Franky Morales: Paramount 2013 by Erick Rodriguez

Franky Morales: Paramount 2013 by Erick Rodriguez

Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Rachard Johnson.

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117 Responses to “Franky Morales: Paramount 2013 by Erick Rodriguez”

  1. Mat Says:

    Holy shit!!!
    Franky is coming back in 2013!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    First mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!! Great video!!!!!!!

  3. FrankyFanboy Says:

    amazing edits keep coming, wonder how the USD movie going to look like when this kind of bombs keep dropping every other week :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing! Franky is back on top of his game

  5. Phil Says:

    fuuuuuuck me…. dude KEEP… THEM… COMING!!!!!

  6. knobslobbin Says:

    Looks like Erod finally calmed the fuck down.

  7. Marc Says:

    My word! Franky achieving true legendary status. I’d definitely go out of my way to
    buy a full 40 minute video of Franky just laying it down all over the globe!

  8. Marc Says:

    Kickstarter that! Definitely.

  9. a Says:

    That fullcab ally top soul was amazing!

  10. Eric Boston Says:


  11. sdfsd Says:

    best style and absurd trick vocab!! amazing keep them comming!!!

  12. dan Says:

    can he spin switch?

  13. dude Says:

    oh my fucking god.. never gets old

  14. Ninjabeat Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    another park edit? not even watching.

  16. Jay Says:

    So far in 2013 USD has been killing everything while every other company seems to be just laying down and submitting except Razors…and Franky with E. Rod and RJ have been the ones committing the crimes…shit is cray

  17. joey Says:

    This park is super fun and I’ve never seen anyone kill it like Franky. Wow, amazing!

  18. damn Says:

    a boarder and a biker clapping in the background after that last trick!! I like it! I like the skating and the fact that others outside our sport can recognize the skills as well.

    Also, Franky is looking like he’s back in shape, and back to doing mind-boggling tricks!! really, really good! now get him and Montre together, or would that be too much swag? lol

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Sick edit. I thought frankly was letting himself go in the past few edits, but seems like he’s back in fighting form.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    SUPER SUPER steezy, mind blowing tricks and style. That three way on the coping TO transfer, and full cab ao soul to switchup were my highlights.

  21. Rob Says:

    WOW, just WOW!

    Franky stronger than ever! And Eric with Rachard can really capture amazing skating.

    Words can not describe so I must watch it over and over again

  22. JLayYo Says:

    So fcking speechless. Holy cow..

  23. Anonymous Says:

    one of my favorite skaters SHREDDING my favorite parks. If you have not been there – you really don’t know how much he just murdered that. My mind is blown at how he’s had the raddest style forever – and that last trick does not even make sense

  24. frank dux Says:

    hahahaha in your face tight ass gay ass emo bitches go franky i will always support you no matter what man !

  25. Anonymous Says:

    That last trick tho! Daayyymmnn son

  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Anonymous Says:

    Song pls!!! very killer Franky :)

  28. DarthRoller Says:

    dan – “can he spin switch?”

    Fakie 720 both ways over a big ass box in the Remz open shell promo ad with Nick Wood…, yes!

    That edit was insane. How the fuck do you hurricane topsoul UP a coping ledge? Hurricane and up just do not compute together. Someone going to do it up a handicap rail next?!?!?! Sky is the limit!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    franky isnt sponsered, he is the sponser

  30. Donde esta hermano Says:

    amazing! such great style

  31. Earl M Bryan Says:

    omg omg i got up n dam near lost me self on the last trick fantastic edit

  32. jbah Says:

    quality from start to end… STYLE is sooooooo tight :)

    and last trick shouldn’t be possible to look that easy…

  33. Bronnus Says:

    Dan man dont ask these horribel questions watch it again sow you know That you asked THE most stupid thing ever!!!!!!!! Really doop edit btw it really gets me juiced to roll

  34. pom Says:

    he’s rippin’ it now for the pro skate. great to see him on form!

