Franky Morales: new USD Pro Team rider

USD proudly presents Franky Morales as the brand new USD Pro Team rider. Welcome to the team!

Franky Morales: new USD Pro Team rider

Previously: Remz and Franky Morales part ways.

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127 Responses to “Franky Morales: new USD Pro Team rider”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Next Powerblade Team Rider!

  2. The naff Says:

    I think the thrones will suit his style!

  3. no Says:



    What´s the idea?

  4. J.311 Says:

    Amazing! congrats he deserves better than remz!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    USD Stronger than ever?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What is he doing, remz where so good to him! :( betrayer, still one of my all time greats tho!!!

  7. Imblader Says:

    Who next? NILS JANSONS ?

  8. pt Says:

    SELL OOOOUUUT!!!!!Thought he had a clue… and a heart!

  9. Domi Says:

    now this is news! congrat! really looking forward to seeing clips.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    YEAH… congrats for Franky…

  11. Anonymous Says:


  12. Anonymous Says:

    didn´t like it…no… hell no


    Billy leave the conference for Shima skate and they replaced him by Franky…

  14. EP Says:

    Franky with Remz was beast.
    Franky with Thrones is quite ok.
    But if someday i’ll see him with Carbons, Franky wouldn’t be Franky anymore.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    clearly did it for the money because remz was good to him

  16. smoker Says:

    didnt see that coming

  17. YI Yiiiiii Says:

    “What’s next Nils Janson?”

    Why are you all dick hurt about him getting attention?

  18. mb Says:

    YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Alexander Says:

    oh nooo… I bet he’s gonna skate this small stuff too, just like kelso and bambrick… WEAKKKK

  20. Anonymous Says:

    He’s still gonna go hard! It’s just a different skate doesn’t make him a different skater!

  21. FU Says:

    Alexander sucks donkey penis for a living… truth.

  22. Aron Says:

    The only two brands I support in this industry – USD and Remz. But I must say that Remz looks better on franky than any USD would. Remz suits his style more.

  23. Cop Says:

    want seee an EDIT !!!!!!!

  24. some guy Says:

    Wow… these bad comments on here really show how full of shit rollerbladers are. When I saw the news that Franky was leavin Remz, I got scared that he might be retiring… then the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning is THIS… this made my day… guys, its not about what looks good on his feet. Its about him bein on his feet. Its about our top pro being able to pay their bills and maybe even saving some money so when they can’t really skate any more… IF they announced that Franky went to K Mart brand aggressive skates, I would be aaaaaall for it as long as he’s getting paid and as long as I get to see an edit every once and a while.

  25. pcp Says:

    well, waaaaayyy better than switching to razors….. just my 2 cents

  26. dah Says:

    Frankie always hustelin

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Franky will be Franky regardless of the skates he has. if you really support rollerblading then support Franky’s decision to skate for a new team. He will always be one of the best no matter he skates

  28. V4L Says:

    more chances for him to have a proskate, his first proskate with remz was in 2006, remz was very late to make him a second proskate which should never see the light now.

  29. Rob Says:

    Me either didn’t see this coming.. well congrats to both Franky and USD.

    I thought he will be into rap thing.

  30. Spen Says:

    I thought the same as “Someguy”. Was gutted to hear he left remz because I thought he retired, but NO! A new chapter in the rollerblading book! I LOVE the look of thrones but just don’t get on with them unfortunately. Well happy for Frankster, how much is every blader in the world waiting to see an edit!! ha LOTS!

  31. Jeff Scott Says:

    this was random, i thought he was gonna be on RB again or SSM

  32. Alex M. Says:

    “I LOVE the look of thrones but just don’t get on with them unfortunately. ”

    I feel ya. I like the way they look, and they grind really well but even with Phoenix liners, they leave my feet as blistered, bruised hunks of meat. I never seem to get a consistent fit. One day they’ll press on my ankles until I have to stop skating from the pain, the next day they’ll leave blisters. Its frustrating as hell.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Remz is dying. The whole team will be leaving with in the next year and the company soon after.

