Franky Morales hits the streets of Cali (2013)

2013 Repost + Rehost (The Conference’s Vimeo was taken down).

Franky Morales hits the streets of Cali (2013)

Filmed & edited by Erick Rodriguez. Photo.

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  • Lazo

    Brian Aragon is better than franky morales… Said no one ever.

  • mr dope

    aragon is a boss special kid like ya boy franky

  • Billy Xingo

    My roll model…nuff said

  • Henz

    Perfect. The main reason is still roll today is because of FM. One of a kind.

  • juan

    please, how the fuck can he jump so high, this is not human. i thought farmer or demetrious where the highest jumpers… this has to be cgi

  • zzzzzz

    night night montre. better not sleep and keep skating boring. best on team is now franky. possibly best in rollerblading since before turn of new century.