Franky Morales: USD Carbon Pro Model 2014, Edit

2014 Repost.

Franky Morales breaking in his new pro model blades at his local park. Filmed & edited by Erick Rodriguez.

Franky Morales: USD Carbon Pro Model 2014, Edit

Franky Morales: More Media.

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  • Arlo Heisenberg

    Prefer the hiphop look to those cunty skinny jeaned spandex cunts

  • Mickey Mouse

    that clown sure is great at skating

    @skaterfrank also has clips at this park… says a lot how the skateboarder that rides DGK and gives Franky free decks doesn’t want a free pair of skates…but is happy to see Franky post shit that he’s skateboarding and supporting him. smdh.

    Franky is amazing at blading but he’s turning into a horrible representation of it.

  • Anonymous

    I skate in jog goes every time it skate baggy or not they are so comfy and give you maximum flex ability and look dope

  • Truth

    I’m confused people hate if you give off the hip hop vibe, people hate if you give off a hipster vibe, people hate when you at skate park, people hate cause you got on sweat pants… soooo confused as to whats allowed anymore. lets all tuck our dicks in and complain! – Anon


  • Anonymous

    those fuckin pants…………
    but solid skating

  • Rollor mane

    Nice skating big respect.
    Skates are not a good idea if you wanted to make sneakers addict to skate you’d better copy the yeezy 2 then more ppl would buy in my opinion.





  • will bean

    Fuck the haters!!! Yall some jeliouse ass bitches! Franky is a pimp ass blader. Yall only wish you could skate that good!!!

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s just a gimmick but I actually like those clear frames.

  • U2dK

    Oh my dayyyzzzz blad! Still sick!!

  • Blader gang nigga

    Yea nigga!!!! If y’all niggaz ain’t sportin no j’s den yall be sum straight up buster ass trick ass mark playas! A hood nigga be all bout dem js my nigga! Shit niggas be campin for weex to get sum js! If a nigga sportin js den my nigga doin sum thin right my nigga!!! But if a nigga flossin j’s while twist in a blunt den my nigga is straight hood rich my nigga!!! Listen all y’all niggas round a world! If hall niggas ain’t got on no breds den hall niggaz need to step up yo sorry ass game! We out here! Tip toein in my js nigga! Feel me! Bout to twist dis swish and tip toe my ass to peep dis raffle on dem new breds nigga!! Aaaaaye!

  • Bryan F

    love it, def getting these skates for sure!

  • Anonymous

    here is a vid clip for those who are complaining, you guys are totally justified and would enjoy these clips.

  • Anonymous

    maybe valo 4 life was stoned

  • Anonymous

    Ugly ass skates. This guy needs to retire already.

  • Dang it

    Dope idea I think, dead on with the concord 11’s, and I like how the frame simulate the ice blue soles that are on retro’s nowadays … And I mean , cm’on this nigga has pretty much always been the Jordan of rollerblade…. HI HATERS!!!!!

    Truly yours,

  • Robbie Grogan

    These skates look pretty SWAG, im not sure if thats good or bad but i heard justin beiber has swag so it must be pretty sweet

  • haha

    “lol at the whole “hip hop thug” thing even being relevant. That whole personality is so lame now…”

    it always has been embarrassing.

    it’s as equally ridiculous to see a guy dressed in pants so tight he can’t skate properly.

    i always get a great giggle watching FM clips with his puff daddy music and silly body scribblings.

    funny stuff.