  34. plasticmaiden Says:

    i thought one more legend in the game is quitting his carriere and im really happy that it was just a change to another company. we need our idols in the game people… its not important wich skates or companies are supporting them. let grow our game and dont hate on the few things we have… i dont prefere usd too, but i love them cause they are a part of our game too. this forum is a synonym whats going wrong… i have the dream that more young bladers learn to hold together and respect each other more… that would make us stronger. all the best for you franky! (sry my english sucks)

  35. mgifproductions Says:

    wow.. really suprized.. but all the best and look forward to seeing him in some edits no doubt.

  36. soul2roll Says:

    USD is where the money is at i think unfortunately? No doubt if remz were able to pay him more and send him places he would have stayed. More money and better opportunities for him now.

    I’m sad but Franky is amazing and deserves this. Go Franky!

  37. Anonymous Says:


    CJ will be next pro to join USD.

  38. baldy Says:

    very stoked to see he wasnt done for i had heard he had left remz. sweet shit!

  39. BratVer Says:

    What about his tattoo?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    remz need another “big name” on their team. Haffey alone, despite how amazing he is, just isnt enough to keep their brand up! Connor O brien disappeared off the face of the earth, Nick wood as entertaining as he is has fallen off, and now morales gone… they need someone big. Nils and CJ are phenomenal but arent even on the remz team website page! Whats up with that!? And push Jacob Juul more, he is fucking incredible! remz just being left in the wake of other companies at the mo, its not right!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Where’s the new rider edit? Lame introduction for a top blader. Everyone wants to see the shred.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Franky in carbons will be amazing and rems is dead. They have no new pros no new styles of skates and never even made a vid. Ever. Soo f em always same skates and team. They dont even try to be the best company.

  43. bami Says:

    Ok i lol at all of you you have your opinions ready before you ever saw him skate usd have you seen you can’t judge things that were anounced like 2-3 weeks ago where ahve you been in your porn drawer gratz to frnaky for getting on usd no shame on anyone the way they hndled this thats pro

  44. bami Says:

    oh and dude above remz doesnt need filor osmething they bring ppl higher up the scene remz has alot of flow bladers for such a small comapny and they are around for longer then you grow pubes

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if want?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    dude, we’ll probably see an edit of him rapping before we see another skate edit from him.

    also, who did they fire to make room for Franky?

    And why even have comps if winning them doesn’t matter? I would have thought Julien would be the next USD pro.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    USD now = BLADER GANG.
    not sure if I’m feelin’ it.

  48. well Says:

    With the way hes selling out like a clown on this pic i think remz made the right move!!

  49. Bob Says:

    What’re you doing with your remz tatoo now?? Haha so funny, he’s going to represent remz all his life. Good idea the tatoo Kato!

  50. wow Says:

    Lol ^

    Pros switching for money in such a small industry is pathetic. Remz is probably better off without him

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Why does it have to be money? USD have a large and advanced selection of skates as well as an exciting brand with shared importance on pro riders and good option for pro skates and travel I think?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    USD is pathetic

  53. Anonymous Says:

    USD always accepts people that get fired from their brand….its like the team of reject pros….what a weird team.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    franky will skate for whoever gives him money…the conference is so fucking clueless, they just sponsor people…they got oli benet running shit over there still for the past 10 years, so you know they got no clue…..USD/Oli should of left the skating world when Julio knocked his ass out and flattened his nose.

    Good luck Franky. Milk these corporate faggots for every last cent.

  55. sbask Says:

    SO glad I quit rolling 10 years ago. You lot are a fucking joke. You are you’re own worst enemy

  56. fuck u all Says:

    USD team is the illest!

    fuck razors and the other weak ass skates, Valo is a joke, Remz is ok with Haffey and all.

    and whats the bullshit about Franky don´t look good with usd skates?
    Have any of u little maggot faggots seen clips of him yet?
    thought so! so shut the hell up!