  35. hotdog Says:

    Looks like he’s been practicing.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. Style and tricks were on point.

  37. awaii the wosper Says:

  38. bill Says:

    last park edit switch spin fakie 540 topsoul, 360 topporn. Franky proving himself like he is 18 on the come up or something

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Remz – you fucked up letting this guy go, just like you fucked up losing CJ. USD is now the #1 skate company in rollerblading.

  40. Shima Blows Says:

    Holy hell does Franky not age? He’s got to be close to 30 and he’s skating better than ever

  41. Anonymous Says:

    best style in the rolling biz all the time.

  42. MF Says:

    In case anyone is confused- Franky Morales is still much better than you.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    i watched the first fishbrain like 3 fucking times

  44. 808 Says:

    Franky Killed that park that was soo sweet.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    fuckin amazing… franky has been killing it since I was a little kid, and still amazes me.. truly an icon of blading.

  46. GardenaMark Says:

    HOLLLLLLY Fragg’n Shipost!

  47. whaaaa Says:

    absolutely next level. damn son… i wish all rollerblading edits could look this cool. beast skating, top notch filming and editing. thank you for making this free

  48. William Says:

    That guy is one of the best things we have in our sport!

  49. Daniel Says:

    Yet another masterpiece! good job all those who’s involved in this !

  50. Fearghal Says:

    Franky is immortal.

  51. willbean Says:

    DAMN SON!!!! keep em com’n Dawg!what park is next?!! you should put them all together for the ultimate franky section!

  52. Michael Colins Says:


  53. Anonymous Says:

    Best move he ever made hooking up with usd.he is still getting better and keeping it fresh with every edit.he will be up there with the big names when you name a all star usd team .true icon

  54. Anonymous Says:

    craziest guy ever! keep on skatin!

  55. yeah go fuck urself Says:

    god damn that’s fuckin sick man! unreal

  56. Dis Dick Says:

    This guy is on fire right now. I though he was done for a minute but he might be looking better than ever. I’d like to see more street edits though. Too much park from him lately. Either way, dood is a hall of famer. USD definitely has the most solid team right now.

  57. Fred Castro Says:

    Some of us just don´t age as fast as the rest of the regular humans! ha ha ha! Just kiddin! Damm Frankie?! Gotta love everything about this, man is a machine, Styles for miles!!

    Keep it coming Frankie, We freaking love you man!


  58. 70Sav Says:

    So much skill. He kills it.

  59. spielburgger Says:

    legendary; masterclass; mythic rare pro.

  60. Dustin Latimer Says:

    Meh, just another spin to win kid. I don’t get where they are finding these unknowns and then giving them all this attention. Pro skate and all we have seen from them is a park edit? Just dumb.

  61. Austin Morell Says:

    My nigga Franky!! sick af

  62. Team RB Says:

    Imagine if Remz had: Frankie, Haffey, CJ and Nils !!! Would have been the greatest team to LIVE ! … next to team RB ; )

  63. Phil Says:

    Team RB… at one point, they DID have Haffey, Frankie, CJ and Nils

  64. Lazo Says:

    Reminds me of the old franky that skated the trs. Heees bak!!
    Also kinda looks like the rapper,” future “on skates. Tight edit tho

  65. terror Says:

    damn fucken franky is a video game. That was crazy.

  66. jdouggie Says:

    haha i coulda thought that was a video game trailer. as in… wait, what?
    so good.
    franky is srsly new favorite.

  67. Anonymous Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  68. jon morciglio Says:

    always a pleasure to watch franky kill shit!!

  69. Urbn^nja Says:

    Last trick was made me mute. Geez… legendary indeed.

  70. MINDGAME Says:

    Say what you want about E Rod…. but that dudes a hell of a videographer. Franky is untouchable right now. Him and USD are meant to be at this moment in time.

