Franky Morales & Jacob Juul: France UK Remz Tour 2011

Franky Morales & Jacob Juul: France UK Remz Tour 2011

Remz Pros Franky Morales & Jacob Juul touring through France and England. Shot by Kato and Franky w/ some additional Fise contest footage courtesy of Fise.

  • 0:01NL contest 6 in Strasbourg.
  • 1:15 – Street skating in Paris, Lyon, and in between (w/ Sylvain Rigaud).
  • 3:06Fise Contest, Remz booth party, & street skating in Montpellier.
  • 6:51Chaz contest in Liverpool (fw/ Ollie Jones, Joey Egan, & Kato).

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  • davengo

    I couldn’t even finish watching it the editing or whatever was so fucking bad.

    please fix exposure and rehost.

  • Diaz

    Dear Davengo, despite your fantastic skills in editing analysis, I think you understood nothing here, this is nearly pure, raw filming and it’s because it’s all about the skating and the fun times of the Remz guys on this tour, wich is the only thing I care about to be honest.
    This edit wasn’t meant to win any filming competition, but I’m glad they put it on here, and let us see what tricks they actually laced in those cities.
    I had more fun and respect watching this than for the hundred last “perfectly edited” parts i’ve seen on here.
    This is just my opinion though, and I guess I’m just starting getting sick of bladers talking more about how it looks than about what it is.

    Oh and knowing most of those spots, Morales is a beast, and Juul is a viking.

  • chris

    5:50 was LOOOOOCOOOOO!!


    Damn that was so unbelievably good! Franky is in the zone right now, killing everything with steez. Great to see a clip of Kato skating too! Loved that edit, hope to see the Remz team at the Hoedown again this year!

  • V4L

    I ask a second pro skate for Franky.

  • lamech

    What a Fuck!!!!
    Nice trip, goods vibes!! Francky is awesome, He kills Montpellier spots…..
    This remix of Cheif Rocka is so good.

    Thanks Kato.

  • AZ

    Excellent cette edit avec ces deux sons !

  • ADR

    Not any limits for Francky’s style, tech and hammer… Think he is the blader!!

    “lil’ gangsta oriented” but if you show him blading to some non blading persone sure this person is gonna be juiced by what’s freestyle rolling !!

  • Haters are gay


  • John

    Franky = tour killer, best blader ever

    I would buy a Remz boot signed by him

  • Flo

    Franky should have won at least one of these comps he killed it in every competition with creativity and style and hammers! second pro skate for franky absolutely! a stylish remz os with comfortable line would be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Franky is an absolute beast on park and street, I respect him touring in France and doing damage control for all of Taig’s bullshit superman frontflips.

  • wtf

    Franky is on top !

  • mad

    watching franky makes u wanna go out, shred your skates to death and buy some new remz boots!

  • Anonymous

    god franky comes up with the sickest rail to drops in parks evvvveeeerrr… hell yeah

    he looks ridiculous being a tourist.hammer pants and loud giant hat, blend franky blend! the ancient walls are screaming at your arrival …and they thought they have seen it all

  • rich

    THANK YOU. this is what it’s all about, made my day.

  • gruuuuuuuuuu

    i like that old film look or whatever effect they put on there. this edit is fire, remz is fire.

  • Doug Cupo

    Stoked on the edit…The Remz team always seems like there having a fucking blast skating and thats what its about man. Sick footage guys

  • pt

    Franky is the man!! But dont forget the jeweler!!He kills shit too in this edit!!

  • Max_imus

    ed hardy and bullshit ed hardy and bullshit? lol ;)

  • MFLA


  • Anonymous

    I would say Remz has the most professional team in the business right now. Can’t wait to see more of Jacob Juul. That guy is pure talent.

  • yea

    ^^^^^ what he said

  • dagi

    from the video i concluded that i am not the only one who associates party & bullshit w i?

  • Fred Castro

    OHHH SHIIIIT!!! my god what is it? The glitch in the matrix? Why is it that I go into rollernews and it´s only super kick ass shit that´s on!? I can´t stop watching this! these dudes are the ULTIMATE SHIT hahah moralez is a GOD! mann goddamm hahhah!



    Reims Tinqueux dans la Marne MWA MWXA MWA

  • Wow

    How has no one comment on jacobs full soyal to step back aotop soul on that ledge? Blew my mind. Love jacob. Mad skills

  • Yo

    Why the fuck wasn’t CJ out there?