  57. Ramelle Fetty Night Says:

    USD got Franky, props! Too bad conference doesn’t pay their riders shit. $200 for an online edit? GTFO . Thats why Billy said FUCK USD and now rides for SSM.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Wait what? Julio beatup oli bennet? When and where?

  59. dude Says:

    i cant believe somebody talked shit bout bambrick

  60. Anonymous Says:

    haha so funny….what a funny collaboration..

    the usd team is such a joke now

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Cudot should have stayed with remz i guess. Only the riders who understand loyalty get respect, just like in real life. When dudes switch (especially to usd) their game is over its never the same again.

  62. Tay Says:

    “Wait what? Julio beatup oli bennet? When and where?”


  63. Anonymous Says:

    cool…leave kato cuz he cant pay you enough then go to the ultimate sellout company.


  64. Anonymous Says:

    the only reason Franky is skating for USD is cuz of United States Dollars….that’s the only USD franky cares about…

    good job oli benet and Matthias :)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    look at this kid getting all excited ! ha ! Get a life , and stop worrying about every one else ! MW

  66. avlblader Says:

    this is sick!!! i was curious about what he was going to do….this is news! i can’t wait to see some crazy stuff happen with this homie!

  67. True Porn Perv. Says:

    Ive always felt good about my thrones Franky on thrones fuck yeah thats the way the cookie crumbles , Awsome!!

  68. O.G Skater Says:

    Congratulations to franky on USD all the best luck to him!

    to the C.J comments i heard he was skating Adapt…

  69. Marian Says:

    so many wrong assumptions and misconceptions about…well, anything really
    it kinda made me laugh first.
    But the ignorance in here is plain jaw dropping…yet not surprising.
    It amazes me how rollernews is the major news channel for us and we still manage to tear everything apart to boost our own egos and pathetic needs while hiding behind anonymous names.
    I really don’t mind criticism and I do it myself quite frequently, but I don’t just claim shit I don’t know anything about…so how can you ppl…well some of you.
    Will this just go on like this? I’d like to have a discussion…a reasonable and honest discussion about how we behave in here. I find it quite unacceptable and so should you.

  70. hank Says:

    good for usd

    ou are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  71. Krokodil Says:

    Great job Franky, you had sick style with remz skates on, I hope you will to even better on USD (thrones,carbon whatever). Good luck
    We want fresh edit asap :D

  72. hah Says:

    hell yea, was so scared he was retiring.

  73. Earl M Bryan Says:

    you people suck at life how old is franky again whats his income how long has USD rep rolling alway’s having the best pro’s most if not all living rolling legends have been on USD know your history peeps stop the hate n respect the choice we all buy skates to try new skates i went from ROCES,to usd to razors to remz to usd n next shadows so STFU get over it he will be paid no matter what more then half of you can’t even skate a quarter as good as FRANKY so get over it deal with it step your game up n roll n not troll .

  74. Otakuboi Says:

    Lol everyone is acting like he picked up a skateboard hahaha he still doing wat he loves to do “blade!” congrats Franky

  75. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve heard that some of the other US pros were fired from USD. Where is the official announcement about that?

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Remz just posted on their wall about franky and his remz skate coming out, very professionaly handled. i think franky and kato respect each other and both will keep doing amazing

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck that its USD id be lookin out for a franky pro skate soon ;)

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Remz is so last decade. USD is the present and future. Nils and CJ will be joining USD next.

  79. ingen Says:

    so fuckin dope so so dope i called it lol i can not wait for a usd morales boot

  80. Alejandro Bermejo Says:

    good news is that Franky will keep on rollerblading. the brand he skates for is just a matter of money , contracts and shit, pure marketing.