  71. BigFeef Says:

    Wow terrible edit!!! franky lost his style when he changed to USD now he just looks like an old man wearing wannabe Jordan skates lol

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you! ^^ he is on point! Fukka a hater. Shit was fire Franky.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    I think bigfeef was being sarcastic , noodlejob! No cunt’ll be hatin on this shit!

  74. Mr Mijagii Says:

    ^^ ok ,now quit this sport man ,i dont know him personaly ,im from europe but i think he’s like cat it looks like he never felt down seriusly and even if he do mistake he always fall on two legs . i know only couple more skaters in blading history with this ninja talent i mean vinny minton , gonzo jaquez ,louie zamora.

  75. SteeZ'n Says:

    540 alley oop soul to alley oop top soul was UNREAL.

    Zero spin true savanah to soul to alley oop topsoul to transfer to the down box was INSANE.

    That back royal up the box to hurricane topsoul transfer to that awkward angled bowl coping was IMPOSSIBLE!


  76. iicents Says:

    Are you shitting me? I knew Franky was good but, damn… all hail. What an amazing skater/figure

  77. iicents Says:

    oh and, best fishies in blade history imho. that first smooth grabbed fish line was the perfect demo of that. somehow does them in like topsoul stance yet managing to hold himself up

  78. 305 Says:

    that was so sick bro

  79. Danielson Says:

    HOW IS HE STILL GETTING BETTER!? Shima and Julio are still respectable, but definately past their prime…. This old fart keeps getting better!!! How??? He already had the best style, but he is the only one from the “old school” that keeps learning new stuff….. It doesn’t even look like he just learned it…. Looks like he has been doing negatives and phillip’s for years….. Not fucking fair!

  80. BURGER DICK Says:


  81. Danielson Says:

    Since when does Franky do negative grinds?????? And Ives seen 100 edits of him, and that was the 1st time I ever seen him do a phillip’s….. That wasn’t even on a quater pipe… He did that past like 2 feet of flat…… Crazy….. He was already sick with style, but it used to be all soul grinds and royales….. Now he does it all!!!!! Does it all sicker than anyone else too… Damn, Haffey might be replaced as my new Favorite…. I’m not a big USD fan, but can’t lie that Franky stepped it up since he came from REMZ… Damn shame, cus I skate remz

  82. let's see it niggah Says:

    i am expecting a fucking fire ass street section from this dude soon,

    that shit will put usd back on the map, like coup de tat style

  83. Mr Mijagii Says:

    Danielson lol dude :)))) ” but it used to be all soul grinds and royales ” or
    franky sections from over ten years ago .

  84. Anonymous Says:

    its kinda obvious that eisler shared some of his elixir of eternal youth with franky when he joined usd

  85. Anonymous Says:

    FUCK YEAH this guys a beast!

  86. JNFa Says:

    Song Name : Blu Mar Ten – Blue Skies (Unquote Remix)
    Read and search before asking

    Awesome video (y) Franky destroy the park

  87. Anonymous Says:


  88. sapocaldas Says:

    It’s your moment Frank , in his curriculum just need to win a championship , skaters Tucuruí- PA . , Brazil , cheer for vc.parabéns .

  89. Raindog Says:

    1st post in a very long time with zero to none negativity in the comment section… Franky deserves a medal for that. Epic skating!!

  90. Anonymous Says:

    he just shit all over the Kansas City faggots

  91. Nice edit Says:

    That was fucking amazing. Franky is ripping. Nice to see E Rod focusing on letting the skating speak for itself & keeping it simpler.

  92. George Holmquist Says:

    loving all the new edits franky is putting out

  93. nicejme Says:

    It’s true to say: “Franky Morales has perfected the sport”. Jesus, that was good.

  94. Mike Way Says:

    Franky can do negs cuz he’s franky…. He’s doing them to show his skating diversity son!!! Woot woot!!! Did I just type that? Franky can do pretty much anything he wants on skates since the solomons’ st 8’s … Frankys next edit doesn’t have to be street cuz he has killed it and has shown for over almost two decades he owns it! Thanks for skating as hard as u do Mr. Morales.

