Franky Morales: USD 2015 Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Filmed by Ulysse Prom and Erick Rodriguez.

Franky Morales: USD 2015 Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Previously: Franky Morales: USD, Winter + Spring Edit (2015).
Filmed & edited by Ulysse Prom.

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  • Gnaf Utopie

    Once again, good skating, useless slomo and unbearable “music”, We get used to it, now … Thanks !

    • Marc

      As usual, french people complaining…

  • errmagod

    As usual, Americans with ignorant music

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    These are hard tricks wow !

  • Ben Ruppel

    I don’t understand why you would hate on the filming. I mean unless it’s filmed with a go pro exclusively, not to take away from that they can be cool. I mean it’s pretty hard to mess up filming unless you use a camera phone. Peace.

  • iwantsomecrack666

    Stop the slow motion because it gets in the way of the killer tricks

  • Cavin.b

    he did a 450 royale to kind grind. did anybody see that? also he missed his topsoul on the ledge to 360 soul something. this and the horrible music and slomos make this edit really bad to watch as a skater and camera man/editor

  • ikean

    It is absolutely amazing that he’s still pulling out 540 kind … so happy to see that

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Remember when these videos would be 150 comments !

    Wtf ? Where is everyone ? It take 10 secs to register for an account !

  • Scotty Blades

    Reality. None of you knobbs can even skate in Franky’s shadow. My Dudes been killing everything for 15 years!

  • Conhuir Manweiler

    Franky Mo ye LEGEND thanks for the top eye candy !
    Who I$ She

  • Siavash Sohrabi

    erick is the best in his job.but dude stop slomo,
    franky is legend,respect from iran <3

  • Carlos F. Román Cordero

    Frankie is just like the Terminator but with Blades. NOBODY can stop him for murdering spots. Is incredible how he has kept and evolved even more wIth his tricks and new Grinds and Switch-ups in every new edit he drops… Mr. Morales is just very Profesional in what he films for edits. Saludos corillo desde Puerto Rico, la Isla del Encanto. Erick Rodríguez keep up the good job man! FUCK the haters!

  • D?vids Krasti?š

    Franky is like a wiz khalifa
    Sizemore, Enin and Lomax is like a Mozart, can ya all make a sense?

  • Lee

    Sick tricks as always, terrible music

  • Henry Jackson Janes

    First he changed the game with his style. Now he has changed the game with his prolificacy. FM has dropped more online edits in the last year than some legends did in their career. If you haven’t supported him and bought his VOD you better sort your life out.