  81. rollerblading is gay Says:

    you guys gotta be kidding me. franky was loyal for how long? and then to get promised pro skates and get how many? gettin paid how much? remz needs a revamp on their skates too cause those shits have weird pressure points

  82. eric godshaw Says:

    once you go usd, you either start a company (julio/shima) or fade out. history of usd proves this.

    i give him 2 more years tops before he starts his new career as a petty street tough. skating for him is over as we know it, his rapping will never amount to anything, not that its bad hes just not blowing up in the rap game..that industry is way too competitive and political, kendoma is just flat out gay so being good at that is even some how more worthless than being a good skater. he has tats that stand out as a red flag to law enforcement officials.. i feel sorry for the guy personally. its a damn shame he thinks he is some kind of exception in life and doesn’t need to play by the rules our institutions created. not even student loans and a college degree could save his poor soul from the binds of financial instability that he is ultimately going to face as a middle aged burnout, washed up skater, rapper wanna-be…

    If I was you children I wouldn’t look up to this man or condone any of his actions unless you think being a custodial engineer is cool or the idea of being incarcerated is a stepping stone in life

  83. Anonymous Says:


    THAT’S IT!

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Remz is in serious trouble losing Franky, CJ and Nils.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    USD has no team…its just a bunch of randoms…some of who can skate

  86. smokey macpot Says:

    Franky is the illest. Dude has style like no other. I mean I know bladers usually think Haffey is the top of the game…but lemme tell a story.

    Franky came to our skatepark one day, he was royaling the bank to high ledge there. when he jumped out it looked like he slipped. his body went completely sideways. He simply righted himself in the air, like he was doing a 540 flatspin out of the roy, and landed perfectly, laughing as it happened.

    I was sitting on the steps while this happened. A young girl with a skateboard looked at me.
    “That’s Franky Morales ain’t it?”she said
    “Yeah, it is”I said
    She punched the boy with a skateboard standing next to her in the arm
    “told ya” she said

  87. mason Says:

    At least he didn’t go to razors Haha

  88. Anonymous Says:

    this is fuckin amazing ive always wanted to see Franky on USD i was hoping he would have gone to USD when he left Rollerblade

  89. whatever Says:

    f u, its all good!!

  90. matthias knoll Says:

    he didnt come to me out of choice he came to me out of necessity in that his broke ass will skate for anything thats paying after getting fired because fact is he is a freeloader just like don bambrick… these guys arent professionals there lazy men with illusions of grandeur trying to avoid working a real job … i can label these poor saps as so called professionals to you kids and youll eat it up like there heros because they can skate better than most people… fact is theyll collect off anything to avoid adult like responsibilities and thats how i earn a living as the owner of powerslide… im glad no ones educated enough to see through how i manipulate skaters, i can even come on here and tell you straight to your faces and your all juvenile enough to pass it off as taboo… im laughing all the way to the bank with how much i rip these fuckers off and there so stupid they dont even question it… in fact they blindly thank me because i fucking own them and your parents dollars… hows this for a new slogan???


  91. Anonymous Says:

    how is usd shit ? they have the xsjado 2 in the pipeline they’re spending money to improve a great idea

    fuck you all

  92. odb's ghost spirit Says:

    shame on the nigga franklin, i always knew that nigga soft when it come to whitey and whitey money

  93. m.knoll Says:

    he come to me not cause he want to but because he have to…He got fired, he freeloading pro like bambrick, he no want to work real job like german…so as long as he want to postpone life and real work i going to take advantage of him..he blindly thank me to cause now he my bitch


  94. kmcgloughlin Says:

    i really cant wait to see clips!

  95. jordan dale Says:

    as a past lover of frankys i just have to say hes actually a really gentle man and you all should be more sensitive to his feelings

  96. RAH Says:

    Hahahahaha.. you all are just kids who dreams too much and sucks… there is nothing about he likes remz or usd skates.. he just don’t care of the skates.. it’as all about money !!! money and nothing else !!! USD can give more money.. so he is on USD.. nothing more.. nothing less..

    the real good news is Remz can now give money to Nils and make him pro… around 500$/month it’s not enough for an American 30years old legend like Francky… but it’s good for a young guy from Latvia.