  95. roetoll Says:

    Fookin Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Jaykski TRVP GXD Says:

    Leader of the blader gAng. Bravooooo! This was truly amazing. Very happy to see a powerful comeback.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    He tempts me to re put on my skatesa real source of motivation

  98. funny shit Says:

    Franky. Stop going to Parks. Thanks to you after you did the edit for poly and 14th street the kids and boarders expect all of us to skate like you. I’m not that good to try the same tricks you killed there. Now you had to go destroy my favorite park. Just don’t go to the park next to weiner’s house. Ok

  99. Sixx Says:

    Feeling well pumped! This edit was pretty nice too.

  100. M. Says:

    Still one of the most stylish and tech blader ever
    Living legend !

  101. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick was really sick. The edit was good, but being the person I am, I feel like a true artist can always accept some constructive criticism. That being said… Franky, E-Rod and Rachard…. am kind of bored of the same type of skating at these cement parks… It was technically done really well, but god damn stop using the stupid Depth of Field trick where you film the trick through the fence. IT DOESNT LOOK THAT GOOD. Find something better to throw in the foreground if you want the background to pop… Otherwise props to franky for still killing it. Just would like to see some variety in the filming techniques. Otherwise good job, looks professional as usual.

  102. Anonymous Says:


    Can you post one of your edits up so we can see just how good your edits are……….no………..?…………no………..?…………..thats exactly what I thought.

  103. J Says:

    Normally i hate watching someone skate small spots but this was the best edit I’ve seen in ages. Franky showing he’s pretty much unbeatable. Trick vocab AND style!

  104. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Franky is Rollerblading. This shit is beyond USD. This shit is Nike, Addidas,Paid. Put a fucking swoosh on that shit and my boy is getting payed like he has earned!

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Speaking of songs, Rollernews should really start putting more pressure on people contributing edits to provide the artist/song name so that that info can be listed with the vid.

    Not only is it great for those of us watching these videos, but it probably takes some of the pressure off of Rollernews from being accused of hosting copyrighted material on their website.

  106. Osbel Says:

    Amazing, wish he would bring it to the street tho…niggas getting pro boots for rippin’ park?

  107. DomLe Says:

    Franky still can’t skate properly, I really don’t see the big fuss with all the spins and most of it is park skating and put it this way when was the last time this guy won a comp? CJ > *

  108. Anonymous Says:

    DomLe when was the last time you won a comp. Never? Cause you suck a dick. Franky is an icon in rollerblading – you are just an internet troll who dresses like a faggot and skates like a girl.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    If Franky skates in a park and does flips and spins it’s considered awesome, but if someone else does it they suck (especially if they are French). The hypocrites on here are many. It’s good to see Franky still skating, but he is nowhere as good as when he was younger. It’s time for these Legends to fade into the sunset and let the younger, more athletic skaters take the sport to the next level, and stop pretending that skating small obstacles is cool.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    the last anonymous is sooo stupid. its not a because they are french… its because its true that MOST french ppl have pretty bad style.. i think frankys style is generally amazing. but being in america as he is. i can be honest and say that flip he did was not cool. and sort of just as bad as those french dorks that flip a bunch.. ender was obviously fucking nuts.. loved it.. did he get extensions?

  111. EddieBX ETNO/LBC Says:

    Fucken Fire!!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  112. Confucius Says:

    same douchebags love Franky and hate Brosky when they shred into park.

  113. Anonymous Says:

    only a fucking moron would think his flip was not cool. only people who can’t do them think flips are not cool.

  114. Jason Damron Says:

    Franky is Rollerblading. This shit is beyond USD. This shit is Nike, Addidas,Paid. Put a fucking swoosh on that shit and my boy is getting payed like he has earned!- Scott Wilcock

  115. BLADER GANG Says:



  116. boob Says:

    Diggin how he isn’t as squatty style as much more chillax when he comin off the tricks .

  117. Anonymous Says:

    skate street bitch