That’s kind of it.

    He’s also sported an afro, was that his Rob G/Julian Bah phase?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    He’s ASIAN people. Even if he bit Franky’s style to the T, he’s still different and represents a totally different group of people. I personally have never seen anything this dope come out of China and it makes me stoked to know that people in that part of the world (ASIA) now have Soichiro, Worapoj, and this dude, Franky to watch and emulate, as well as all of the American pros they might see in videos.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Fake ass bitch.

  37. av Says:

    dude u forgot to mention killa kai that dude from Taiwan just saw him on BCSD

  38. TC Says:

    killa kai is sick, and got some ninja steeze

  39. urgs Says:

    song name anyone?

  40. Hu Says:

    Cool!!! Film good. The than the last made a lot of progress.
    Hope make persistent efforts, pay attention to you!

  41. oay Says:

    Very cool, believe in yourself! Don’t take reason those Taiwan, garbage! Big Chinese support you!!

  42. JJ Says:

    tinghao! taiwanren shi SB!

  43. CORRECT! Says:

    Erik Bailey’s spoof when he makes fun of posing when you land is so god damn accurate.

  44. Stephen Says:

    Nice! There are some skills. Film clips very well, music is very nice.

  45. emma Says:

    Like you, has her own style! Please continue to work hard, watch your!

  46. Johann Says:

    really good , keep it up

  47. mao Says:


  48. grover cleveland Says:

    fuck this shit regardless of what this kid looks like this shit is not good still and yeah thats great he’s getting better……but arent we all? I really don’t need to see is progress documeted day by day ,and so what if he is better than he was, that only means this kid is 18 at the least and is worse than I was when I was 12, nothing special in his case is an understatement

  49. Jing Jing Says:

    Lead your own path, let others talk?

    Just keep going~~~~~~~~

    Dear, I support you forever.

  50. moho Says:

    the only thing i liked about this video is his skates they are so dope

  51. Billy Xingo Says:

    Waddup Franky? See ya in 2011 Mettle Games Singapore bro…! =D