  97. usd treasurer Says:

    yes more money for now then a slow decline until we cut him completely… we just pay him a lot now to save face for losing fish so he will join us no questions asked

  98. usd treasurer Says:

    its all about keeping good public image… when colin go we get bambrick.. when fish go we get franky… but the trick is to offer a lot then slowly cut him until he retires so we can bring in young guys who charge less for their skate services… your right rah it is all about the money… mooo hahahaha

  99. mgifproductions Says:

    so in short… its a shame that he decided on moving to USD , since he’s been on Remz for ever.. (since rollerblade let him go) .. , we have seen him on remz so long that in our minds… he sybolized what remz is… and Haffey makes up REMZ as a brand.. other than it being a great skate for most people.

    now announcing he is leaving got me worried… retireing…. whats happening..?…. etc..

    Seeing as Rollerblading isn’t growing at a great rate… which it has in the past 5-6years , its doubtful that it was all about the money….

    Franky has Renegade , M1 , Psycho clothing , now …USD , JUG …. pretty much sponsors supporting him head to toe…

    So its more about where USD will take him as a skater… and like mentioned giving him a chance to try a wide variety of skates…

    Thrones, classics would suit him well.. Carbons mm we’ll see.

    You see skateboard Pro’s swapping brands like shoes.. every 12months or 2years.. they ll be on this board that board… etc… yeah in this case its about the brands rep and the fact that they have the $$$ to make attractive deals…

    in rollerblading its rep. , travel oppertunities , being given more recognition as USD does in return for sell-ability for the brand and royalties for the skate..

  100. mgifproductions Says:

    Rollerbalding as a sport has all it needs now…. to market itself…

    besides the fact that there are some “interesting characters” in here doesnt really matter ..

    you have people like that in every extreme sport and sport in general..

    we need to organise public events and work with people outside of the sport to attract new oppertunities..

    ie what the bladers did in poland.. with their “made in poland” film… 16million people!!! … camon Remz , Valo , Razors , ,USD , Rollerblade …. etc… and everyone…

    Get your asses into GEAR!!

    the only way we ll get some real deals happening and what else needed is to bring rollerblading to the masses not , HOPE that some random 30m jump which by the way is sick , will some how make some mainstream media or brand say , “hey lets throw some advertising dollars into this sport..”

    if you got the skillz use them.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    jo FRANKY is the MAN so many comments for this short message.

  102. Anonymous Says:

    isnt he still getting an OS pro model? :P

  103. Julius J Says:

    I actually dont want to join this shit storm of bad comments but I just gotta give it up for UpSideDown comming in from the side at the downfall of the commercial success in the 90´s!
    They took the technologi to a new level and steezed it up from neon coloured fitnessboots to somewhat of a streetskate, and even though the team during the years havent continued beeing as legendary as it once was, and the popularity and comeback of rollerblading havent showen any sign of returning, They have kept pushing the design and functionality of rollerblades.If you hate on their skates and you´ve never owned a pair of classic thrones, then you dont know what you´re talking about.
    Im happy to see someone as flamboyant and crunksteezed as Franky putting on some USD´s, kinda mess with your perception of the Brand right?

  104. Ghost of Chris Edwards Says:

    I liked blading better in 99 before most of you faggots got here. Grats Franky.

  105. Kevin M. Little Says:

    Reading all these comments makes me sick. The negativity this website spews is just ridiculous. 95% of everything said is so negative…what the hell is wrong with you? You should all be happy that we still have an iconic character like Franky to represent us.This is a new chapter for him, and for USD. I am excited for the new opportunities for him and for Remz.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    most of the negative comments are from the same person, angry because USD didnt take him, check the style. True Story. Ex rider.

