Franky Morales: new USD Pro Team rider

USD proudly presents Franky Morales as the brand new USD Pro Team rider. Welcome to the team!

Franky Morales: new USD Pro Team rider

Previously: Remz and Franky Morales part ways.

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  • Anonymous

    jo FRANKY is the MAN so many comments for this short message.

  • Anonymous

    isnt he still getting an OS pro model? :P

  • Julius J

    I actually dont want to join this shit storm of bad comments but I just gotta give it up for UpSideDown comming in from the side at the downfall of the commercial success in the 90´s!
    They took the technologi to a new level and steezed it up from neon coloured fitnessboots to somewhat of a streetskate, and even though the team during the years havent continued beeing as legendary as it once was, and the popularity and comeback of rollerblading havent showen any sign of returning, They have kept pushing the design and functionality of rollerblades.If you hate on their skates and you´ve never owned a pair of classic thrones, then you dont know what you´re talking about.
    Im happy to see someone as flamboyant and crunksteezed as Franky putting on some USD´s, kinda mess with your perception of the Brand right?

  • Ghost of Chris Edwards

    I liked blading better in 99 before most of you faggots got here. Grats Franky.

  • Kevin M. Little

    Reading all these comments makes me sick. The negativity this website spews is just ridiculous. 95% of everything said is so negative…what the hell is wrong with you? You should all be happy that we still have an iconic character like Franky to represent us.This is a new chapter for him, and for USD. I am excited for the new opportunities for him and for Remz.

  • Anonymous

    most of the negative comments are from the same person, angry because USD didnt take him, check the style. True Story. Ex rider.


    kiss my ass, there is something very important I need to know
    Remz is about to be sold to Andy, I’m having a hard time
    so please do not talk over Remz

  • Anonymous

    I am happy he is still skating pro
    great style, would like to see more edits of him please

  • dyed red deshis

    Knew that was gonna happen. just got word last week about it. it’s not frankie nor Kato’s fault. look higher on the food chain and you’ll find the blame. good stuff. Frankie. you should be riding carbons or sevens. though.

  • Anonymous

    usd is quite possibly the most innovative skate company out there! they’ve let out so many designs, not all great but at least they invest into making the efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when franky split with remz, i hoped he hadnt retired but suspected if anyone would be his next sponsor, it’d be usd. usd are the most willing to support a team.

    i cant believe some of you turds are badmouthing this move! i see no reason not to support it!happy for fm and usd!!

  • dyed red deshis

    highly doubt remz will be bought out by Andy since Andy own it through distribution and is co owner already. Question is why not support what got him to the game more. why not support other companies that are trying to start up that would give Andy complete control over the rollerblading industry period. Andy owns razor scooters yes but the scooter business isn’t as strong as the inline industry total.

  • http://. j.linett

    he was good when AJ gave him Baurs

  • rollerblading is gay

    scooter biz isnt as strong as the inline? you gotta be fuckin kidding. all i hear about now is fucking scooters. guys i know that own parks say that scooter days and scooter events have the biggest turn outs now. scooters are “cooler” than blades right now. thats just a fact.

  • Anonymous

    wheoever says he´s sellout is a fucking idiot!!! what do you think an industry is about? and who´s got the best skats? not remz!

  • polish mike

    well, people got there opinion’s on every think ,we dont live for ever an 2 skate till u drop let him try a diffrent team i bin sk8 razors for over 8 years an now im o n remz i never thot ,remz wuld be batter ow an ya P.S B.Mag can suck my dick straight up to what they did to me I know somthink a bout the company then a lot off u dont know they realy talk a lot off shit a bout reall skaters like one off the jugges that hated me did not let me pass next time i see u my size 9 remz is going down ur fucken trowth u cock socker !!!! but any way’s frank i wish u the good not the bad man we live onc i see u out there

  • Neurosis

    After reading this it’s very obvious that Rollernews has failed forever in providing some type of decent room for respectful discussion. This tabloid, yellowpress like moshing going on here is really sad. It’s like you tube and all the other opinionated out of ass forums. I wish some of you good luck in life casue you’re obviously some bitter human beings with no clue whatsoever.

    Peace out.

  • franky morales

    you dis is da reel franky. stop talkin trife b4 i slap dat koofi off ur face aight, kato my du but i need da chedder feel me homes? any way yall r sum crumb maggots fukin listenin to b2k faggots

    we out hurrr

  • gay boy bolino

    wtf yalll like the smell of males an ur mattress

  • Marselis

    I forseentit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marko (13) Age mental : 14
  • LadbrokeGroove

    The industry is a conspiracy, no real information, I’m skating Salomon, see you later, whatever

  • dyed red deshis

    @rollerblading is gay: Just so you know rollerblading is a multi-billion a year business. Aggressive/Stunt is the smallest part of that multi-billion machine. scooters only do maybe a few hundred million max worldwide. in America alone every branch of skating made over a billion dollars last year. now tell me we’re not as strong or stronger than scooters. the problem is the owners don’t know how to gain the other aspects respect.

  • Jiri Volejnik

    the problem is that general public don’t buy aggressive skates as they buy snowboards or fuckin bicycles. it’s us aggressive bladers ONLY that pay our pros and comps, nobody else.

    now, until big sport companies like Nike, Redbull, Scott and such get into out biz… we’re fuckin underground and without any major finance.

  • Adam Zurawiecki

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! :D

  • shein

    usd always having the top team in the industry ,,,,, franky + thrones + style = siiiick sh”t

  • chosks….franca

    man…. i don´t know what i tell you
    be happy!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think Valo would have been the wrong choice
    because VALO skates are ugly