  107. KATO MATEU Says:

    kiss my ass, there is something very important I need to know
    Remz is about to be sold to Andy, I’m having a hard time
    so please do not talk over Remz

  108. Anonymous Says:

    I am happy he is still skating pro
    great style, would like to see more edits of him please

  109. dyed red deshis Says:

    Knew that was gonna happen. just got word last week about it. it’s not frankie nor Kato’s fault. look higher on the food chain and you’ll find the blame. good stuff. Frankie. you should be riding carbons or sevens. though.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    usd is quite possibly the most innovative skate company out there! they’ve let out so many designs, not all great but at least they invest into making the efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when franky split with remz, i hoped he hadnt retired but suspected if anyone would be his next sponsor, it’d be usd. usd are the most willing to support a team.

    i cant believe some of you turds are badmouthing this move! i see no reason not to support it!happy for fm and usd!!

  111. dyed red deshis Says:

    highly doubt remz will be bought out by Andy since Andy own it through distribution and is co owner already. Question is why not support what got him to the game more. why not support other companies that are trying to start up that would give Andy complete control over the rollerblading industry period. Andy owns razor scooters yes but the scooter business isn’t as strong as the inline industry total.

  112. j.linett Says:

    he was good when AJ gave him Baurs

  113. rollerblading is gay Says:

    scooter biz isnt as strong as the inline? you gotta be fuckin kidding. all i hear about now is fucking scooters. guys i know that own parks say that scooter days and scooter events have the biggest turn outs now. scooters are “cooler” than blades right now. thats just a fact.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    wheoever says he´s sellout is a fucking idiot!!! what do you think an industry is about? and who´s got the best skats? not remz!

  115. polish mike Says:

    well, people got there opinion’s on every think ,we dont live for ever an 2 skate till u drop let him try a diffrent team i bin sk8 razors for over 8 years an now im o n remz i never thot ,remz wuld be batter ow an ya P.S B.Mag can suck my dick straight up to what they did to me I know somthink a bout the company then a lot off u dont know they realy talk a lot off shit a bout reall skaters like one off the jugges that hated me did not let me pass next time i see u my size 9 remz is going down ur fucken trowth u cock socker !!!! but any way’s frank i wish u the good not the bad man we live onc i see u out there

  116. Neurosis Says:

    After reading this it’s very obvious that Rollernews has failed forever in providing some type of decent room for respectful discussion. This tabloid, yellowpress like moshing going on here is really sad. It’s like you tube and all the other opinionated out of ass forums. I wish some of you good luck in life casue you’re obviously some bitter human beings with no clue whatsoever.

    Peace out.

  117. franky morales Says:

    you dis is da reel franky. stop talkin trife b4 i slap dat koofi off ur face aight, kato my du but i need da chedder feel me homes? any way yall r sum crumb maggots fukin listenin to b2k faggots

    we out hurrr

  118. gay boy bolino Says:

    wtf yalll like the smell of males an ur mattress

  119. Marselis Says:

    I forseentit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Marko (13) Age mental : 14 Says:

  121. LadbrokeGroove Says:

    The industry is a conspiracy, no real information, I’m skating Salomon, see you later, whatever

  122. dyed red deshis Says:

    @rollerblading is gay: Just so you know rollerblading is a multi-billion a year business. Aggressive/Stunt is the smallest part of that multi-billion machine. scooters only do maybe a few hundred million max worldwide. in America alone every branch of skating made over a billion dollars last year. now tell me we’re not as strong or stronger than scooters. the problem is the owners don’t know how to gain the other aspects respect.

  123. Jiri Volejnik Says:

    the problem is that general public don’t buy aggressive skates as they buy snowboards or fuckin bicycles. it’s us aggressive bladers ONLY that pay our pros and comps, nobody else.

    now, until big sport companies like Nike, Redbull, Scott and such get into out biz… we’re fuckin underground and without any major finance.

  124. Adam Zurawiecki Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! :D

  125. shein Says:

    usd always having the top team in the industry ,,,,, franky + thrones + style = siiiick sh”t

  126. chosks....franca Says:

    man…. i don´t know what i tell you
    be happy!!!

  127. Anonymous Says:

    i think Valo would have been the wrong choice
    because VALO skates are ugly